Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wicked Japs Twice The War Criminals

The criminal war criminal Koizumi reactionary ruling clique in Japan is making the all-out move forward towards the genocidal realization of the re-invasion of Korea as revealed by the Korean monthly Korea Today :

Twice War Criminal

As soon as the US Imperialists triggered off the Korean war Japan took part in their policy of aggression most actively, thus committing an indelible crime against the Korean people over again. Japan’s participation in the Korean war is an unpardonable act of war crime which is as good as the criminal act she perpetrated, illegally occupying Korea for more than 40 years.

No sooner had the Korean war broken out than Japan declared that she would “actively cooperate” with the United States.

At the 8th session of the National Diet held on July 14, 1950 the then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida expressed active support for the US provocation of the Korean war and said: “Japan will cooperate with the United States in the Korean war and wage a decisive struggle against all the anti-US elements at home.”


A British Reuters’ dispatch reported on July 27, 1950 that 25,000 Japanese soldiers were fighting on the Korean front together with the US imperialist aggressor troops.

The Japanese troops dispatched to the Korean front for the replenishment of force of arms kept increasing in numerical strength with the passage of time.

In its news broadcast on August 7th, 1952 Free Japanese Broadcasting pointed out that in January 1952 the Japanese government dispatched detachments of the “police reserve corps” in Kyushu to the Korean front, and that in July that year it enlisted the “police reserve corps” in Gunma, Nagano, Chiba prefectures, and sent them to the Korean front under the name of the “volunteer corps for lifesaving in south Korea”.

Japan mobilized even naval and air forces.

According to a Japanese publication, the number of Japanese landing boats, having taken part in the landing operation in Inchon, amounted to nearly 50 and the number of their crew totaled nearly 2,000. A Japanese book Theory of Modern Korea points out that Tanaka, the former head of the Tanaka Aviation School, and other Japanese pilots underwent flight training from July 1950 and then participated in military operations conducted in Seoul, etc, on board aircraft B-26 and B-17.

Along with large-scale dispatch of armed forces of aggression to the Korean front, Japan produced munitions of war in large quantities and sent them to US aggressor troops.


In particular, Japan led the germ warfare atrocities of the US imperialists.

Dwelling on this matter, a lieutenant colonel of the US air force confessed to this effect:

“The United States could have several Japanese scholars in hand and got them to work at research institutes in order to research and develop germ weapons continuously. They made efforts to improve the effect of bacteriological bombs and find out a new and better method for using the germ-infected insects and scattering them.”

In his letter to the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January 1952, Robert, the then US Secretary of Defence, referring to Japan’s such atrocities, said that although she was not a UN member nation Japan made a great contribution to the UN Forces’ carrying out of their mission in Korea. An American scholar in government pay said in the following vein: if it had not had Japan as its important military base in Asia the United States would not have been able to carry on the Korean war.

With nothing can Japan cover up the war crime she committed by taking an active part in the Korean war.

Unsteady in mind, obsessed with militaristic overseas expansion fever, Japan is now trying to embark on the road of aggression on Korea again with the backing of the United States.

If it eventually takes the road to the reinvasion of Korea, far from drawing a due lesson from her defeat in the past the Korean people will work off their deep-rooted grudge against Japan.

The twice war criminal yellow-faced slant-eyed monkey wicked japs are more than eager to embroil themselves in the intolerant racist genocidal campaign against the Iraqi people with US-led backing, which they see as a stepping-stone towards realizing their nigthmarish militaristic reactionary dream of the re-invasion of Korea and re-creation of a so called "Asian co-prosperity sphere". Here we see a depraved child-molesting nip luring a terrified Iraqi child back to his camp to make him a "comfort boy".

