Friday, July 15, 2005

US Imperialists Victimize Canada With Weapon Of Mass Slaugther

The insanely mad crazy US imperialist Bush clique of criminal capitalist monkey-handlers who lord it over have just victimized an other country with their criminal weather control weapons of mass slaugther just on the heels of other brazen mass-killings with weather that where their doing against Cuba and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea recently, they are now criminaly embroiled into the total destruction of one of their so called "allies" which is in fact a slavish satellite state under US colonial hegemonism who lord it over, namely Canada.

The poor hapless country widely known around the world as the "Sweden of the Americas" is being punished by the criminal Bush clique of bellicose belligerent bumbling bourgeois buffoons with Pentagon-controlled White House-ordered ecological destruction of their livelihood as the US imperialist weather control weapons of mass extermination strike the Canadian people with extreme weather in every region, causing great hardships on the people, says CTV on its website :

Extreme weather striking every region of Canada News Staff

Manitoba is just starting to recover from a bout of heavy rains, tornadoes and flooding that have caused much damage. Most flood watches are now over. But the province's wettest summer in decades has destroyed about 20 per cent of cropland, leaving it too wet to farm.

In Ontario the hot weather, combined with an absence of rain, could take its toll on crops and trees, Phillips said.

Since June 14, only three millimetres of rain have fallen in the Greater Toronto Area, but Phillips said there's a shortage of precipitation from Windsor in the extreme southwest to Timmins in the north and Kingston in the east of Ontario.

Temperatures in Toronto through to Friday are expected to be in the mid-30-degree Celsius range – setting a record each day.

Despite the lack of rain, the warm air mass is very humid. This drives up the humidex – what the weather feels like compared to what the temperature actually is. The humidex reading for Toronto on Monday was 41 degrees, leading to the city to declare an extreme heat emergency, meaning the chance of weather-related deaths exceeds 90 per cent.

Toronto has issued nine such advisories this year. There were two such alerts last summer.

Toronto's coroner is investigating at least four possible heat-related deaths that have occurred there since the beginning of June.

The province also issued a smog alert, meaning the air quality in the Toronto area has declined to the point where serious health problems could result.


If you go out west to Vancouver, however, people there are crying for heat and sun.

"It's either raining or it looks like rain," Phillips said. "I think it was the third-dullest month (in terms of lack of sunshine) on record, and in the last few years, June has been a glorious month."

Fog has cursed Halifax in recent weeks.

"They've been getting one or two good days, then it just peters out and it goes back to something that is more spring-like," Phillips said.

For a really oddball occurrence, a thunderstorm was reported in Iqaliut, he said.


"The trends are clear. We're seeing increasing temperatures in summer, we're having more extreme weather events, they're costing our economy a greater amount."

Such genocidaly insane mass murder, the latest war crime against humanity of the US imperialists, is the US imperialist retaliation for the Canadians refusing to hand over their beef to feed the US imperialist Army in its criminal undertaking of the total destruction and extermination of the people of Iraq who have been unjustly robbed of their beloved leader President Saddam Hussein by the criminal US imperialist Bush clique of hawkish warmongers and bourgeois consumerists, proving once again that friendship, alliances, and international law is something to laugh at for the US imperialists. Therefore the progressives of the world join their voices together in mass group denonciation of US imperialism and demand that the fascist Bush administration, its hirelings, servants, and henchmen be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.


Rob said...

Yep, it's Karl Rove at work again. The Master of All Evil Weather.

The Squid said...

"...bellicose belligerent bumbling bourgeois buffoons..."

Going through the english dictionary? Don't worry, you're almost 1/10 the way there. It gets hard once you get to letters E and S, good luck.

ototo said...

oh noes! it's baddie bush, come to destroy my country with an increase in rainfall!!

josh narins said...

You have missed it, Songun!

The true terrible, tortuous tangled (and typical) war-mongering Bush clique of capitalist, imperialist pigs have, in fact, moved the sun away from their so-called "allies" in Australia, South America and Australia.

In response to this move, the entire Southern Hemisphere had a "Praise the Juche Idea" party, lasting for seventeen days, where they all declared Kim Jong-il was their "Dear Leader."

Anonymous said...

You are doing a great job making yourself seem like a total ass unless you are doing this to make fun of the "real" haters. Good job then.

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Anonymous User, as Dear Leader often remarks "Truth can only hurt liars and US imperialists". Too bad for you that you are both.

!!WAKE UP!! said...

Winter on the west coast affected aswell as winter seems to steadily grow shorter and warmer the Pine Beatle's continue to spread like locusts eating the already heavily taxed lumber and pulp'n'paper industries. (Softwood Lumber Dispute) Which is simply put the taxation of freetrade. It seems all to convenient that the praries flood stunting the farm industries so shorty after the "Mad Cow Crisis" One cow locked up not allowed to be viewed by anyone but an american health inspector. Which lead to the closing of the American border to Canadian Beef. While american farmers crossed the border buying stock for pennies then making small fortunes on it in the States. It seems all to convenient, it would be no stretch of the imagination to believe that such a weapon is infact behind all of these coincidences. And is simply the next step in the United States latest attempt to economicly break Canada so it can be assimilated by the United States greedy Capitalist Imperialists government.

Anonymous said...

General Kim Jong Il is a shithead.