Saturday, July 02, 2005

US Imperialist War Criminals Unleash Weapon Of Mass Destruction On DPRK

The US imperialists of the Bush clique of criminal international war criminals, in their crazy mad illegal criminal bid to satisfy their neocon immoral appetite and guilty lust for world domination, have used the most criminaly insane and destructive means of bellicose means of aggressive destruction upon the Democratic People's Republic of Korea troughout its history in order to stifle it, a first stepping-stone towards world domination of the world under the bad evil criminal boot of dollar capitalism.

It started in 1945 when the Yankee US imperialist aggressors invaded the south of Korea, dividing it and setting up a puppet fascist nazi military dictatorship regime under the puppet Singman Rhee, murdering all who opposed the unjust criminal US imperialist rule of the US colonialists who lorded it over.

Then in 1950 they launched the criminal bellicose war of aggression against the north to conquer the whole of Korea to stifle, enslave and plunder it as a stepping-stone towards the realization of their fascist plans for world domination. They were ultimately soundly defeated by the mass heroism of the invincible Korean People's Army and grit and strength of the Korean people single-mindedly united as one under the flawless leadership of Great Leader Comrade Eternal President Kim Il Sung the Father of Korea, the most esteemed and admired statesman and military commander in world history. But during the war that they lost, the US imperialists made frantic desperate moves to exterminate the Korean people with weapons of mass destruction, launching a criminal germ warfare campaign in total violation of the Geneva Conventions that strictly forbids the use of weapons of mass destruction by the US imperialists.

Since then they, the criminal US imperialists of the Bush clique of vampiric warmongers and vampires afraid of the purifying rays of the Sun of Juche, have embarked on a wild criminal campaign of extermination of south Korean schoolgirls with their banned by international law armored vehicules, as well as using their illegal satellite-mounted laser to steal the Korean people's water, using their weather control machines to successively create droughts to ruin the people's crops and then to inflict hailstorms on the people's crops, heaping great devastation upon the agriculture of the DPRK in order to stifle it and its Juche-based socialist system freely chosen by its people and envied by all the peoples of the world.

This trend now continues with a new criminal bellicose offensive weather aggression by the US imperialists upon the DPRK as massive rainstorms wrought by the Bush clique of evil nazi fascists hit the land, reports the Korean Central News Agency :
DPRK Hit by Rainstorm

Pyongyang, July 1 (KCNA) -- Different areas of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea were hit by a strong wind and disastrous rainstorm. It rained heavily in Pyongyang, North and South Phyongan, North and South Hwanghae and South Hamgyong Provinces between 15:00 on June 30 and 06:00 on July 1.

The precipitation in the West Coast areas recorded 32 millimeters in Haeju, South Hwanghae Province, at minimum and 165 millimeters in Maengsan, South Phyongan Province, at maximum.

The rainfall was above 100 millimeters in Tokchon, Pukchang and Yodok, 71 in Kaesong and 60 in Hwangju.

For three hours from 18:00 on Thursday, it rained 115 millimeters in Tokchon, 110 in Maengsan, 88 in Pukchang, 78 in Thaechon , 48 in Pyongyang, 36 in Kusong and Jongju and 60 in Kumya, South Hamgyong Province.

The torrential rain coupled with a strong wind (more than 10 meters per second) has brought a severe damage to various economic sectors and people. The damage was serious as there was a heavy rain at night.

Officials of national and local institutions and people in the afflicted areas are now turning out in efforts to recover from the damage and investigate its correct amount.

This latest severe offensive attack upon the DPRK is proof that as long as the US imperialists remain free to roam, world peace can never be but an impossible dream. Therefore the progressives of the world join their voices and spirits with the Korean people demanding that the worst than Hitler Bush fascist and his entourage of nazi US imperialist worst war criminals in world history be brought before the International Crimes Court and be found guilty for war crimes against humanity.


Anonymous said...

You morons

Anonymous said...

I see Korea has the finest in mind altering drug's.....well done....

ps: I'm watching you oooooh

Anonymous said...

I assume this is satire?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like their "Great Leader" wrote it himself. Stupid NK Pricks.

Anonymous said...

Were you born this stupid or did you have to work at it?

Banner Of Songun said...

US imperialist dogs always glaringly reveal their true colors as they are nothing but a gaggle cluster of stupid uneducated ignorant louts bereft of morals and humanity.

For this crime the Korean people, armed with the invincible weapon of single-minded unity for Dear Leader's Songun Politics, will deal a thousandfold pre-emptive retaliatory blow to the US imperialists, their hirelings, puppets, and servants.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is a preemptive retaliatory blow? Does this come after, before or somehow both?

Advice: Look up "Run-on Sentence" in any good English grammar text. You could use a little refinement.

Anonymous said...

ROTFLMAO! This is the funniest shit I have read in a long, long time!

Mikul said...

Your bellicose statements of evil, hateful, bad feelings full of hate will only enrage the good, right, wonderful Bush who will fight you with the power of good in his tower of goodness from the height of his tower.

The people of the capitalistic paradise of The United States of America will counter your pre-emptive retalliatory blow with a first-strike retalitiation the like of which your pre-emptive nether regions have never seen.

Okay. My brain hurts writing like this.

David Batlle said...


what's the difference between a "hireling" and a "servant". Same thing, no?

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade David Battle, a hireling is a paid mercenary capitalist henchman contracted on an as-needed basis, while a servant is a full-time resident evil willing slave employee of the criminal US imperialist Bush clique of nefarious no-good nabobs.

You see the subtle nuanced difference?