Thursday, October 27, 2005

Views From Paradise

Since the criminal clique of capitalist war provokers and ring-leaders of world turmoil in the so called "White House" led by the criminal US imperialist Bush and his henchmen, hirelings, and servants pass off massive amounts anti-Korean propaganda lies, mistruths, and fabrications as so called "information" about the DPRK and its Leader freely chosen by the Korean people, Songun Blog as taken the initiative to counter the twisted evil plots and conspiracies of the war criminal Bush and his dark followers by showing the reality of life in the DPRK that is the People's Paradise with the recurring series Views From Paradise.

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Ever thougthfull and considerate of the Korean children's needs, and as protector of world children, Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il has always made sure that the Pyongyang Zoo always have cats, to bring joy and happiness to the lives of the children with the warm fatherly love of the Leader.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sixty Years Of Building The Blissful Land Of Joy and Hope

This October 10th, Juche 94 marked the 60th anniversary of the Workers Party of Korea which is the sacred ruling party regarded by all Koreans and world progressives as the party of the Great Leader Comrade Marshal Kim Il Sung the Immortal Sun of the Korean Nation and Lodestar of National Reunification that has achieved the impossible dream of building the Utopian Socalist Worker's Paradise with the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by the Korean people united in single-minded loyalty for the Leader and the Party, casting their lot with the Leader and the Party in a do-or-die anti-US anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle spirit under the wise flawless perfect Songun Leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, lodestar of progressive thought, and invincible military commander that is widely respected by world progressives and ordinary people from all walks of life around the world as the most important political figure in the history of humankind.

Upon this most auspicious day of joy and hope for all Koreans and world progressives alike, we are reminded by the Korean Central News Agency that the Workers Party of Korea, the party of Great Leader Kim Il Sung is the Mother of the Korean nation :

Rodong Sinmun on Great Mother Party, WPK

Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- Rodong Sinmun today carries an editorial article headlined "The Workers' Party of Korea is the great mother party." The lengthy article says:

The development of the WPK as a mother party is the historic summing-up of the 60-year building of the Party. To develop the Party as a mother party is the fundamental requirement of the building of the socialist ruling party. The Party guided by the Juche idea has been built and strengthened as a mother party since its foundation.

The Party has carried out its duty as the mother party responsible for the destiny of the people for tens of years last. The people call the Party the mother party from the bottom of their hearts.

The development of the Party as the great mother party is of great significance in building a revolutionary party and accomplishing the cause of the Juche revolution.

With the successful accomplishment of the cause of mother party building the relationship between the Party and the popular masses has become the most solid ideological and intentional relationship.

The bosom of the Party is that of the great mother as it leads the people to successfully carry out arduous revolution .

With the accomplishment of the cause of mother party building in the country the Party and the people have become a community of destiny. Unshakable is the will of the Party to do anything and spare nothing for the sake of the people and for their happiness. We can proudly say that we have achieved the invincible kindred unity of the Party and the people like that of mother and her children, the most solid and vital unity that others used to yearn after as an ideal.

The main factor of terming the WPK the great mother party lies in embodying the benevolent politics and the Songun politics together in party building and activities under the banner of Juche.

The history of the Party developing into the great mother party has fully demonstrated to the era and the humankind that the benevolent politics and the Songun politics are the most powerful socialist political mode that helps give a most dignified life to the people, build the ground of happiness and defend the destiny and future of the people firmly in any worst adversity.

The biggest fortune for a party and people is to be led by a good leader and the biggest misfortune is to be led by a bad leader. It is the valuable truth proved by the 60-year-long history of party building that a party can become a mother party only when it has the great father of the people, who takes responsibilities for their destiny to the end , at the head of the party and army.

The WPK is a great party which has perfectly practiced the intrinsic requirements of a mother party in view of its guiding idea, historical root and tradition and its noble spirit of service for the people. No change can be seen in its popular and revolutionary characters no matter how much water may flow under the bridge and how many generations may be replaced. We should make the history of the Party that of the great mother party that forms a harmonious whole with the popular masses.