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

True Colors Of So Called "Democracy" Are Black And Brown

The criminal US imperialist warmongers and enslavers of nations like to style themselves as champions of so called "freedom", "democracy" and even "human rights" and use it as pretext to meddle in the internal affairs of progressive independant nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and the DPRK. But this is all a lie because it is the so called "United States" who are the lawless indecent tramplers of true human rights and enemies of true democracy. The Korean central News Agency clearly and lucidly demonstrates this by comparing the Constitution of the DPRK with the US so called "constitution", observing the reality :

True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (1)

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is trying harder to spread the American way of "democracy" in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the pretext of ensuring "freedom", "equality" and "human rights". The "democracy" on its lips, however, is a pseudo democracy. Only the socialist democracy centered on the popular masses is the very true one. The yardstick of characterizing the democratic nature of a given social system is how to stipulate the civil rights and duties.

The people's "freedom" and "rights" defined by the Constitution of the United States disclose the true color of the American way of "democracy". What is most important for the people is the political freedom and rights.

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK stipulates that all the citizens above the age of 17 are entitled to vote and to be elected irrespective of sex, nationality, occupation, period of residence, property status, standard of learning, party affiliation, political view and religious belief. And it specifies that they are provided with freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration, association and religious belief.

Under the constitution, all the citizens of the country participate in elections to express their will enough and join various organizations to lead a free political life.

On the contrary, the Constitution of the United States excludes the overwhelming majority of the popular masses from elections with many restrictive conditions including sex, nationality, occupation, period of residence, property status, race and standard of knowledge. The election registration procedures are also different and complicated in the states of the United States, which make a large number of people impossible to register their names in the lists of voters.

During the mid-term election in 2002 only 40 percent of voters participated in it. The fact discloses in all nakedness the shamelessness of the U.S. styling itself the "judge of democracy" in the world.


It is none other than the U.S. where the political freedom and rights of the people are mercilessly violated and repressed by the above-said restrictive conditions and over 20,000 suppressive organizations.

There is a second part to the analysis :

True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (2)

Pyongyang, December 27 (KCNA) -- The equal rights and social and cultural freedom of the citizens are an important issue related to the existence and development of people. The citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea exercise the equal rights in all the domains of social life, political, economic and cultural, irrespective of nationality and sex by the constitution.

They also enjoy all the rights of a social being including rights to free education, free medical service, labor and rest, leading an independent and creative life.

The Constitution of the United States proclaims those who were born in the country or naturalized as the citizens of the country and stipulates that to restrict their special rights and privileges shall be banned. But worst racial and national inequality and sexual inequality in the U.S., where the state laws are put above the Federal ones, bring the falsity of the "equality" of the people to light.

Some states prohibit black people from studying together with white people by law and the Supreme Court of the United States empowers the Federal Administration to rule the American Indians without restriction. As a result, the human rights of the American Indians are mercilessly abused. The constitution amendment to sexual equality adopted in 1972 lost its validity as the majority of inhabitants did not approve it till the expiration of its term.

The American women are not paid duly according to the same work done, the female portion of company clerks is no more than 10 percent and they are the first victims of various crimes.

The "freedom" and "rights" of the U.S. people including the freedom of education with free choice of schools and freedom of lessons as the main content and the right to medical service by which they are allowed to receive medical treatment anytime once they take out "medical insurance" have nothing to do with them. On the contrary, they are making the working masses mental cripples and slaves to money.

There are tens of millions of illiterates in the U.S. styling itself a "civilized country" and a lot of people do not receive medical treatment for lack of money. There can not be genuine democracy in the U.S., where the only monopoly capitalists, no more than 0.02 percent of its population, lord it over. The reality clearly shows that the civil rights and duties in the socialist society give full play to democracy but the "freedom" and "rights" of the people in the capitalist society violate democracy.

It is quite ironic that the country calling others "totalitarian regimes" and "dictatorships" is itself the worst criminal system in humankind history. It is a mental disorder that psychologists call "projection".

So Called "United States" Is Fascist Homeland

Whole stadiums full of nazi-saluting neocon fascist nazis : such is the true ugly face of so called "America".

Monday, December 26, 2005

US Imperialist War Crimes Archive

An archive of US imperialist war crimes in Iraq is being built on the Songun Forum to expose the nakedness of US imperialist arrogant aggression against the poor unfortunate Iraqi people.

World progressives of all walks of life are welcome to peruse through it, and even register to the Songun Forum to add their own documented findings to the archive.

