Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Songun Tribute To Progressives

The criminal US imperialist Bush and his cabal of Klu Klux Klan capitalist warmongering oil-thirsty war criminal hegemonists who lord it over have turned the outside world into a dark pit of blackness devoid of dignity and human rights, without the slightest joy or laughter of children who had their eardrums stolen by the criminal Bush corporate vampire for sale in "Israel".

That such a state of affairs exists only shows the true intentions of the plutocracy of consumerist corporate criminal clique of cowboys hiding in the so called "White House".

But out of despair... Hope.

As we speak even in the "USA" enlightened progressive political dissidents put their own lives in danger, at great physical risk of deportation to the nazi death extermination camp of Guantanamo, to rally against the criminal Bush, united in anti-US anti-imperialist socialist revolutionary struggle to build a world of peace free of US imperialists.

This video is a tribute to US progressives of all walks of life who defend the cause of justice and peace in the world.

Thank you to all comradely progressive brothers and sisters.

Great Leader Speaks

Great Leader Eternal President Kim Il Sung

"If a man does not read the books he wants to because he has been prohibited from doing so, how can he undertake a great cause? We should read books that teach us the truth."

--President Kim Il Sung, With The Century

Monday, October 23, 2006

USA : The Criminal Empire

The USA under the criminal Bush regime of hawkish profiteer warmongers is the empire of crime flaunting its criminal imperialism in naked aggression for all world progressives to see.

The Bush regime is a regime of fascists, thieves, cat abusers, and war criminals which are the worst in humankind history and this photodocumentary, unbiased and lucid because based on the dialectical materialism of socialist science proves this scientifically established fact without a slight shadow of a doubt.

As this week "America" turned up its 300th million redneck warmonger mental retard capitalist aggressor, the Korean people and all world progressives celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Down With Imperialism Union founded by the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

US Imperialist War Criminals Polluting Korea

The war criminal US imperialists who are the worst human rights violators in humankind history launched a criminal war of aggression by invading Korea in a bid to achieve world conquest under capitalist oppression in 1945. Then they launched an unprovoked attack on the DPRK to stifle the Korean people and further commit the genocide of the human race in 1950, but they were defeated at one stroke by the Korean people solidly united around the Great Leader President Kim Il Sung the father of all Koreans.

Not content with being the worst war criminals in humankind history for their crimes committed in two world wars, now the criminal US imperialists are launching a campaing of poisoning the Korean people with pollution as this latest attempt at rewriting history with blatant disregard for truth indicates :

South Koreans read at the names of U.N. soldiers killed in the 1950-53 Korean War that are inscribed on a newly built monument in Busan, South Korea, Wednesday 18 October 2006. The formal unveiling ceremony for the monument will be held on Tuesday 24 October 2006. EPA/STR

This latest crime of the Bush clique shall not go unpunished! Therefore all Koreans and world progressives joind their voices hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder in demanding that the criminal Bush regime which is the most fascist in humankind history be tried for war crimes against humanity by the International Crimes Court at no delay.

Monday, October 16, 2006

US Imperialist Arrogant Challengers Responsible For Proliferation Of Nukes Worldwide

The criminal US imperialists are responsible for pushing the situation to a brink of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula with their criminal unchecked unilateral unsound nuclear proliferation, reveals a poll conducted in south Korea :

US most responsible for North's nuclear test: SKorean survey

SEOUL: The United States is more responsible than North Korea itself for Pyongyang's nuclear test, according to a South Korean poll published Monday.

Forty-three percent of respondents picked the United States as most to blame, followed by 37.3 percent who chose the country which actually conducted the October 9 test.

Nearly 14 percent said South Korea was most responsible, 2.4 percent picked China and one percent singled out Japan.

The south Korean people, yearning with genuine feeling of worship for the respected Leader Kim Jong Il, thus know the real enemy of the korean people and call on the big-nosed ugly Yankees to leave Korea at once to allow the peaceful reunification of Korea under the leadership of Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the respected leader of Songun.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Amerikkka Revealing Its True Colors

Always Working Together For The People - Part 3

Great Leader Eternal President Kim Il Sung said : "Comrade Kim Jong Il is a man of great caliber and drive. Projects that would have taken decades to build can be finished in a few years under his wise guidance. Comrade Kim Jong Il does everything as an example to the world."

Dear Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il is the energy of building the Democratic People's Republic of Korea into the Juche-based man-centered socialist paradise of Korean style that is the envy of the world.

Under the wise guidance of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, there is never a single traffic jam in Pyongyang, the Leader having found the ideal solution to the problem of traffic, unlike n the criminal "United States" which experience the complete gridlock of vehicular traffic jams on the roads from coast to coast at the behest of the criminal Bush and his clique of war mongering capitalist gangsters.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What World Progressives Say

"Bush is the worst fascist war criminal in humankind history but Dear Leader Kim Jong Il is the Leader of Peace and the Defender of the Earth."

-- Gandhi
The criminal US imperialists invaded France in 1944 in a mad bid to enslave Europe under capitalism as a stepping-stone to realize their sick plans of world conquest. In so doing, they committed the worst war crimes recorded in humankind history.