Sunday, July 31, 2005

US Imperialists Commit Genocide In India

The criminal capitalist brigandish blood-thirsty Bush clique of warmongering lunatic crazy insane US imperialists, not content with only destroying the whole world with their criminal illegal immoral banned by international law weapons of mass total destruction, have now just commited genocide in India where they, the criminal sociopathic turpid unilateralist vampiric wolfish xenophobic yankee zealots, have once again brought death, despair, and destruction to peaceable polite peoples by murdering them in the many hundreds with inclement weather, relates the BBC :

India monsoon deaths rise to 800

The number of people killed in record monsoon rains in and around the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) has risen to more than 800.

This time, not only have the criminal US imperialist Weathermen bear down upon the innocent civilians with the full force of their criminal weapons, they have also used their propaganda powers to multiply the death tolls, spreading false rumors among the populace, the report mentioning that seventeen US imperialist CIA agents have been arrested for their criminal acts :

More than 300 of those killed died in Mumbai, 22 of them crushed to death in the stampede in the suburban shantytown of Nehru Nagar, in the north-west of the city.

Police there have arrested 17 people for alleged rumour-mongering.

"People died due to false rumours," RR Patil, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra state told the Associated Press news agency.

A second false rumour on Friday of an approaching cyclone forced Mumbai police to use loudspeakers to tell residents not to pay heed.

Weather officials said the rainfall in Mumbai on Tuesday - more than 65cm (26 inches) - was the heaviest recorded in India's history, causing havoc in a city known for its inadequate infrastructure.

The criminal Bush and his clique of trice-cursed henchmen Rumsfeld, Rove and Rice must have been smiling to themselves, eating so called "pop-corn" while watching the live feed from their so called "spy satellites" of dead children murdered by their criminaly insane lust for blood and oil, continues the BBC :

"It was terrible to pull out little babies from under boulders and mud," a firefighter told Associated Press.

"The very young and the old just didn't make it."

But why would Bush do something like that, one naive uniformed run-of-the-mill lambda citizen might ask? Appart from the fact that the US imperialists are the biggest war criminals in human history and Bush and his clique of monsters the worst human rights abusers and violators in world history, this criminal event can easily be tied to India's shift away from US imperialist colonial domination and deepening frienship with the DPRK, as evidenced by this article from the Pyongyang Times :

Songun politics study group formed in India

Recently an inaugural ceremony of the Indian group for the study of Songun politics was held in New Delhi.

It was attended by the secretary general of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea, scholars and followers of the Juche Idea.

Saying that it is important to form the Indian group for the study of Songun politics to mark leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday, Secretary General Harish Gupta noted:

“Kim Jong Il has administered Songun politics and turned the DPRK into an impregnable socialist fortress despite the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle it. Songun politics serves as a powerful weapon for accomplishing the human cause of independence. Korean socialism will win victory after victory under his Songun revolutionary leadership in the future, too. We will deeply study unique Songun politics of Kim Jong Il that is attracting the keen interest of the international community and conduct positive activities to explain and introduce it.”

At the ceremony Dr. Sadhna Harish, who is the principal of Vivey Kananda College of University of Delhi, was elected chairman of the group.

A congratulatory message to the Korean leader was adopted at the ceremony.

And so, just for having a developping friendly relationship with the DPRK, bringing about a great upturn for the cause of world peace, the Indian people have been judged and found guilty by the criminal Bush clique and sentenced to extermination by genocide, which will not surprize the progressives of the world since the US imperialist cowboys have a wide experience in the matter of Indian genocide. This is a most gallingly grievious war crime against humanity.

Therefore, the progressives of the world demand that the Bush administration, the US imperialist military, its lackeys, puppets, hirelings and servants be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

US Imperialists Responsible For All Korean War Deaths, Division

US imperialists once again are shown as the naked aggressor worst war criminals in human history as a patented south Korean academic scholar, Kang Jeong-ku, a sociology professor at Dongguk University, blames all the deaths from the Korean War on the evil criminal bellicose US imperialist warmongering enemies of humanity, noting that without their involvement in the war it would have ended within a month and the Peninsula would be a united Korea today :

Professor condemns U.S. military's role in Korean War

A Korean professor's web-based newspaper column is causing controversy after he wrote on Wednesday that without the U.S.'s intervention, the Korean War would have ended earlier and suffered fewer casualties.

Kang Jeong-ku, a sociology professor at Dongguk University, wrote on an Internet newspaper that casualties during the Korean War were so high because U.S. military forces intervened unnecessarily with the civil war and slaughtered innocent civilians.

"If the U.S. had not have intervened in the civil war which was intended to unite the two Koreas ... the war would have ended in a month and the causalities would have reached less than 10.000," Kang wrote on the Daily Surprise.

During the war between 1950-53, about 1 million people were either killed or injured. Before the war, the South and North were separated after the U.S and the former Soviet Union took charge of each country.

In 2001, Kang was prosecuted on charges of violating the National Security Law after leaving a pro-North message in the visitor's notes at Mangyeongdae, the birth home of former North Korea's dictator Kim Il-sung. The 60-year-old professor was later released on bail.

Kang has also sided with left-wing activists who are calling for a statue of General Douglas McArthur, a U.S. forces leader during the Korean War, to be dismantled in the western port city of Incheon.

"MacArthur is not a person who saved Koreans' lives, but an enemy who snatched away Koreans' lives." Kang has said.

See? Without the US imperialists' meddling the war would have ended quickly, less people would have died during it, and Koreans would not be separated in two opposing countries but all living in one Korea under the Banner of Songun held aloft by the harmoniously muscular arm of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, a crime for which the criminal US imperialists must pay a thousandfold.

Friday, July 29, 2005

Songun Mail : Victim Of US Imperialist Propaganda Lies Writes Us

Inhabitants of the so called "United States" of America and many citizens of the world at large are being force-fed an intolerable daily heavy dose of US imperialist propaganda lies about the situation of the DPRK everyday, skewing their vision of the Utopian Socialist Workers' Paradise, and leading them to believe such lying blatant threadbare falsehoods as the so called issue of "famine", or "human rights". The following e-mail Songun Blog has received from Comrade David B. is a prime example :

From : David B.
Sent : July 10, 2005 1:48:51 AM
To :

You are a nation of starving slaves. I've travelled all over the world, and I've met people from every nation, but not from N. Korea because you are prisoners and slaves in your own country.

Obviously, poor Comrade David B. is a victim of the relentless invasive pervading US imperialist propaganda lies propagated by the Pentagon-controlled criminal Bush clique-owned so called "media" that defames and slanders the national character of the Korean people single-mindedly united as one in total undying loyalty and deep admiration for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, remarkable filmaker, prolific author, superb philosopher, musical virtuoso, ever-victorious invincible military commander, epoch-making intellectual giant of our times, and most esteemed political figure of the millenium.

For the benefit of Comrade David B. and our faithful Comrade readers the Songun Blog will dispel all these spurious blatantly threadbare lying US imperialist propaganda claims in the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the progressive peoples of the world, deepening the ties. First Comrade David B. opens his tirade by telling the Korean people that

You are a nation of starving slaves.

Starving slaves? Is that possible? Of course not, Comrade!

First, there is no starvation in the DPRK, the people enjoying the most remarkably unique standards of living thanks to Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Marshal Kim Il Sung's Juche Idea by which the people own everything and the infinitely wise Songun leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. Even a quick look at the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea would clearly show that "The State shall effectively guarantee genuine democratic rights and liberties as well as the material and cultural well-being of all its citizens." (Article 64 of the Constitution of the DPRK) not only garanteing the people's right to eat food, but obligating the State to provide it. The State even develops new food sources at its own expense for the masses of the Korean people, making their lives blissful and happy, free from want. You won't see anything like that in the so called "United States", of that we can be sure.

And what about that claim of the people being "slaves"? Once again this is ludicrous. Under Constitution of the DPRK, in article 71, the people have "the right to relaxation. This right is ensured by the establishment of the working hours, the provision of holidays, paid leave, accommodation at health resorts and holiday homes at State expense and by a growing network of cultural facilities." If the Koreans were slaves, would their right to relaxation not only be protected by the Constitution, but the State obligated to provide them with the means to such relaxation at its own expense? Once again, we see the US imperialist shameful lie thorn to shreds by reality.

