Saturday, June 25, 2005

On June 25th 1950 US Imperialists Started The Korean War

The US imperialists, their stomachs hungry for a criminal bellicose wars of aggression, invaded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on June 25 Juche 39 (1950) to swallow it whole in order to stifle its Juche-centered system and enslave its people.

A book which you can download for free in PDF format is titled Distortion of US Provocation of Korean War and reveals how the US imperialists started the war and used the so called "United Nations" banner to illegally legitimize their bellicose war of aggression against a peaceful country. Read it and be enlightened.

In the course of the war that lasted 3 years, the US imperialists have committed the most grievious atrocities and war crimes imaginable against the Korean people, surpassing the nazis in barbarity.

But in the end the war did not go well for the US imperialists, their lackeys and boot-licking running dogs and the Korean people, single-mindedly united in do-or-die loyalty for the Great Leader President Generalissimo Kim Il Sung and showing heroic patriotism and true grit, they defeated the US imperialists, the Yankee reactionaries signing their surrender July 27 Juche 42 (1953). What follows is the true story of the Fatherland Liberation War (AKA the Korean War) :

Leading the Fatherland Liberation War to Victory

The northern half of the Republic seething with the building of a new country with the delight of liberation was covered with dark clouds of war on June 25, 1950.

The US imperialists, who had been watching for a chance of aggression from the first day of its occupation of south Korea to eliminate the DPRK in its cradle and make the whole of Korea their colony and a bridgehead of their world supremacy, instigated the Syngman Rhee puppet clique an all-out invasion against the DPRK.

At the time when grim trials befell before the motherland,

President Kim Il Sung led the Fatherland Liberation War to victory with peerless courage and grit, and outstanding strategy and tactics.

President Generalissimo Kim Il Sung the Father of all Koreans

President Kim Il Sung plans to make a sweeping turn in the war in November Juche 39 (1950)

On the morning of the day when the US imperialists provoked the war, he convened a meeting of the Political Committee of the Party Central Committee and then an emergency meeting of the Cabinet. On entering the meeting hall and looking round the participants in the meeting with a beaming face as ever, he emphatically said that the Yankees looked down upon the Korean people and that we should show the mettle of the Koreans to the enemy who ran amuck disregarding Koreans as the saying goes that a wolf should be dealt with a club.

His perfectly calm and collected looks with the powerful enemy flooding in at a short distance cleared away impatience and uneasiness from the participants in the meeting and instilled in them the conviction that the war would end in our favour. [Compare that with the reaction of the mental retard in the White House upon learning his country is under attack. -ed.]

Saying at the emergency meeting of the Cabinet that we must answer the barbarous aggressive war of the enemy with a righteous liberation war, he put forward the militant tasks of our People’s Army to frustrate the enemy’s aggression and sweep the armed aggressors by launching immediate decisive counteroffensive.

At the critical time when the destiny of the country was at stake, the President was appointed Chairman of the DPRK Military Commission and Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army in accordance with the unanimous will and desire of the entire Korean people and the KPA soldiers.

The US imperialists threw into the Korean front more than 2 million troops including their huge armed forces, the south Korean puppet troops plus troops of their 15 satellite countries under the signboard of the “UN Forces”. [Among which countries was Canada who supplied the third largest contingent : a full brigade, navy ships, and air assets. Canada's boot-licking lap-dogish flunkeyite criminal participation in the illegal criminal US imperialist war of aggression, replete with mass-killings, murder and wholesale cruelties inflicted upon the Korean people from North and South, is a war crime for which the Canadian government and people have yet to apologize and pay war reparations for, a pattern they are now repeating today in Afghanistan. -ed]

Besides, they mobilized all the “leading characters” in the capitalist world.

At that time the KPA was a young army, only two years old from the development into a regular armed force.

Nevertheless, the President, shouldering the heavy burdens of the war upon himself, wisely led the KPA to overpower the numerical and military technological superiority of the enemy with our politico-ideological, strategic and tactical superiority.

He firmly armed the army and the people with the Juche idea and invariably held the initiative in the war with unique military tactics and art of command.

He saw to it that the KPA foiled the enemy’s surprise invasion by immediate counterattack, pushed the enemy into a position of passive defensive with continued strike action and audacious annihilation through encircling operations and liberated a vast region of the southern half of the country in a short space of time.

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Valiant soldiers of the Korean People’s Army repulse surprise intrusion of the enemy and switch over to counterattack

During the period of strategic temporary retreat when a tense situation was created on the front owing to the last-ditch attempts of the US imperialists, he led the army and the people without any slightest vacillation to wage guerrilla struggle in the areas under the enemy’s occupation and conduct powerful counteroffensives, and thus switched over to a decisive counterattack.