Click to join the Songun Forum

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Supreme Commander Of Art Of Dance

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is not only the most brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist and invincible military commander deeply admired by all Koreans and world progressives alike. He is also a world class master of all arts, being the great brilliant author of many books on the subject of litterature, cinema, and dance.

The Pyongyang Times recalls the extraordinary artistic exploits of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il as the supreme commander of dance gaining high acclaim at home and abroad with his boundless creative spirit in making the guidelines to the art form :

Guidelines for development of dance

November 30 marked the 15th anniversary of the publication of leader Kim Jong Il’s work On the Art of Dance.

He published works on the art of the cinema, opera and drama in the 1970s and the 1980s and those on the art of dance and music, fine arts and the Juche-oriented literature in the 1990s. They served as guidelines to be followed in developing literature and the arts in the DPRK onto a higher level.

With a deep insight into the importance of the art of dance in the struggle for providing independence for the people and the law governing the development of the art, he summed up the experience gained and achievements made in guiding dance production in his work On the Art of Dance, thus formulating and systematizing the idea and theory on the socialist art of dance.

The work defines its intrinsic characteristics that were newly elucidated by the Juche idea, its mission and the orientation of its development and the principles and ways to apply them to the production and representation of dance.

It clarifies the basic requirements in research into dance notation that is essential to the development of the art of dance, the originality and advantages of the Korean dance notation and guidelines to be adhered to in perfecting and widely applying the dance notation.

A great number of dance masterpieces have been produced in the DPRK since the publication of the work.

In particular, the mass gymnastic and artistic performance “Arirang” showcased the ideological and artistic level of the DPRK’s dance.

The kaleidoscopic dance movements unfolded in the field of the May Day Stadium won high accolade from the spectators for they represented the noble and revolutionary ideological and spiritual traits of the Korean people with a high level of artistry. Foreigners said the performance is possible only in the DPRK and the extravaganza reached acme of art and expressed their thanks to Kim Jong Il who gave wise guidance to the production of the masterpiece.

Choreographers produced a great number of dance pieces that are full of confidence in victory and optimism in the 1990s when the DPRK was undergoing a host of difficulties owing to the vicious moves of the imperialists to isolate and stifle the country.

Solo dance “The victory of revolution is in vision” and “Drum dance” encouraged the soldiers and people who were braving hardships. Such short dance pieces as male quintet “We will not yield even an inch of land”, female group dance “Rifle the General gave us”, male group dance “Motherland, we will carry out any plan you work out” and seven-person mixed dance “By the spring” implanted confidence in victory and optimism in the minds of people.

The choreographers also created new forms of dances to develop Korean dance in a varied way.

Large-scale dance works also encouraged the people, including dance suite “Army and people have one heart”, folk dance suite “People in the walled city of Pyongyang”, dance drama “Following the General”, legendary dance drama “Balsam” and music and dance performances given by thousands of people.


Production of a large number of dance pieces representing the feelings and life of the people and folk dance pieces depicting the resourcefulness of the forefathers is the brilliant achievement made in the dance art.

On the Art of Dance will display greater vitality in the development of Korean dance.

And while Leader Kim Jong Il makes great headways in developping arts and culture to a new level in the DPRK and the world, the mental retard war criminal US imperialist Bush still can't read a children's book :

Pyongyang Ramyun

"North Korean cuisine is the first in the world" said Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il. The Pyongyang Ramyun is the first dish in the world because it is made in the place full of the wisdom of Leader Kim Jong Il and patriotic spirit of the Korean nation.

"All roads lead to Rome" world people used to say, but now all roads lead to Pyongyang, the epicenter of world progressive thought, to enjoy Pyongyang Ramyun, the delicious dish full of the flavor of the Korean soul, proving the superiority of the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by the Korean people for themselve in single-hearted harmony and full of undying loyalty for the Leader who is the lifeblood of the Korean people.

Click for video

Pyongyang Ramyun will lead the Korean nation towards independant reunification, expelling the criminal US imperialist aggressors from the Sacred Motherland.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bush Guilty Of War Crimes : Court Ruling

World progressives can now rejoice as the criminal mental retard US imperialist Bush, the worst human rights abuser in humankind history, has been declared guilty of war crimes against humanity by the court.