Comrade David B. then goes on saying that

I've travelled all over the world, and I've met people from every nation, but not from N. Korea because you are prisoners and slaves in your own country.

Poor Comrade David B. may have travelled all over the world but he obviously hasn't visited the DPRK, otherwise he would hold entirely different views about it and its people, single-mindedly united in one monolithic bloc of unfailling die-hard do-or-die revolutionary fervor in defence of Juche-based man-centered Korean style socialism and undying blind loyalty for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and his invincible Songun politics that are the treasured Sword of Might of the Korean people bubbling with the sacred spirit of anti-US anti-imperialist struggle.

Indeed, Comrade David B. would hold only the noblest sentiments and the deepest emotions for Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Marshal Kim Il Sung the Immortal Sun of Juche, had he laid a floral basket at the foot of his statue on Mansudae Hill crying in desperation at the thought of the passing away of the Great Leader, singing "Where Are You, Dear General" with heavy lumps of emotions in his throat.

Had he stayed for only one day in Pyongyang the capital, he would have nothing but the foundest memories of its clean uncluterred streets, its orderly disciplined obedient people single-mindedly rallied around Dear Leader and the headquarters of the Revolution, and its strict yet lovely policewomen directing traffic on all busy intersections helping the fellow Koreans edificating the socialist Motherland of Peace and Justice, building it into the People's Paradise of the Juche Idea with Songun politics in spite of the criminal US imperialists and the Japanese reactionary militarists' evil nefarious conspirational plots to stifle it.

He would have been deeply moved by the natural floral beauty on display for all to see and admire at the Kimjongilia Flower Festival honoring the flower that bears the name of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, a product of Juche Korea botanic science glorifying the extraordinary Songun leadership achievements of the Leader and a symbol of the profoundest love from the people to him, the fatherly figure of the great powerful prosperous country.

He also could not speak of the glory of Mt Paektu without shedding vast flows of humid tears recalling the place where Dear Leader was born, the most auspicious event that "was a bright sunrise promising the completion of the revolutionary cause of Juche started by President Kim Il Sung, the glory of Korea and a source of greatest joy to the Korean people." Comrade David B. would weep sincerely for Dear Leader at the thought of his childhood, noting that "inheriting the blood of a patriotic and revolutionary family and receiving the soul of Mt. Paektu, Kim Jong Il grew up to the sound of gunfire in the flames of the anti-Japanese war and the blizzards of Mt. Paektu as his lullabies."

Comrade David B. could visit friendly welcoming DPRK as it is not difficult at all.

We have already addressed the claim that Koreans are slaves, but what about this strange notion that they are "prisoners in their own country"? Could that be true? Nothing could be farther from the truth! It is a rock-solid real fact that Koreans are absolutely not prisoners in their own country. Once again, the Constitution of the DPRK dispels this lie as Article 75 clearly states that "Citizens have freedom of residence and travel." The DPRK Comrades are thus totally free to travel anywhere within and without as long as they have the proper administrative papers in order and obvioulsy barring the security necessities of national defence that are unavoidable in the face of the relentless criminal evil US imperialists' war moves against the DPRK, but other than that, there are no restrictions on travel for citizens of the DPRK and in fact Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Marshal Kim Il Sung and Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il themselves have been known to travel abroad on occasions so you could not say that the people are "prisoners in their own country".

If Comrade david B. has not seen a Korean in his travels it could be due to the fact that he hasn't noticed them because, unlike the criminal colonialist US imperialist consumerist cowboys who lord it over everywhere they go, making the people's lives miserable, DPRK travellers are very discreet. And of course, it is true that Koreans do not travel outside the DPRK much but why leave when you have the chance, pleasure, and priviledge of living in the People's Paradise leading a happy blissful fulfilling life full of joy and hope thanks to the heroic Songun leadership exploits of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il?

Nobody wants to leave the DPRK because it is not like the so called "United States" where hounded persecuted progressives want to flee into exile. For those US progressives a home awaits them in the DPRK where the Constitution specifies that "The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea shall grant the right of asylum to foreign nationals persecuted for struggling for peace and democracy, national independence and socialism or for the freedom of scientific and cultural pursuits." (Article 80). Should you be forced into exile by the savage repressive criminal bloody murdering fascist nazi neo-con Bush clique military junta dictatorship using the most violent and barabrous methods for stifling dissent of progressives at home and abroad, the DPRK will welcome you with open arms as was done even to US imperialist soldiers in the past.

So to sum up it is a total fabricated Pentagon-controlled Bush clique-owned american so called "media" propaganda lie that has brainwashed you, Comrade David B., into the false threadbare erroneous untrue belief that Koreans are starving slaves and prisoners of their own country and it can easily be disproved by reading the Constitution of the DPRK and reports from unbiased sources.

Never believe the Pentagon-controlled Bush clique-owned so called "media" as they only spew forth propaganda lies to defame and slander the Korean people in order to justify their criminal evil bellicose pre-emptive nuclear war of aggression against the DPRK to stifle, conquer, enslave, and exterminate its people and its man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by themselves out of their own free will.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Victory Of Invincible Juche Korea Celebrated All Over The World

July 27th was the national holiday of celebrating the 52nd anniversary of Juche Korea over the criminal expansionist US imperialists in the Fatherland Liberation War, the most joyous day celebrated by all Koreans north and south, as well as progressives the world over glorifying Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Generalissimo Kim Il Sung and the extraordinary Songun leadership exploits of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the invincible strategist, reports the Korean Central News Agency in many dispatches from around the world today. First in the DPRK where the people displayed copious amounts of single-minded ardent patriotism and monolithic loyalty for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il :

52nd Anniversary of Victory in War Commemorated

Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- The 52nd anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War was commemorated on July 26. A loyal meeting of servicepersons of the three services of the Korean People's Army was held at the education ground of the Monument to Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War to vow to glorify the Songun revolutionary leadership feats of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il for all ages.

Kim Yong Chun, chief of the KPA General Staff, in his report said that the historic victory in the Fatherland Liberation War which excited the world as a "military miracle in the 20th century" was a brilliant fruition of the wise leadership of Generalissimo Kim Il Sung. He referred to the fact that Kim Il Sung gave a shameful defeat to the U.S. imperialist aggressors who boasted of being "the strongest" in the world with his matchless pluck and will, outstanding strategy and tactics and extraordinary commanding art and brought about the beginning of decline for them.

The immortal feats Kim Il Sung performed for the victory in the war have been brilliantly carried forward by Kim Jong Il. He has trained the KPA to be the strong revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu and the matchless combat ranks with his outstanding Songun revolutionary leadership for scores of years.

All the KPA servicepersons should firmly believe in and follow the supreme commander only, become human bombs to defend the headquarters of revolution at the cost of their lives, thoroughly establish the revolutionary military traits of acting as one under his command in the KPA and become the first adherents and champion and implementer of the Songun idea.

The KPA will resolutely smash the moves of the enemies to weaken the ideological might of the arms of the revolution and mete out merciless punishment to the aggressors, provokers.

Officers at the meeting expressed their firm resolution representing the unanimous will of the servicepersons of the three services of the KPA.

An evening gala of the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces was held at Jonsung Square Tuesday.

The participants danced to the tune of songs "Long Live Generalissimo Kim Il Sung," "Song of National Defence," "My Song in Trench," "Song of Remembrance" and "Our July 27," recalling the day of victory in the war when the servicepersons and the people beat back the aggression of the U.S. imperialists and honorably defended the freedom and independence of the country.

With the pride of being soldiers of the Supreme Commander they danced to the lilting tune of songs "The Distinguished Service Medal of Soldier," "Let's Keep Pace with Army Song" and "Let's Meet on Front," flying the flags of the KPA supreme commander, the Workers' Party of Korea and the DPRK.

