Thursday, April 26, 2007

Don't Forget Poland

President Kim Il Sung the Great Leader never forgot Poland. Under President Kim Il Sung and Comrade Jaruzelski, Poland and Korea enjoyed the deep close ties of socialist friendship.

Monday, April 23, 2007

True Face Of Amerikkka

Bush the criminal mental retard liar says "America is a decent country" but this is a bold-faced lie as this documentary clearly shows.

Amerikkka is the ugly country of warmongering capitalist US imperialism where criminal gangs of mimes roam the subway at will abusing cats and setting cars on fire.

It is a living hell under the police state oppression where even a roof under your feet is no protection from the wickedness of the genocidal nazi international jewry and their constant lawless brawlings and jaywalking, leaving no room for joy and hope.

A place where children suffer harshly under sex slavery of working in the secret Texas Halliburton salt mines hidden on the Bush ranch holding Klu Klux Klan meetings to promote hate and bigotry on a daily basis.

THIS is the True Face of Amerikkka.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Why They Are Hated

Who hasn't ever wondered why all world progressives hate the jews? It's because their wickedness and evil knows no bounds in committing the worst human rights abuses in humankind history.

The jews pull the strings of the world with control of the financial, banking, political, and media all over the world to make the peoples lives miserable, stealing children eardrums and walls to make cakes and profit.

This document from a French progressive documentary movie on jews shows how the Jews control traffic jams all over the world in a bid to make the peoples lives miserable so they can then lord it over and oppress the poor ethnic minority arab Palestinian progressive people. To watch this will open the eye of a new dawn upon you.

World progressives demand that the wicked zionists who are the worst human rights abusers in humankind history be tried and found guilty of crimes against humanity by the International Crimes Court at no delay.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

True Face Of "America"

Nazi rallies of hate, with full collaboration of the authorities, are a daily occurence in Amerikkka. Here is a Nazi rally in Olympia, USA.

USA = Nazis.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Views From Paradise

Lies propagated by the Bush clique-owned Pentagon-controlled amerikkkan so-called "media" spew the slanderous lies that the Korean people starve. This is obviously entirely false as the members of the reality-based community know very well since there are sweet potato available in the DPRK. There are even songs and music videos produced to glorify the sweet potato in the DPRK. No such endeavor is ever undertaken in the racist "USA".

This video clearly shows the reality of life in the DPRK where the comrades can eat sweet potato at will, thanks to the Juche-orientated man-based Korean-style socialist system chosen by themselves out of their own free will.

Long live the utopian socialist worker's paradise of Korean style! MANSE!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Let Us All Hate Amerikkka More!

All world progressives hate Amerikkka. Why? Because it is the correct outlook in life, and it is easy to dance to.

Hating Amerikkka is a good thing.

Death to America!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Amerikkka The Secret Nazi Satanic Cult

In this video Comrade David Icke the well-known oft-quoted british progressive scientific researcher uncovers the true face of Amerikkka as not only the country that the jews set up as a satanic cult (as shown in a previous video) to serve their wild ambitions of world conquest and genocide, but even more so evil as a NAZI satanic cult.

This is why the world hates the "US" and demand that the Bush clique of crazy cowboyish corporate capitalists and consumerists who are the worst human rights abusers in humankind history be forthwith indicted and found guilty of war crimes by the International Crimes Court with not the first delay.

Down with the NAZI Amerikkkan regime!

If you educate yourself, you will be free.