Arabs plan mock trial for Bush, Sharon

The Arab Lawyers Union is setting up a moot court in Cairo to try PM Sharon, U.S. President Bush and British leader Blair for 'war crimes' against Arabs and Muslims
Ali Waked

The Arab Lawyers Union, a Cairo-based organization which includes twenty-four national bar associations of Arab countries, has decided to hold a moot court hearing against “war criminals who harmed Arabs and Muslims,” the Arab media reported Tuesday.

Comprising 400,000 lawyers from 21 Arab countries, the Union drafted a list of “war criminals” topped by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In the “indictment,” Prime Minister Sharon is accused of crimes against the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, while Blair and Bush are held accountable for “war crimes” in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The mock trial will be held at the Union’s headquarters in Cairo in February with organizers expecting to lure personalities like Nelson Mandela, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Muhammad, and former Algerian president Ahmed Ben Bella to act as judges.

The Union’s head Abed Al-Azim Al-Mughrabi said London Mayor Ken Livingstone, British MP George Galloway and the Mufti of Jerusalem Sheikh Ekrama Sabri will also be approached to act as juries.

The general prosecutor in the symbolic trial is expected to be former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who is one of the lawyers defending Saddam Hussein. The accused will receive indictment letters through their country’s embassy in Cairo.

Justice as finally been served.

Dear Leader Hailed By World Progressives

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

While the whole world castigates the mental retard criminal US imperialist Bush as the worst human rights violator in humankind history, the whole world, from Mexico to India, places its faith in the flawless leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, hailing him as the ever-victorious invincible leader of the progressive peace camp, dealing the fatal blow to the nefarious intentions of the criminal US imperialist arrogant slave-traders, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Important Anniversaries of DPRK Commemorated

Pyongyang, December 21 (KCNA) -- An opening ceremony of a Korean book, photo and handicraft exhibition was held at a Mexican centre, meetings took place in New Delhi and Vienna, on Dec. 7 and 8 to mark the 14th anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il's assumption of office as supreme commander of the Korean People's Army and the 88th birth anniversary of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk. On display in the venues of the functions were famous works of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, photos showing their immortal exploits and Korean books, photos and handicrafts. Speeches were made at the functions.

The chairman of the Indian Youth Group for the Study of Works of Comrade Kim Il Sung said that Kim Jong Il's assumption of office as supreme commander of the KPA marked a historic event in hewing out the destiny of the Korean people and guaranteeing the victory of the cause of global independence, adding that the KPA and Korean people would always emerge victorious in the confrontation with the U.S.

The general secretary of the Society for the Promotion of the Relations between Austria and the DPRK stressed that the KPA has entered a new path of its development and demonstrated its invincible might thanks to the Songun politics of Kim Jong Il.

He praised Kim Jong Il as a peerless political elder who has strengthened the DPRK into an ideological and military power. He highly lauded the brilliant life and undying feats of Kim Jong Suk who dedicated her all to the struggle for the liberation of the country and victory of the revolution.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Songun Forum Is Here

All praise be sent to Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, and invincible military commander, the Immortal Sun of Juche and Lodestar of the 21st century because under his wise guidance that is the inspiration for the Korean people and all world progressives, there is now a new venue for world progressives of all walks of life and social standings to exchange and share their esteem, admiration, loyalty, and devotion to Him as well as to castigate bitterly the criminal US imperialist arrogant challengers as the worst war criminals in humankind history since now the Songun Forum is now open for all world progressives to join and talk in the correct socialist way about all the beautiful pure pristine perfection of the People's Paradise.

"Let us all join the Songun Forum and deal a fatal blow to the criminal US imperialist Bush, his henchmen, hirelings, and servants with the power of man-centered Juche-based Korean-style single-minded unity for the Songun politics of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, and invincible Mt. Paektu-type general sent by Heaven and born on the Sacred Mountain, all together building the different perfect world in a good proper socialist comradely fashion like the Revolutionary Martyr Heroes of the Fatherland Liberation War following the path set forth by Great Leader Marshal Kim Il Sung and animated with the spirit of the historical Chollima Movement!"