And while celebrations were going on in Korea, progressives of the world gathered to glorify the great victory and Dear Leader :

Anniversary of War Victory Commemorated

Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- A seminar was held in France on July 10 and a seminar and a film show in Bangladesh on July 17 on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War and the month of international solidarity with the Korean people. Displayed in the venues were photos showing the undying Songun revolutionary feats of leader Kim Jong Il.

Screened at the film show was Korean film "The U.S. Imperialist Aggressors Are Provoker of the Korean War," Part 1 of "The Fatherland Liberation War."

Jean Marie Lambret, chief of the French Group for the Study of the Juche Idea, said in his speech that the United States has pursued the anachronistic hostile policy towards the Korean people instead of drawing lessons from its bitter defeat in the war against the DPRK.

He stressed that the U.S. should know that the DPRK is the country in which the poplar masses have become the master of everything, the whole army and all the people are united in one mind and the country which firmly pursues the policy of self-reliance in defence on the basis of independence.

Officials of the Bangladesh People's League and the Bangladesh Self-Reliance Research Center in their speeches said that the Korean people demonstrated to the world that injustice is bound to be defeated and justice to win and greatly encouraged the struggle of people in colonies to achieve the genuine independence of their countries by defeating the U.S. imperialist aggressors in the three-year war thanks to the outstanding military idea and strategy of President Kim Il Sung.

Support for the DPRK and Dear Leader was also voiced in Russia :

Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- The Communist Workers Party of Russia-Communists Party of Russia and the Russian progressive people admire at the devoted struggle of the Korean people for independence and the socialist cause and strongly protest against the U.S. moves against the DPRK. The Central Committee of the Communist Workers Party of Russia-Communists Party of Russia said this in its statement on July 23 on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War.

And Mexico :

Ricardo Chavez Gutieres, chairman of the Central Committee of the Mexican Communist Party, was elected chairman of the preparatory committee at the ceremony. At the ceremony he said that the 60th anniversaries of Korea's liberation and the Workers' Party of Korea are auspicious events common to the various Mexican political parties aspiring after socialism and the progressive people supporting the just cause of the Korean people and that they would grandly and significantly commemorate the holidays together with the Korean people.

And one must not forget the brothers and sisters in the south, suffering heavily under the criminal colonialist evil US imperialist boot of dollar capitalism and yearning to be reunited under Dear Leader's sacred Banner of Songun notes the Korean Central News Agency :

AINDF Spokesman Issues Statement on Day of Victory in Korean War

Pyongyang, July 27 (KCNA) -- No one on earth dares provoke the Korean nation as long as it is led by Kim Jong Il, the illustrious commander of Mt. Paektu, and he pursues ever-victorious Songun policy and the history of July 27 victory in the war will go on. A spokesman for the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front (AINDF) said this in the statement on July 25 on the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War, according to the Kuguk Jonson Internet site.

The July 27 victory in the war was a great victory brought about by President Kim Il Sung, an anti-Japanese legendary hero, an outstanding strategist and the invincible and iron-willed commander, and a historical event to be specially recorded in the world history of wars.

The proud history of the victory in the war against the U.S. made by the President in the 1950s of the last century has been creditably carried forward by Kim Jong Il. The Songun policy of the north is an all-mighty treasured sword defending the sovereignty, dignity and security of the country and the nation and opening up a wide avenue for the independent reunification and the great pride of the 70 million fellow countrymen. Now the U.S. has viciously pursued the policy to stifle the north and resorted to the reckless moves to provoke a war against the north in a bid to recover its miserable defeat in the past June 25 war.

And to complete this round-up of news of the whole world's die-hard complete support for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, the Rodong Sinmun in a signed commentary concludes that :

The Korean revolution will be ever-victorious as long as there are the greatest-ever commander Kim Jong Il who is revered by the world and leading Korea with his unique Songun politics and the single-minded unity of our army and people rallied around the headquarters of the revolution as firm as a rock.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dear Leader Disproving US Imperialist Propaganda Lies All By Himself

The criminal expansionist US imperialists, in a mad bid to smear the joyous day of celebration of Korea's victory over them in the Fatherland Liberation War have resorted to the underhanded low trick of threadbare Hollywood imaginary fantasy, using a so called "North Korean human rights group" based out from Japan, land of the rising fascist reactionary militarists hell-bent on re-invasion of the Korean peninsula.

This so called "group", using all the techniques of modern film making including computer generated animation is pushing forth a so called "video interview" with a so called "KPA soldier" that is never even mentioned by name once, to propel forward the ridiculously threadbare baseless claim that soldiers of the invincible Korean People's Army, united as one in a monolithic bloc of single-minded total loyalty for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and always ready to crush and repel any criminal US imperialist war moves, are in fact suffering from so called "malnutrition", a totally spurious notion already proven false in the past, in a bid to defame and slander the Korean people, paving the way for criminal bellicose pre-emptive nuclear aggressive war of invasion of the North, of which the US imperialist are in the final stages of planning and ready to launch any minute from now.

But in front of this blatant US imperialist assault on what the Korean people hold dearest to their hearts, Dear Leader himself once more took the initiative and brilliantly proved the US imperialist propaganda lies to be nothing but lying US imperialist propaganda lies, as reported by the Korean Central news Agency :

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit

Pyongyang, July 25 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission, inspected KPA Unit 503. He was accompanied by First Vice Department Director Ri Jae Il and Vice Department Director Hwang Pyong So of the WPK Central Committee.

He learned about the unit's performance of duty before watching servicepersons' training at the military lecture room.

He highly praised all the servicepersons of the unit for having successfully implemented its training program by devoting all their wisdom and enthusiasm to the training after contriving and introducing more effective apparatuses into training. He learned in detail about how the political work is conducted among its servicepersons, going round the servicepersons' hall, an educational room and other entertainment and educational facilities.

He was satisfied to learn that the unit has prepared all its servicepersons as vanguard fighters of the revolution firmly equipped with high revolutionary consciousness and the working class awareness by successfully building entertainment and educational facilities and putting their operation on a regular basis.

He took deep care of the soldiers' living, looking round a bedroom, a mess hall, a wash-cum-bath house, a non-staple store, a food-processing room, a vegetable plot and other facilities for supply service.

Looking at logistic facilities, plots under various species of vegetables and trees around the compound of the barracks, he expressed great satisfaction with the fact that the unit has provided its servicepersons with good living conditions.

He highly appreciated the achievements made by the unit in the past, noting that this unit is exemplary not only in its military and political training but in supply service, the cultural and moral level, its management and all other aspects.

The servicepersons of the KPA are leading an affluent life by sprucing up their posts wherever they are stationed, in deep mountains or solitary islets, he said, adding that this proud change in the era of Songun clearly proves the ideological and moral quality of the KPA.

He gave the servicepersons of the unit a pair of binoculars and an automatic rifle as gifts and had a photo session with them.

An other extraordinary brilliant flawless victory by Dear Leader for Songun-era Korea over the criminal Us imperialists war plans. Long live the ever victorious Supreme Commander Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the invincible strategist and epoch-making giant of our times standing forward at the van of the Juche Revolution holding aloft the sacred Banner of Songun that is the Korean people's treasured Sword of Might!

Click to enlarge

File photograph showing Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il inspecting Unit 3407. Notice the adorable table leg on the right, shaped like a cowering cowardly craven US imperialist war criminal soldier afraid of the irresistible might of the invincible Korean People's Army. Songun humor is the best.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

World Progressives Praise Dear Leader And Songun Politics

Dear Leader Comnrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

World progressives of all walks of life from around the world gathered in support for the DPRK, highly praising Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and his invincible Songun politics, notes the Korean Central News Agency :

Int'l Solidarity Voiced for Korean People

Pyongyang, July 24 (KCNA) -- A meeting was held in Peru on June 24 and a book and photo exhibition and a film show took place in South Africa on July 12 on the occasion of the month of international solidarity with the Korean people. On display in the venues of the functions were Korean books including immortal works of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il and photos showing the invincible might of the heroic Korean People's Army.

The Korean film "The Korean People's Army, Steel-Like Ranks" was screened at the film show.