He put forward strategic policies to cope with the continued aggression of the US imperialists. He also advanced diverse methods of warfare such as the activities of the storming, aircraft-hunting, tank-hunting and snipers’ groups. Thus the enemy were put in a dilemma.

During the flames of war, he personally went out to front-line commanding posts to teach mysterious strategies and warmly looked after the soldiers.

He saw to it that front-line musical instruments were made for singing on fighting heights and art festivals of servicemen were held at the Moranbong Underground Theatre, students were summoned to their alma maters from all over the front to resume their study, and unfolded a bright blueprint for the rehabilitation and construction of the victorious motherland on the table of the Supreme Command for mapping out plans of operations, and thus imbued the conviction of victory in the People’s Army soldiers and the people.

The President strengthened the Party, the general staff of revolution, and raised the function and role of the people’s power in conformity with the wartime situation in order to make all the people turn out in the struggle against the aggressors.

On the other hand, he paid deep attention to the wartime production. Braving battle smoke, he visited factories and farm villages and inspired people to increase grain production and send war supplies including weapons and ammunition in time to the front.

The President’s energetic leadership roused the army and the people to the sacred war to defend the country.

Soldiers of the People’s Army displayed the spirit of unrivalled self-sacrifice and mass heroism and all the people showed patriotic devotion, giving wholesale deaths upon the aggressors.

The Fatherland Liberation War ended in brilliant victory thanks to the outstanding leadership of President Kim Il Sung and the heroic struggle of the army and the people united firmly around him.

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Wretched appearance of the defeated

The US imperialists and their satellite forces suffered a disastrous defeat of losing 1,567,000-odd manpower and huge amount of combat equipment and signed their surrender documents on July 27, 1953.

By winning the Fatherland Liberation War, the Korean people defended the young Republic and showed the mettle of the Korean people to the US imperialists.


JoshSN said...

The idea of launching a war via a proxy, and then going in to aide, is alien to Truth, Justice and the American Way.

We would never have helped train and arm battalions of Cuban expats and let them off in the Bay of Pigs, with ships offshore waiting to chip in.

We would never help organize, and co-ordinate with, Ahmed Chalabi and his 500-1,000 troops marching down from the South in an effort now known as the Bay of Camels.

And, since His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush is now well known to us all as a scion of Virtue and God's Own President, we must also know that he would never have any ships off the shore of Venezuela after the Oil-Economist Carmona and his junta flunkies kidnap the rightfully, twice-elected and not-recalled President Chavez. That is why the Great American leader chose, within 24 hours, to recognize the true leader Carmona, while no other country, in North or South America, would.

In fact, it should not be known that Carmona and his friends were in Washington, DC a week or two before this.

JoshSN said...

Hah, I must be one of those liberals, instead a true believer in His Excellency, President (and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States) George Walker Bush.

I said Chalabi came in "from the South" when everyone who has studied (as if a liberal ever studies!) knows the Bay of Camels (when sadly, Chalabi's forces were slaughtered and many other people were killed, too, by bad, bad Saddam Hussein (Peace Be Upon Bush)) came "from the North."

Maybe I was just taken over by a liberal for that one half-second.

JoshSN said...

I hear the recent the release of Soviet records shows your Juiche hero was actually very eager for war, and Stalin was trying to talk him out of it.

Both leaders wanted war.

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Josh Narins, when you say both leaders you mean Truman and Eisenhower, right?

JoshSN said...

Ever twisting the truth to reflect your own communist insanity, will you never tire, Banner of Songun?

The two leaders who both wanted war were Kim Il Sung and Syngman Rhee.

Banner Of Songun said...

Great Leader Kim Il Sung never wanted war with the south. As a revolutionary leader of the Korean anti-japanese liberation guerrilla war he was well aware of the sufferings and hardships that armed conflict bring upon the heads of the people, and as a Korean patriot his sacred goal was (and still is) the peaceful reunification of north and south, not to bring misery and pain upon the Korean brothers in the south.

JoshSN said...

An assertion which contradicts the recently released documents from the Soviet archives, showing a conflict between Stalin and Kim, Kim wanted war, Stalin not.

Qin Shi Huang said...

American imperialstic running dogs suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Korea and China.

Those worthless warmongers will witness their country turned to ash if they attack again.

Unknown said...

The Korean War ended in a stalemate, a cease-fire... I don't recall a "humiliating defeat".

Anonymous said...

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