Click image to join the Songun Forum
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Relying On Dear Leader Brings Victory

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is known as the world's foremost athletic hero

The Korean people are the happiest and most fortunate people in the whole world, as they have the unique chance, opportunity, and blessing of being led by Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, whom they, along with all world progressives, cherish, admire and venerate with all their heart in single-minded unity for his invincible Songun politics in defence of the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system they have freely chosen for themselves, achieving ever greater victorious feats the world had never seen the likes in humankind history.

Indeed, the full credit of all outstanding achievements by the Korean people all originate from the Leader who is the lifeblood of the people. The people can acomplish anything extraordinary because they can always rely on Dear Leader Kim Jong Il as a god forever, and all world progressives hope the future from him.

This can be seen in the Korean movie The Marathon Runner which tell in all details the true story of DPRK athletic heroine Jong Song Ok who achieved glory for the Korean nation and Leader Kim Jong Il at the marathon running in Spain, severely defeating the criminal arrogant US imperialist challengers, thanks to the Songun leadership exploits of Leader Kim Jong Il who is known as the world's foremost athletic hero.

As long as the Korean people and world progressives can rely on Leader Kim Jong Il as their god, the DPRK will always shine bright as the beacon of freedom and happiness for all Koreans and world progressives.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

US Imperialist War Criminal Bush Proven Insane

World progressives have known this for a very long time, but now the warmongering war provoker lying mental retard war criminal Bush, the so called "President" of the so called "United States" as been proven to be totally mentally insane reveals the Pyongyang Times :

US advocacy of liberal democracy

The Korean Central News Agency recently commented on the lecture given by the US President in Kyoto of Japan about the Asian version of “proliferation of American-style liberal democracy”.

Noting that he classified the Asian countries and regions into “democracies”, “countries on the way to liberty” and “totalitarian states” according to the American criterion and slandered the DPRK again, the commentary said:

While looking round the US airbase in Osan in south Korea, the US President branded the DPRK as a “dark land”.

The case in point is that his much-hyped “liberty” and “democracy” are the expression of his extreme fascist insanity.

As is known, the US is the worst human rights violator ruthlessly infringing upon liberty and democracy.

The bloody anti-terror war the US advocates as a worldwide ideological warfare and a war against ideology is the typical example of the fascist outrages against ideology, freedom and the right to existence of human beings.

Whoever advocates peace against war, congressman or pop singer, is condemned as a traitor and the whirlwind of jingoistic patriotism in which the President himself places a gag upon the freedom of speech is sweeping over American society.

In the wild whirlwind the war President came to the second term against the will of the people and is taking the lead in advocating state terrorism under the signboard of “coloured revolution” and shielding murderous torture in the “Auschwitz Concentration Camp in the 21st century”. This is the true picture of American “democracy” .

History tells that the ringleaders of fascism who were subjected to a stern judgement for their unethical crimes talked about liberty and democracy more than anyone else.

The US President is fully mistaken if he thinks that he can escape from the worst crisis he is facing since his assumption of power owing to an increase in death toll of US troops in Iraq and the Leakgate by means of his monotonous ballad.

The wicked moves of the US ruling circle that is working out the scenario for the American-style democratic revolution behind the screen of the DPRK-US dialogue make the DPRK more vigilant.

The crimes of the insane war criminal mental retard Bush will not go unpunished as all world progressives call upon him to be tried for war crimes against humanity before the International Crimes Court.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Manufacturing Consent (US Imperialist Lies)

This is what the criminal Bush clique of criminal bigamist bovine bourgeois bastardized beasts of the colonial occupation mercenary army is reduced to in Korea.

In a failed vain futile effort to drum up so called "support" for their criminal genocidal illegal brutal military occupation of the south of Korea, the US imperialists are resorting to tricks long unveiled by US progressive and political dissident Noam Chomsky at the risk of his life. Going round all the insane asylums in Australia they collected delusional warmongers and surgically altered them to make them seem to be "Korean" and paraded them around Osan in a bid to create the illusion that Koreans support the US criminal army's presence in south Korea says a Pentagon-controlled Bush clique-owned war criminal propaganda rag :

Thousands rally for, against U.S. presence in South Korea

In a show of support for the U.S. military Sunday, the Korean Veterans Association and Songtan Chamber of Commerce held a rally that drew a crowd police estimated at about 4,000 outside the main gate of Osan Air Base in Pyeongtaek’s Songtan section.