The chairman of the People's Front of Workers, Peasants and Students of Peru in his speech said that the world people still remember the barbaric war of aggression against the DPRK and the massacre of innocent civilians committed by the U.S. imperialists and that they are strongly opposed to the U.S. moves to launch the second Korean war. Noting that the DPRK has turned into a nuclear power thanks to the wise Songun policy of Kim Jong Il, he said that the heroic Korean army and people are filled with the determination to inflict another shameful defeat upon the U.S. imperialists.

A secretary of a district committee of the African National Congress of South Africa expressed support and solidarity to the Korean people in their struggle to defend peace and sovereignty and achieve the reunification of the country.

Victory For Invincible Songun Era Korean Art

It is a great priviledge of the whole Korean nation single-mindedly united as one single monolithic bloc of total loyalty for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, prolific author, invincible strategist, and musical virtuoso to benefit from the dynamic cultural prowess of Songun Era Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialism that pervades the whole perfect society with great invincible artistic achievements.

The story of Korean violinist Mun Kyong Jin of the Mansudae Art Troupe and his brilliant victory over the culturally pauperized US imperialists at the Kaneti International Violin Concours proves once more that Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is wholly deserving of the greatest admiration and esteem, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

DPRK Violinist Emerges Winner at International Concours

Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- Violinist Mun Kyong Jin of the Mansudae Art Troupe emerged winner at the Kaneti International Violin Concours held in Hungary from July 15 to 20. The concours drew 60 excellent violinists from seven countries including the DPRK, Russia, China and Hungary.

Its jury included renowned professors and doctors who are violin experts from Russia, Britain, Greece, Mexico and other countries.

The concours involved the first- and second-phase elimination contests and the final. In the final competition qualifiers performed solos for Mozart violin concerto played by the Hungarian symphony orchestra.

Mun Kyong Jin successfully performed violin solos requiring high artistry at the elimination contests, excelling other contenders in points at the final competition.

He has grown to be a talented violinist under the loving care of leader Kim Jong Il. He attractively and impressively represented the solo for violin concerto through unique and refined rendition, winning high acclaim of the jury and the audience.

He was awarded the certificate of the first prize at an awarding ceremony held on July 20.

Members of the jury were unanimous in saying that Mun Kyong Jin won the first prize despite his debut at the international concours, a clear proof of the high artistic level of the DPRK.

Having won this high award for the benefit of humankind and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Hero Mun Kyong Jin then forwarded his most heartfelt gratitude to Dear Leader :

Letter to Kim Jong Il from Winner of Int'l Violin Concours

Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il received a letter Thursday from Mun Kyong Jin, violinist of the Mansudae Art Troup who won the Kaneti International Violin Concours held in Hungary. In the letter he wrote that though he is a son of an ordinary musician, Kim Jong Il took his immature music talent into consideration and bestowed upon him such favor as giving him an opportunity to study at Pyongyang University of Music and Dance to his heart's content.

Kim Jong Il saw to it that after the graduation from the university Mun could bring into full bloom his musical talent at the Mansudae Art Troupe, the highest institution of Juche art, and has led him to demonstrate the honor of Juche Korea on the international stage today, he wrote, adding:

I was not so sure of any success at the concours but I could emerge winner at the final stage without apprehension and hesitation as my will and courage were reinforced by my ardent longing for Kim Jong Il.

When asked how a young Korean with such short career and little experience as a musician could win the international concours despite his debut at the end of the final contest, I replied: I learned how to play violin at Pyongyang University of Music and Dance. Of course, I am a rising musician with little experience in contesting at international concours and a short career as a violinist. But I could win the concours this time as my faith and will to hold in high esteem Kim Jong Il only added to my talent and passion.

In the letter he vowed to make painstaking efforts, drawing on the experience gained in the concours, to become a violinist known to Kim Jong Il and Korea.

Monday, July 25, 2005

Songun Blog Proven Right : London Terror Bombing Is Bush War Crime

Songun Blog was the first to scientifically prove that the London terror bombing were a Bush administration war crime carried out by the Mossad, the Zionist criminal arm of Karl Rove.

Now an independant investigation into the matter as proven Songun Blog right : the London terror bombing were in fact indeed the works of the Mossad :

Israeli Terror Teams Behind London Attacks

The Mossad has been blowing up buses in Israel for years. The London bus was their MO, notice the timing with the G-8 conference, and as usual the target was poor immigrants.

US Imperialist Bacteriological Warfare In Korea

The US imperialists, criminals always ready to unleash a bellicose aggressive pre-emptive nuclear war against the DPRK in order to stifle it and effect so called "regime change" in it, are using their laboratory-developped HIV virus to exterminate the Korean people in a crazy mad bid to achieve their genocidal aims, reveals the Korean Central News Agency :

HIV Carriers on Steady Increase in S. Korea

Pyongyang, July 22 (KCNA) -- HIV carriers are now on the steady increase in south Korea, according to the MBC of south Korea. According to the results of the survey, 317 more HIV carriers were reported as of the end of June last.

This is a five percent increase over that in the same period of last year, the MBC added.

It is noteworthy to note that, while there are no US imperialists warmongering soldiers in the DPRK and not one single case of HIV in the entire country, in the south where there are 40 000 odd blood-thirsty warmongering US imperialist rabbid dogs troops, the entire populace is slowly dying off from HIV.

This clearly proves that the US imperialists are engaged in a covert secret undercover criminal germ warfare program to exterminate the Korean people in order to better enslave, stifle and exploit them for their own pecuniary financial mercantilist criminal gains, lording it over.

At the sight of this latest criminal war crime by the Bush clique of nefarious nazi neo-con criminal hawkish warmongers, the progressives of the world demand that he, the mentally retarded criminal cowboy Bush chimp who is an uneducated lout bereft of morals or humanity be brought before the International Crimes Court to be found guilty of war crimes against humanity.

Friday, July 22, 2005

While Dear Leader Defends Cause Of Juche, World Progressives Praise Him Sincerely

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

Putting military matters at the forefront of state affairs with his invincible Songun Politics, Dear Leader protects the man-centered Juche-based Korean Motherland against the bellicose agressive criminal US imperialists with infinite brilliant military leadership, as he went on to inspect a unit of the invincible Korean People's Army, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, inspected KPA Unit 2653. After going round the room devoted to the history of the unit, he said the unit has grown to be matchless combat ranks under the wise leadership and meticulous care of President Kim Il Sung.

He learned about the unit's performance of duty before watching servicepersons' training.

He was satisfied to learn that all the servicepersons of the unit have been trained as a-match-for-a-hundred fighters fully prepared politically, ideologically and physically and in military technique to firmly defend the socialist homeland.

Watching the thick woodland around the barracks, he praised its servicepersons for having carefully planted and tended lots of trees of various species with ardent patriotism.

He taught ways of turning their compound into a wooded area under a long-term plan. He learned about how the political work is conducted at the unit, looking round the servicepersons' hall, a library, a broadcasting room and other entertainment facilities. Examining the diverse visual aids for education on display in the servicepersons' hall, he said the People's Army is conducting any political work in a unique manner to suit the mentality and emotion of the soldiers.

Such forward-looking and revolutionary work style as steadily creating something and making innovations without even a moment's stagnation and marking time constitutes a proud tradition consistently preserved by our army, the standard-bearer and a shock force for the Songun revolution, he noted.

He took deep care of the servicepersons' living, going round a mess hall, a kitchen, a non-staple food store and other logistic facilities.

Looking at the menu on display in the mess hall and materials for preparing side-dishes on the meshwork stand with keen attention, he underscored the need to serve plenty of fresh food to the soldiers engrossed in the training without having time enough to dry their uniforms wet with perspiration in the sultry summer days.

He had a photo session with the servicepersons of the unit.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, the brotherly socialist country led by progressive President Hugo Chavez scoring remarkable victories over the aggression of the US imperialist warmongers, Dear Leader's great body of works where published, the Korean Central News Agency informs us :

Kim Jong Il's Famous Work Published in Venezuela

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il's famous work "On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building" was brought out in booklet on July 9 by the Cantaclara Publishing House in Venezuela. The work, published on Oct. 10, Juche 81(1992), clarifies a historic lesson drawn from building socialist ruling parties, fundamental principles of the Juche-oriented revolutionary party building and the issue of strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity among the revolutionary parties.