To conduct party building and activities as President Kim Il Sung planned, intended and showed by his practical model and do everything in his way, this is the way of steadily strengthening and developing the Party into the mother party.

The article calls for glorifying leader Kim Jong Il's exploits in party building as the eternal foundation of the Party and the valuable treasure of the Korean revolution.

The history of the Party will be exalted as the history of the harmonious whole of the party, the army and the people as long as Kim Jong Il stands in the van of the Party and the revolution and there are the most correct idea of mother party building and the good army and people who have shared sweets and bitters with the Party for a long time, the article concludes.

Koreans and world progressives alike sincerely celebrate with great emotion sixty years of man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialism created by the WPK the mother party of Great Leader Kim Il Sung the Father of all Koreans that is now defended by the invincible Songun leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the Immortal Sun of the 21st century.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Dear Leader Lauded As Hero Of Socialist Cause

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, invincible strategist, and prolific author is being lauded as a true hero of the socialist cause by all world progressives as his works are now published in Kyrgyzstan, states the Korean Central News Agency :

Collection of Kim Jong Il's Works Published in Kyrgyzstan

Pyongyang, October 5 (KCNA) -- The collection of leader Kim Jong Il's works "For the Victory of the Cause of Socialism" was published by a publishing house of Kyrgyzstan. The book contains his works "The Workers' Party of Korea Is the Party of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung," "On Preserving the Juche Character and National Character of the Revolution and Construction," "Socialism Is a Science" and "Socialism Is What Keeps Our People Alive."

Klara Azhibekova, first secretary of the C. C., the Communist Party of Kyrgyzstan, at the book releasing ceremony held at the head office of its central committee on Sept. 27 praised the works of Kim Jong Il as important guidelines indicating the way for progressive humankind to follow.

The Workers' Party of Korea founded by President Kim Il Sung has invariably covered the road of victory for the last six decades thanks to the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il, a distinguished statesman, she added.

Animated Cartoons For Children Of Songun Era Korea

Children of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are all single-mindedly united as one in single-minded harmony, deeply loving the Leader as their father bestowing upon them the warm fatherly love.

One aspect of this warm fatherly love that Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, invincible military commander, and multi-talented artiste, can be witnessed in the television programming he set forth for the young children in accordance with his invincible Songun politics that are the lifeblood of the Korean people and the Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by themselve.

This from the Pyongyang Times :

New cartoons released

The Korean April 26 Children’s Film Studio has recently released six cartoons that are now winning increasing popularity among kids.

“Chodong and his father” stresses the need to assist the army through the portrayal of Chodong, who searches out orpiment with difficulty to save a general who is injured in a battle against Japanese invaders.

“Three ant brothers” gives a lesson that one should not rely on one’s physical strength but brain to do a great work when one is busy and in difficult conditions through the depiction of ants making strawberry syrup.

“A boy defeats robbers” is a story about Yedong, who beats a gang of robbers who occupied his village, by taking advantage of their weakness and tells that if one rises up in a fight, one can find a way to beat any formidable enemy and emerge victorious.

All the children of the DPRK genuinely thank Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il with sincerity for his warm fatherly love.

US Imperialism Reason Behind Songun Blog Scarce Updates

We apologize to our faithful world progressive comrades for the lack of updates to the Songun Blog recently.

Because of the evil nature of the criminal Bush clique of nefarious capitalistic US imperialists who lord it over, our time was being used to secretely investigate bone-chilling revelations about the criminal Bush clique of murderous colonialists in Iraq, an undecover secret investigation we are conducting straight from the Songun Blog secret headquarters.

The results of this investigation, conducted in typical Songun Blog Juche-based revolutionary fashion will astonish the world and spurr the progressives to once more castigate the Bush clique of vampires as the worst war criminals in world history, revealing the true face of dollar capitalism.

Stay tuned, Comrades!