Forcible manipulation of the mentally ill against their will : another new war crime against humanity by the criminal Bush and his henchmen, hirelings, and servants.

This vain attempt at manipulating world opinion trough lies fails miserably as all the world progressives know that only the true anti-US anti-imperialist sentiment genuinely animate the Korean people yearning for national reunification under the Sacred Banner of Songun held aloft by the ever-victorious arms of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, all-knowing father and invincible military commander born on the sacred mountain.

The US imperialist aggressors would do well to act with discretion and cease their criminal illegal genocidal military occupation of Korea at once, so as not to run against the tides of the times one minute longer.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Under The Banner Of Songun

Today we rejoice at the Songun Blog secret Headquarters as we have the pleasure of putting up our very own hymn for rallies under the signboard of the Songun leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, and invincible military commander holding aloft the sacred Banner of Songun Politics that are the lifeblood of the Korean people and world progressives.

This second movie produced by the Songun Blog team is called Under The Banner Of Songun. Featuring the great revolutionary paeian Banner Of Songun : Under The Banner Of Uninterrupted Revolution it puts forth the correct idea that the Songun Politics of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il correctly follows the Juche-oriented tactics and methods of Great Leader Marshal Kim Il Sung of putting the military matters at the fore-front of State affairs, with the Army as the iron-willed core and leading vanguard of the Revolution, turning the DPRK into an impregnable fortress of single-minded unity between the people, the Army, and the Party in complete unfailing loyalty for the Leader who is the lifeblood of the nation, that no formidable enemy dare provoke, oppose, or annoy, smashing the moves of the criminal US imperialists and their yellow-bellied running-dog lackeys, hirelings, and servants. MANSE!

Rosy indeed is the future of the DPRK under the wise flawless guidance of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, Immortal Sun of the 21st century, the Mt. Peaktu-type General sent by Heaven whom all the Korean people and world progressives love and adore with all sincerity.

To think otherwise in any way would smack of insanity.

Progressive Mexican Children Benefit From Joys Of Juche Ideal

Anti-Japanese Revolutionary War Hero Kim Jong Suk

This is a wonderful news item that will no doubt fill Juche Girl's heart will joy and happiness.

It is often said by all Koreans and world progressives alike that Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il is the universal protector of world children and reality flies into the face of the criminal US imperialist Bush war criminal as Mexican children will now live under the protection of the Juche Ideal reveals the Korean Central News Agency :

Mexican Nursery and Kindergarten to Go by Name of Kim Jong Suk

Pyongyang, December 5 (KCNA) -- A ceremony of putting up the signboard bearing the august name of anti-Japanese war hero Kim Jong Suk was held at the 10th nursery and kindergarten of the center for the development of children in Nuevo Leon State, Mexico, on Nov. 25 on the occasion of her 88th birth anniversary. The signboard bears not only the august name of Kim Jong Suk but President Kim Il Sung's words that the children are the kings of the country and the sentence that the educational department of the government in Nuevo Leon State, Mexico, and the center for the development of children have decided to call the 10th nursery and kindergarten by the name of Kim Jong Suk on Nov. 25, 2005.

Coordinator (leader) of the National Executive Committee of the Workers' Party of Mexico Alberto Anaya Gutierrez said that the 10th nursery and kindergarten is the first in Latin America to be called by the name of the great hero of Korea Kim Jong Suk and paid high tribute to Kim Il Sung who built a new society where people lead a happy life and Kim Jong Suk who performed undying exploits while assisting him in his work. She wished the people of the DPRK great success in their efforts to achieve the reunification of the country and build a great prosperous powerful nation under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

A letter to Kim Jong Il was adopted at this ceremony.