Latest "Terror Bombings" In London Proven To Be A Bush War Crime

The latest so called "terror bombings" that suddenly struck the still sleepy English capital London yesterday morning is the very latest war crime hideously perpetrated by the criminal US imperialist Bush clique of heartless hawkish hegemonists at the behest of criminal mastermind puppeteer Karl Rove.

This can easily be verified as modern socialist psychology teaches us that such criminal culprits unknowingly always leave hidden clues at the scene of their gastly acts of blown out barbarous behaviour just like the way mentally deranged psychotic anti-social serial killers deliberately, but not on purpose, leave clues leading the investigators directly to themselve in subcounscious hopes of getting caught.

Here are the facts relayed by the world media today :

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd Bush have all been targeted including a bomb detonated on a bus in Hackney.

Now, look closely at the Kew Words' First Letters:

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd Bush have all been targeted including a bomb detonated on a bus in Hackney.

White House

Oval Office

W. Bush



Isn't that a chilling (and scathing) indication of guilt of the Bush White House in this criminal act by itself? This is very blatant proof that this terrorist act was masterminded from the White House, the order being signed by George W. Bush himself in the Oval Office.

But wait! That is not all! We still need to know who actually carried out this most evil deed. Fortunately, a well-trained sophisticated intellectually muscular nuanced and urban progressive using the scientific method of dialectical materialism can easily find that out too.

If we take the W and flip it upside down, we get M. Now, if we re-use the O like for Oval Office, and add the S from Street and the S from Shepherd, we get MOSS.

MOSS, like the first syllable of Mossad! Et voilĂ !

So this terror attack is a White House plot ordered by George W. Bush in the Oval Office and carried out by secret Mossad undercover unnamed anonymous agents!!!

And of course, the letters S and S can be coupled together to make SS, which completes the evil circle by tying in the Nazis in this as the US imperialists are the fascists of the New World Order and George W. Bush the Hitler of the new millenium.

So now that the culpability of the montrous US imperialist Bush vampiric terrorist werewolf has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt the progressives of the world demand that he, his cabinet, henchmen, hirelings, accomplices and servants, be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity. To demand anything less would be complicit in US imperialist terrorism.


Delving more deeply into the significance of letter-clues left at the crime scene, we have discovered more evidence of a criminal capitalist conspiracy, namely three important axis :

1- If we take the letters MOSS and spin them in a block by two half-turn going clockwise we obtain the word SSOW or more precisely sow, which is a pig and in the Islamic faith the pig is considered an impure animal that the devout must never come into contact with! This means that by no stretch of the imagination could real Muslims have taken part in the alleged so called "terror bombing"!

2- Having disculped all Muslims from this heinous crime we then directed our attention again to the word SSOW. Indeed, we have noted that once rotated as previously done, the word MOSS in fact turns into ZZOW due to the inversion of the letter S. Having also noted that the W and B of Bush's initials had been already used, it left out the letter G of George. As it would be totaly insane to discount this important letter we used it to replace the W in ZZOW which gave us ZZOG, or more precisely, ZOG. Since all progressives know for a fact that ZOG stands for the Zionist Occupational Government that is the real power behind the White House throne this clearly reveals Karl Rove as the mastermind pulling all the strings in this operation.

3- A Comrade pointedly noted that it was unsure wether or not Karl Rove is Jewish and that therefore ZOG could not possibly prove entirely Zionist control trough this particular vessel. But after further study we discovered the conclusive evidence, or the final nail in the coffin so to speak. Using the letter A from OvAl and re-using the letter S from Street we discovered the initials A.S. or more precisely Ariel Sharon!

So this concludes the Songun Blog investigation into the July 21 "terror bombing" in London. All evidence points directly and clearly proves that the crime was a Zionist Occupational Government plot hatched by Ariel Sharon (a well-known infamous war criminal himself) using Karl Rove to have George W. Bush sign an executive order in the White House's Oval Office to mount a fake so called "terror bombing" in London carried out by Mossad agents!

The truth is always out there and a true progressive will always find it if he or she looks in the place, using the proper invincible marxist-leninist scientific method of dialectical materialism.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Bush White House Is Klu Klux Klan Cabbal Front

US imperialist so called "president", the brutal dictator who illegally seized power through a military coup on September 11th 2001, is the racist revulsive retrograde ringleader of a Klu Klux Klan cabbal.

This is clearly manifest and only the brainwashed, ignorant or complicit will deny it for the burden of the proof of this quite self-evident inescapable fact is as real as a concrete block encased in a steel mantle. The case can be easily proven by simple application of progressive logic which itself finds its root in marxist dialectical materialism. It goes as follows :

The racist George W. Bush, a member of the Skulls and Bones secret society and whose grand father Prescott Bush created the German Nazi Party, is a rich white man who associates only with neo-con white men and lives in a so called "White House". This proves his unbridled insane love for so called "White Power" which is the slogan of the racists US Nazi Party and other sundry neo-nazi groups. The chicken coming home to roost, so to speak.

His criminal capitalist cabinet is made up of white supremacists and his favorite closest die-hard warmongering hawkish henchmen hirelings are Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleeza Rice. Now looking closely we can see that by putting the surname initials of these appallingly anti-social abominations together it results with "RRR". If we splice the top part of the "R" and pull it to the right the "R" transmutes into a "K". And if we do it to the three "R"s we end up with... "KKK"!!! KKK being the initials of the Klu Klux Klan!

But that is not where this ends.

If we apply the science of numerology like US progressive Louis Farrakhan does, we have K =11 =1+1 =2. So K is 2 and with 3 K's it adds to 2+2+2 =6 and since there are three favorites in the Bush cabinet the result is 666!!!

Needless to say it, but 666 is the "number of the Beast", proving that not only is George Bush Hitler, he is also the Anti-Christ of the Bible! And this is serious as this progressive researcher as brilliantly demonstrated on his website George W. Bush is the Anti-Christ.

So, we can confidently conclude that the Bush adminstration is a satanic racist nazi Klu Klux Klan US imperialist cabbal hell-bent on ruling the entire world to stifle the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and its Juche-based man-centered system freely chosen by the people out of their own single-minded accord. This explains a lot.

World progressives cannot be fooled : they know Bush is the nazi Anti-Christ leader of a KKK US imperialist cabbal.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Death Of A Progressive Hero

The criminal warmongering Bush clique of demented diabolical disastrous destroyers of Peace and Justice illegally occupying the so called "White House" through a military coup since Sept. 11 2001 have finally realized their most cherished criminal wish.

Australian progressive political dissident investigative journalist Comrade Joe Vialls is no more. Comrade Vialls independantely working alone and living only on an inadequate pension and whose ground-breaking visionary investigative journalism uncovered and exposed such US imperialist war crimes as the Indonesian tsunami, the US defeat in Iraq, the US Guantanamo death camp atrocities, the US terrorist nuclear attack in Ryongchon, the murder of Lebanese former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and the Bush conspiracy to murder all progressive news reporters in Iraq (long before CNN's Eason Jordan did) is dead, victim of a US imperialist criminal assassination plot.

Comrade Joe Vialls, a painfull thorn in the side of the criminal US imperialists, mysteriously and inexplicably fell very ill right about the time of the London so called "terrorist bombing" according to the progressive website Truthseeker, noting that this was a very convenient timing :

Coming shortly before the recent bombings in London, we cannot help but feel more than a little suspicious that the one man, who could have shed further light on the mystery surrounding these events, should be so suddenly incapacitated.

On 18 June 2005, Comrade Joe Vialls passed away victim of a mysterious unknown inexplicable illness, to the great delight of the so called "White House" pupeteer Karl Rove and the rest of the Bush clique of criminal international capitalist gangsters who will stop at nothing to silence the voices of dissent at home and in the world as not a bird falls from the sky without Bush and Rove and Rumsfeld having a criminal hand in it. Now that Comrade Joe Vialls is dead remarks the Truthseeker, "the 'Powers that be' will attempt to remove his work from the Internet."

Comrade Peter K. Fallon, Ph.D., Comrade Noam Chomsky, Comrade Michael Moore and Comrade Al Franken are no doubt next on the "Hitler of the new millenium" Bush's hired assassin hitmen "two-bit killers from Langley" as Comrade Joe Vialls liked to call them.

Rest in peace Comrade Joe Vialls, you are a true Hero of the masses and a Friend of the Korean people. We, of the Songun Blog will try to live up to the very high standards of investigative journalism you have set for us.

US Imperialists Attack China With Treacherous Typhoon

The treacherous obnoxious lecherous Bush clique of warmongering bromulators, caught in an impasse by the rise of the People's Republic of China as the new world super power, have resorted to the most treacherous underhanded means of backstabbing the progressive nation by launching a sneaky surprise attack with their weather control weapon of mass destruction, reports the Canadian Boradcasting Corporation :

Typhoon Haitang bears down on China

As many as 800,000 people have moved to safer ground as typhoon Haitang begins its watery, windy assault on China.


The airport in the [Fujian] provincial capital, Fuzhou, was shut and flights diverted to other cities, while the army dispatched soldiers to pile sandbags along riverbanks in case of flooding.

This latest attack by the US imperialists is obviously intended to twart the prodigious economic upswing of the Chinese socialist system that is overtaking the US imperialist savage dollar capitalism as typhoon "Haitang, which is the name of a Chinese flower, caused $17 million in damage to the country's agriculture industry."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

US Imperialist Weapon Of Mass Destruction Death Toll Mounting In Mexico, Elsewhere

The criminal US imperialists of the Bush clique of lobotomized locusts and wolfish vampires, after victimizing nations all over the world, stealing water in Russia, engineering a tsunami in Indonesia, inflicting droughts and floods and hailstorms and unpleasant weather and hurricanes in the DPRK, Cuba, and Canada, are now setting their criminal sights on Mexico, sparing no efforts from their weather control weapons of mass destruction to stifle it with the so called hurricane "Emily", leaving a US imperialist path of death and destruction in its wake, reports Agence France Presse :

Hurricane Emily hits Mexico resorts; death toll mounts

CANCUN, Mexico (AFP) - Hurricane Emily lashed beach resorts on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, where thousands of tourists were evacuated or took refuge in shelters while the storm toll across the Caribbean rose to 10 dead.


Tens of thousands of tourists were evacuated from the path of Emily, which headed into the Gulf of Mexico. Emily was expected to make landfall again near Mexico's border with the US state of Texas.

The hurricane killed five people in Jamaica at the weekend.


High winds caused the crash of a helicopter used to evacuate workers on Gulf of Mexico oil platforms in Emily's path, killing the pilot and co-pilot, Mexico's state oil firm Petroleos Mexicanos said.

The company said it had evacuated 15,530 workers from oil platforms in the Gulf. It also announced the temporary suspension of three-quarters of its daily oil production, or 2.9 million barrels per day, which is expected to completely resume by Friday.

The storm killed one man in a mudslide in Grenada last week. A German man, Ralph Hennebohle, was electrocuted to death Sunday in the Mexican resort of Playa del Carmen as he prepared his house for the looming hurricane, police said.

In the Honduras capital, Tegucigalpa, an 18-year-old man drowned Sunday night after being swept into a river swollen by the storm.


Cancun's international airport was closed Sunday after more than 8,000 tourists flew home, while thousands of other visitors were taken to shelters.

About 30,000 of the 80,000 tourists in the area cut short their vacations, officials said.


Emily is the second major storm to hit the region in two weeks following Hurricane Dennis, which left at least 62 dead, mostly in Haiti.

And so, having managed to severely curtail Mexico's two main industries generating billions in revenue for the State's social services and killing scores of innocent peoples to booth with their never-seen-before mass-terrorism, the criminal warmongering chimp Bush and his evil pupeteer Karl Rove must feel very pleased with themselves over their handy work of crime but the progressives of the world are not fooled and they demand that the Bush clique of fascist nazi neo-cons be brougth before the International Crimes Court and stand trial for war crimes against humanity.

Monday, July 18, 2005

World Progressives Support DPRK

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

While world progressives from all walks of life oppose the criminal Bush clique of US imperialist hawkish warmongering war criminals, world progressives completely support Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il as a great man an epoch-making intellectual giant of our times moving Korea toward national reunification under the sacred banner of Songun politics, the Korean Central News Agency reminds us :

Lao Vice President Supports Korean People's Just Struggle

Pyongyang, July 14 (KCNA) -- Lao people will invariably support the just struggle of the Korean people, said Lao Vice President Choummaly Saygnasone, who is member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party. He said this when meeting with the DPRK ambassador to the country who paid a farewell visit to him on July 7.

The Lao party, government and people are confident that the Korean people will reunify the country without fail under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il, he noted.

The friendly relations between the two countries continue to grow strong under the deep concern of Khamtay Siphandone and Kim Jong Il, he said, adding that the vigorous struggle of the fraternal Korean people for achieving national reunification and building a great prosperous powerful socialist nation under the uplifted banner of his unique Songun politics was a great inspiration to the Lao people.

US Imperialists War Crimes In Iraq Part 5

The criminal US imperialists war crimes in Iraq have been well documented by the Songun Blog for quite a while already, revealing the true criminal nature of US imperialism for all to see.

Despite having been exposed as the worst human rights violators and war criminals in human world history, the criminal Bush clique of nefarious no-good never-do-well neo-con nincompoops, far from retreating from Iraq and returning it to its rightful leader freely chosen by the Iraqi people, President Saddam Hussein, which is the most cherished wish of the Iraqi people and the world progressives, the criminal Bush clique of international war criminal gangsters and kingpins of world terrorism continue unabatted to subject the Iraqi people to the most obnoxiously cruel genocidal campaing of mass-extermination in world history as these photographic documents reveal :

Click to enlarge

US imperialists are using their so called "anti-terror raids" to actually raid the Iraqi people's refrigerators, stealing their food to stifle them and make their lives miserable.

Click to enlarge

In total disregard for Iraqi road safety laws and regulations, the criminal US imperialists drive their banned by international law armoured vehicules on the sidewalks, endangering the lives of the Iraqi children in the exact same way they do in south Korea where they drive over Korean schoolgirls on a daily basis.

Click to enlarge

Because their own schools can only produce stupid ignorant uneducated louts bereft of morals or humanity, the US imperialist occupiers, driven mad by jealousy and hate, regularly invade Iraqi schools, disrupting the classes and endangering the Iraqi children's education.

Click to enlarge

As if disrupting school classes were not enough (but is anything ever enough for the US imperialists?) the criminal US imperialists always stop innocent Iraqi college students and steal their textbooks wrecking their studies to better stifle and enslave the Iraqi people.

Click to enlarge

It would be a mistake to believe that US imperialist war crimes against humanity are only limited to the US imperialists. The British lapdog puppet mercenary colonial army is also imbroiled in an all-out full-on foul campaign of extermination and mass-slaugther in Iraq as this photo clearly shows an English military mercenary monster laughing at his own evil deed as he punctured a football, robbing desperate Iraqi children of the joy of playing football, making their lives miserable.

To put an end to the criminal US imperialist savagery unjustly foisted upon the Iraqi people, the progressives of the world demand the immediate withdrawal of the US imperialist army and its satellites and hirelings from Iraq and the return of its rightful leader President Saddam Hussein as it is the most cherished wish of the Iraqi people. The progressives of the world also demand that the neo-con nazi Bush fascist administration be brought before the International Crimes Court to be tried and convicted for war crimes against humanity.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

US Imperialists Kingpin Masterminds Of World Drug Trafficking

The US imperialist criminals of the Bush clique of malevolent murderous machiavellic mongoloid colonialist corporate capitalist consumerists who lord it over are the world's only kingpins of illegal drug trafficking in the world, using this illegal immoral forbidden by moral standards and human decency evil unjust so called "trade" to secure its criminal colonial US imperialist hegemony over the world in order to better control, enslave, and stifle it, reveals US progressive and political dissident Comrade Dr. Peter K. Fallon, Ph. D. at great personal risk to himself as the criminal Bushite neo-con nazi fascist White House ordered the murder of all who dare to not toe its criminal US imperialist line on his blog In The Dark :

Tehran Times (Iran) : US Uses Illegal Drugs to Secure Its Hegemony

But I've noted before (here and here) that wherever the US exercizes its power in the world, the spread of illegal drugs doesn't seem to be far behind.