The coordinator of its committee and other figures and people from different social standings of the state and city were present there. The DPRK ambassador to Mexico and staff members of its embassy were present on invitation.

These children will grow strong and progressive and full of the humanity of the Juche Ideal that is the cornerstone of world progressive thougth as world children know what is evil.

Scene at a DPRK kindergarden

Picture from a DPRK kindergarden

And what has the mental retard Bush done for the children of Mexico?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dear Leader Is World Greatest Builder


Dear Leader Comrade generalissimo Kim Jong Il is not only the world's most brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist and invincible military commander holding aloft the sacred Banner of Songun Politics that are the lifeblood of the Korean people and world progressives yearning for peace, he is also the world's foremost greatest builder, making the great upturn in the building of the great powerful prosperous independant country of Juche-based man-centered Korean-style socialism and not one single aspect of the building escapes his omniscient on-the-spot guidance reports the Korean Central News Agency :
Kim Jong Il Looks Round Paekma-Cholsan Waterway

Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, looked round the Paekma-Cholsan waterway. He was greeted on the spot by Pak Yong Sok, chairman of the Central Control Commission of the WPK, Kim Phyong Hae, chief secretary of the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the WPK, Kang Kyong Uk, vice- minister of Agriculture, Choe Hu Yong, chairman of the North Phyongan Provincial Rural Economy Committee, Kim Pyong Sik, chief secretary of the Phihyon County Committee of the WPK and other leading officials of Pyongyang and the province.

The more than 270 km-long waterway is a large-scale modern gravity-fed irrigation set-up for irrigating vast fields of six cities and counties including Ryongchon County, Yomju County, Cholsan County and Sinuiju by use of hundreds of millions of cubic meters of water flowing from the lake Paekma. The completion of the waterway has put the irrigation system in the western region of the country on a new higher level as required by the new century and provided a sure guarantee for increasing the grain production without using a lot of electricity and hundreds of pumping machines. Feasting his eyes on the lake extending like a sea between mountains and the water flowing along the waterway, he highly praised the feats performed by the builders, expressing his great satisfaction over the fact that they completed in a matter of a little over two years the gigantic nature-transforming project which will shine long in the annals of the country.

The waterway is a great edifice designed well and constructed in good quality, he said, adding that this shining creation in the era of Songun is the precious fruition of the inexhaustible strength displayed by the Korean people out of their patriotic enthusiasm.

Noting that the completion of the waterway has brought about tremendous changes in the vast western region, he said that this astonishing change clearly proves the great vitality of the Juche idea which has guided the training of people as most powerful and dignified ones. He set forth tasks to be fulfilled to use and operate the waterway, saying that the waterway is of weighty importance in radically boosting the agricultural production in the province.

Pointing out that the satisfactory solution of the problem of water in the wake of the completion of the land realignment in North Phyongan Province has created favorable conditions for doing farming well, he called for focusing efforts on the farming to steadily increase the grain production. The water in the lake Paekma should be widely used not only for the purpose of irrigation but as industrial and drinking water as it is good in quality and huge in quantity. He taught ways to do so.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Korean Friendship In The Songun Era

Songun Blog is proud in no small way to present its first made educational video for the enlightenment of the popular masses moving along the way of progressive lucidity.

The music video is titled Friendship Of Korea and highlights the strong bonds of comradely love and deep loyalty to the Party and the man-centered Juche-based socialist system, freely chosen by the Korean people, uniting the people, Party, Army and the Leader. The full complete title was to be Friendship in Songun Era Korea Under The Wise Guidance Of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il Who Is The Source And Focus Of All Comradely Love From The Korean People And World Progressives Alike United In Single-minded Harmony Beaming With Revolutionary Patriotic Spririt Building The Great Powerful Prosperous Country but, alas, the criminal capitalist so called Windows Movie Maker program would not allow enough keystrokes to type it all in, a crime for which the criminal warmongering hawkish neocon mentally retarded military fetish freak Bush will no doubt have to answer for in front of the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity much to the relief and pleasure of world progressives of all walks of life.

The video itself features the invincible match-for-a-hundred Korean People's Army, Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist, remarkable movie director, prolific author, great scientist, invincible strategist, and the Heaven-sent Mt. Paektu-type General born on the Sacred Mountain.