Case in point : Illegal drugs do not exist at all in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the flawless perfect omnipotent omniscient omnipresent leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, and invincible strategist, while in the south Korea suffering under the evil colonial neo-con nazi fascist Bushite boot of US imperialist dollar capitalism, there are illegal drugs aplenty. So this is irrefutable factual proof that the world trade in illegal drugs is all the Bush clique of criminal corporate capitalist international gangsters' doing. To think otherwise smacks of insanity.

Therefore the world progressives demand that the nazi neo-con Bushite adminsistration that is using the most fascist methods to silence dissent at home and abroad be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.

Friday, July 15, 2005

US Imperialists Victimize Canada With Weapon Of Mass Slaugther

The insanely mad crazy US imperialist Bush clique of criminal capitalist monkey-handlers who lord it over have just victimized an other country with their criminal weather control weapons of mass slaugther just on the heels of other brazen mass-killings with weather that where their doing against Cuba and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea recently, they are now criminaly embroiled into the total destruction of one of their so called "allies" which is in fact a slavish satellite state under US colonial hegemonism who lord it over, namely Canada.

The poor hapless country widely known around the world as the "Sweden of the Americas" is being punished by the criminal Bush clique of bellicose belligerent bumbling bourgeois buffoons with Pentagon-controlled White House-ordered ecological destruction of their livelihood as the US imperialist weather control weapons of mass extermination strike the Canadian people with extreme weather in every region, causing great hardships on the people, says CTV on its website :

Extreme weather striking every region of Canada News Staff

Manitoba is just starting to recover from a bout of heavy rains, tornadoes and flooding that have caused much damage. Most flood watches are now over. But the province's wettest summer in decades has destroyed about 20 per cent of cropland, leaving it too wet to farm.

In Ontario the hot weather, combined with an absence of rain, could take its toll on crops and trees, Phillips said.

Since June 14, only three millimetres of rain have fallen in the Greater Toronto Area, but Phillips said there's a shortage of precipitation from Windsor in the extreme southwest to Timmins in the north and Kingston in the east of Ontario.

Temperatures in Toronto through to Friday are expected to be in the mid-30-degree Celsius range – setting a record each day.

Despite the lack of rain, the warm air mass is very humid. This drives up the humidex – what the weather feels like compared to what the temperature actually is. The humidex reading for Toronto on Monday was 41 degrees, leading to the city to declare an extreme heat emergency, meaning the chance of weather-related deaths exceeds 90 per cent.

Toronto has issued nine such advisories this year. There were two such alerts last summer.

Toronto's coroner is investigating at least four possible heat-related deaths that have occurred there since the beginning of June.

The province also issued a smog alert, meaning the air quality in the Toronto area has declined to the point where serious health problems could result.


If you go out west to Vancouver, however, people there are crying for heat and sun.

"It's either raining or it looks like rain," Phillips said. "I think it was the third-dullest month (in terms of lack of sunshine) on record, and in the last few years, June has been a glorious month."

Fog has cursed Halifax in recent weeks.

"They've been getting one or two good days, then it just peters out and it goes back to something that is more spring-like," Phillips said.

For a really oddball occurrence, a thunderstorm was reported in Iqaliut, he said.


"The trends are clear. We're seeing increasing temperatures in summer, we're having more extreme weather events, they're costing our economy a greater amount."

Such genocidaly insane mass murder, the latest war crime against humanity of the US imperialists, is the US imperialist retaliation for the Canadians refusing to hand over their beef to feed the US imperialist Army in its criminal undertaking of the total destruction and extermination of the people of Iraq who have been unjustly robbed of their beloved leader President Saddam Hussein by the criminal US imperialist Bush clique of hawkish warmongers and bourgeois consumerists, proving once again that friendship, alliances, and international law is something to laugh at for the US imperialists. Therefore the progressives of the world join their voices together in mass group denonciation of US imperialism and demand that the fascist Bush administration, its hirelings, servants, and henchmen be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.

Monday, July 11, 2005

Long Live Songun Politics!

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's Songun politics are the lifeblood of the Korean people single mindedly united as one in harmonious steel-strong rock-hard heroic ranks of invincible mass-valour and undying loyalty for the Leader and a banner of perpetual victory over the cravenly cowardly criminal capitalist US imperialists, their satellites, henchmen, hirelings and servants.

As long as Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, intellectual giant, prolific songwriter, superb theorician, and invincible military commander leads the Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialist perfect system freely chosen by the Korean people in single-minded profound respect and admiration for Dear Leader and his invincible Songun politics, the criminal capitalist crooked contrived consumerist US imperialists will never defeat, stifle, or browbeat the great invincible prosperous powerful Democratic People's Republic of Korea into submission thanks to Dear Leader's invincible Songun politics that are the lifeblood of the Korean people.

US Imperialist Christian Taliban Bush Is Enemy Of Religion

The Jesus-crazed criminal capitalist cowboy Bush that uses the co called "religious freedoms" and co called "persecution of christians" issues as an excuse to meddle in the internal affairs of progressive countries such as the DPRK, China, or even Iran, is a christian taliban terrorist of the worst kind as his entirely complete total intolerance and racist bigotry propels him and his clique of criminal warmongering bible belt bovine blood-thirsty beasts to new never-seen before heights of lowly behaviour as they launch a latest renewed all-out attack on the religious freedoms of the world progressives in a blatantly brazen transparent attempt to stifle the Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialist perfect system of the DPRK freely chosen by the Korean people led by Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and his Songun politics, reveals the Korean Central News Agency :

Bush Administration Accused of Scuttling Intl' Religious Meeting

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korean Council of Religionists in a statement on July 7 denounced the bellicose Bush group for their fascist action to scuttle an international meeting initiated by the prestigious religious organizations in the U.S. Recalling that such prestigious religious organizations of the U.S. as the National Council of the Churches of Christ and the World Conference on Religion and Peace jointly initiated the opening of the "international meeting for peace on the Korean Peninsula" in New York and proposed to the Korean Council of Religionists to make a positive contribution to improving the situation in the peninsula, the statement said: The U.S. religious organizations' proposal to hold an international meeting for peace on the Korean Peninsula in the U.S. chiefly responsible for creating the great danger of a nuclear war on the peninsula is meaningful in every aspect as it arouses a serious concern of the world people.

The Korean Council of Religionists accepted the repeated invitation of the U.S. religious organizations to the international meeting and decided to send a delegation of Korean religionists and scholars. While preparing itself for the success of the meeting, it has gone through all the necessary procedures for the entry into the U.S. after receiving a formal notice about the approval of visas from the U.S. Department of State in April. The U.S. Department of State, however, made a sudden about- face for no reason just a few days before the departure of the delegation. It unilaterally cancelled the visas, a mean and wicked action.

Such outrage committed by the U.S. administration is a brazen-faced action unprecedented in the history of international relationship. This rash act can be perpetrated only by the group of Satans insulting the several religious organizations in the U.S. which jointly promoted the meeting and other religious organizations of the world.

This high-handed fascist action can be committed only by the bellicose Bush gentries who threw the world into uneasiness and horror with war and genocide, pursuant to their strong-arm policy and hegemony, utterly indifferent to religion, justice and peace and international law.

The action taken by the administration to frustrate the above-said international meeting indicates that the U.S. is the most brutal suppressor of religion and the world's only outpost of tyranny.

The Korean Council of Religionists brands the U.S. administration, which blocked the free visits and contacts of religionists and scuttled the meeting of the world religious community, as a group of devils disregarding the religious faith and morality and a kingpin suppressing religion and strongly demands an apology for this.

The reality goes to prove that the root cause of a nuclear war can never be removed from the Korean Peninsula unless the U.S. gives up its hostile policy toward the DPRK.

If the Bush administration ignites a nuclear war at any cost, not pondering over the repeated warnings of the DPRK, this will bring the U.S. to its end.

The criminal fascist nazi Bush administration that consistently uses the so called "religious freedoms" issue to invade and anihilate all the countries that do not toe its criminal fascist line, is itself the world's worst most brutal suppressor of religion in world history. And as such, the world's progressives demand that the Bush clique of lousy chimp-monkeys that uses the most fascist methods of stifling religious freedoms at home and in the world, be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

US Imperialists Pitting Koreans Against Koreans

The criminal US imperialist Bush clique of hawkish warmongers whose criminal dirty laundry list of war crimes record is much longer than the Great Wall of China, are currently brazenly going forward in their criminal war plans for world domination by pitting Koreans against Koreans with the help of the criminal fascist military junta puppet dictatorship of the US imperialist running dog so called "president" of the so called "Republic of Korea" Roh Moo Hyun and his reactionary militarist warmongering generals who are oblivious to the fact that all Koreans, from north and south, are all brothers in the same family and should not fight each other but unite in anti-US anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle to expel the criminal US imperialist Yankee hordes from the sacred Motherland and achieve the invitable historic reunification of the whole of Korea under the banner of Songun held aloft by the muscular arm of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.

Just as the final victory of Dear Leader's Songun politics nailed the final nail in the US imperialists' criminal brutal genocidal illegal military occupation of south Korea, as the puppet Roh himself conceeded victory to the invincible flawless perfect leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prolific songwriter, and invincible military commander, saying that "that under no circumstances would South Korea allow the United States to resort to a military attack against North Korea", yet he hypocritically went around the back like a black evil slithering sadistic snivelling snake and plotted with the US imperialists to conspire to launch a criminal bellicose aggressive invasion of the north in order to effect so called "regime change" and stifle the Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialism system that the Korean people have freely chosen for themselves.

Dear Leader as full of far-sightedness as usual, magistrally and brilliantly foiled the US imperialists' assassination attempt earlier this year, derailling the US imperialists' plans for easy conquest of the north, so now they are reverting to their criminal all-out full-out invasion of the north using the criminal army of the south puppets as cannon fodder as evidenced by this collaborationist naked propaganda video full of capitalist lies, fabrications, half-truths, and omissions displaying the complete obscenity of the US imperialist Bush clique's hawkish warmongers that are too fat to fight, glaringly revealing the real nature of their true colors.

With the US imperialists suffering heavy defeat in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Venezuela, southern puppet conscript troops will become the cannon fodder for the criminal Bush clique's war plans against the DPRK.

The criminal US imperialists and their lackeys would be well advised to act with discretion for if they intent to launch a pre-emptive nuclear war in the Korean peninsula, they will be dealt a thousandfold retaliatory blow by the invincible Korean People's Army armed with the invincible weapon of single-minded unity in complete undying loyalty for Dear Leader and his invincible Songun politics, as was the case in the Fatherland Liberation War of 1950-53 that ended with the complete victory of the DPRK and the humiliating surrender of the US imperialists and their southern puppets.

No Motherland Without Dear Leader

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

No Motherland Without You (Click to listen)

You pushed away the severe storm
You gave us belief, Comrade Kim Jong Il
We cannot live without you
Our country can not exist without you!

Our future and hope depend on you
People's fate depends on you, Comrade Kim Jong Il
We cannot live without you
Our country can not exist without you!

Even if the world changes hundreds of times
People believe in you, Comrade Kim Jong Il
We cannot live without you
Our country can not exist without you!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

US Imperialists Military Strike Kill 10 Cuban Civilians

Once again the criminal vampiric US imperialists' mind warping criminal vampirism ran amok loose, taking full advantage of the world's attention being concentrated on the London so called "terror" bombings, to launch a military strike at the peaceful peace-loving proud indenpendant prosperous Cuban republic led by its great Leader President Fidel Castro in order to subjugate and stifle its socialist system freely chosen by its people out of their own free will, volition and choice.

Using once again their criminal weather control weapon of mass destruction to bring about massive mass-killings on a grand never seen before scale to the Cuban people, murdering ten innocent Cuban civilians in pure cold blood in typical US imperialist fashion, reports Reuters :

Hurricane Dennis kills 10 in Cuba, 22 in Haiti

HAVANA (Reuters) - Hurricane Dennis roared through the Caribbean on Friday, leaving 10 dead in Cuba and 22 in Haiti before aiming for Havana on a course toward the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, where oil rigs and vulnerable coastal areas were evacuated.

The storm weakened slightly as it crossed Cuba but the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Cuban meteorologists had reported a 149-mph (240 kph) gust that caused extensive damage in the city of Cienfuegos.

Cuban President Fidel Castro said Dennis had already killed 10 people as its outer bands brushed over Cuba's southeastern corner Thursday night. Storm fatalities are rare in Communist Cuba where the authorities can muster all state resources to evacuate hundreds of thousands from the path of hurricanes.

Most of the victims died in collapsed houses in Granma province, Castro said on state television. An 18-day-old baby was among those who died.

Using hurricanes to kill babies! Will the world ever wake up from the horrible nightmare that is US imperialism? The world will feel safe only when the criminal colonialist cowboy Bush clique of capitalist corporate consumerists and hawkish warmongers are tried for war crimes against humanity before the International Crimes Court. Impeachment will never be enough!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Dear Leader Speaks

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army

The leader stands in the centre of unity and leadership, represents the desires and interests of the masses and embodies noble moral virtues.

It is a supreme expression of communist morality for revolutionaries to be loyal to the leader.

For revolutionaries, the leader is the benefactor and teacher who accords political integrity and brings them up to be revolutionaries, as well as the father who provides them with worthwhile lives and happiness.

-- Kim Jong Il, Selected Works 9 p.256

Thanks to the Songun Politics Study Group

Japanese Militarists Should Apologize For Their Crimes

The war criminal-worshipping reactionary Japanese militarists of the Koizumi clique of US imperialists' puppet lapdogs should apologize for their crimes against the Korean people over the "abduction issue" as it proves their total disregard for law, basic human rights and decency declares the Korean Central News Agency in a scathing article scolding the reactionary Japanese militarists for their most criminal behavior :

KCNA Presses for Japan's Sincere Apology and Compensation

Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have become persistent in their attempts to internationalize the "abduction issue." Suffice it to recall what Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura said at the recent meeting of foreign ministers of G-8 nations.

Bringing forward the "abduction issue" again there, he urged the international community to "jointly handle the issue of north Korea's human rights abuse."

This is part of the anti-DPRK ruckus kicked up by the Japanese reactionaries in their bid to internationalize the "abduction issue" and create an atmosphere of pressure upon the DPRK and a foolish attempt to cover up their past crimes.

The "abduction issue" much touted by Japan has already been settled with the publication of the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and through two visits to Pyongyang by the Japanese prime minister and the DPRK has done what it should do in this regard.

This is a hard fact but Japan is crying over the "abduction issue" even in the international arena outside Japan. This clearly shows how far their impudence and moral vulgarity have reached.

Japan has already been recorded as the world's biggest war criminal state with the worst record of abduction cases for the hideous anti-human crimes it had committed against Koreans and other Asian people in the past century.

Yet, it does not bother to kidnap and abduct people of other countries, staging one "abduction" drama after another stunning the world people. The Japanese reactionaries' abduction of DPRK citizens, in particular, is well organized and premeditated in its scale and nature and most dastardly and malicious in its means and methods.

Japanese woman residing in the DPRK An Phil Hwa revealed detailed facts in this regard before domestic and foreign reporters after her return to the DPRK in April.

It is the height of sarcasm for Japan to talk about the DPRK's "abduction issue," as it is a master hand in abduction with a century-long criminal record.

Japan was and is the assailant and the DPRK the victim as regards the "abduction issue."

Japan has played wicked games to politicize and internationalize the "abduction issue", raising a terrific outcry over it whenever an opportunity presented itself. But this is nothing but a clumsy trick of a brutal assailant to paint himself as an innocent "victim" and thus cover up his crimes and evade the settlement of the past.

Japanese warmongering snake puppet dictator Koizumi and his clique of nazi fascist reactionary Japanese militarists caught on film doing the nazi German fascist salute.