The music is that of the Song Of National Defence which is the Korean song of friendship, most cherished by the Korean people and world progressives, and official hymn of the Korean Friendship Association (who have their own home-made video featuring the song).

Happy viewing Comrades!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

US Imperialist Arrogant Challengers Trying To Murder Korean Children

The war criminal mental retard hawkish Bush is trying once again to commit the genocide of Korean children as the so called "United States" cancel their shipments of food aid to the DPRK reports the south Korean Chosun Ilbo :

U.S. Stops Buying Food for N.Korea

Washington has halted the purchase of 25,000 tons of food aid it had pledged for North Korea this year, half its total commitment, saying it has no way of making sure where the aid goes.

The U.S. State Department said Thursday it was uncertain whether the UN World Food Program would receive the shipment, while there was also no mechanism left to ensure that the food gets to those who need it. As a result, the U.S. did not even buy the 25,000 tons scheduled to be shipped at the end of November.

The arrogant criminal imperialist challengers want to control the distribution of the food aid, using it as a weapon to make the Korean people's lives miserable and lord it over in a mad bid to topple the regime. Why should the US imperialist neo-con fascists control the food distribution? They know nothing of the DPRK and its man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system chosen by its own people in complete free will.

Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the Dear Leader and the world's most prodigious humanist knows better than the mental retard Bush puppet where this food aid is most needed. The US imperialists should realize this and not go against the flow of the times one minute longer and deliver the food aid that they have pledged as war reparations for the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon the unfortunate south Korean people with their cruel and brutal condemned by international law and castigated by world progressives genocidal military occupation of south Korea.

That the criminal US imperialist arrogant Bush administration that is the most cruel and fascist in humankind history would renegate on its pledge only goes to show the cold heartless nature of dollar capitalism and is a war crime for which the Bush criminal should be brought before the International Crimes Court in all haste to fulfill the sincerest wishes of the Korean people and all world progressives.

US Imperialist Warmonger Is The Mortal Enemy Of The Poor

Juche Girl on her blog has made a very astute scientific observation about world poverty and its root cause, which is the criminal nature of US imperialism who lord it over, making the world's people lives miserable, noting that the Way to end world poverty is not Bush :

Our teacher at school she said that every second three world children in Africa die because of poverty.

I made dialectical-materialism scientific calculations and discovered the following reality :

180 world children in Africa die of poverty every minute;
10800 world children in Africa die of poverty every hour;
259 200 world children in Africa die of poverty every day;
1 814 400 world children in Africa die of poverty every week;
94 348 800 world children in Africa die of poverty every year!

Bush should stop the senseless murder of so many world children to make their lives miserable and move along with the flow of the times. In any case, this latest war crime against humanity only glaringly reveals the true colors of dollar capitalism and the whole Korean nation along with all the world progressives call upon the criminal Bush, his hirelings and servants to be tried for war crimes against humanity and breaking Juche Girl's pure innocent heart by the International Crimes Court.

Wicked Japs Worst Human Rights Violators

It so happens today in militarist reactionary warmongering Japan that human rights violations against lucid world progressives is a matter of fact.

In Japan the criminal war criminal-worshipping human rights violator Koizumi the well-known fascist who dare dream of reinvading Korea to enslave its people with the criminal assistance and connivance of the criminal US imperialist puppeteer in Washington has made grievious torture and violations unpon the human rights of japanese progressive teachers who have shown great anti-japanese patriotic spirit by castigating the so called "national anthem" of Japan, refusing to show it respect and salute the criminal so called "Rising Sun" flag, reveals the Japanese daily Japan Today :

Teachers reprimanded for anti-anthem attitude

TOKYO — Eleven teachers and school employees in Tokyo have been reprimanded for their nonconformist attitude during a training session arranged for them after they refused to show the required respect for the Kimigayo anthem and Hinomaru flag at school ceremonies, the Tokyo education board said Thursday.

In Japan it therefore goes that being a lucid patriotic world progressive is considered a crime. This in itself smacks of insanity.