Saturday, July 09, 2005

US Imperialists Military Strike Kill 10 Cuban Civilians

Once again the criminal vampiric US imperialists' mind warping criminal vampirism ran amok loose, taking full advantage of the world's attention being concentrated on the London so called "terror" bombings, to launch a military strike at the peaceful peace-loving proud indenpendant prosperous Cuban republic led by its great Leader President Fidel Castro in order to subjugate and stifle its socialist system freely chosen by its people out of their own free will, volition and choice.

Using once again their criminal weather control weapon of mass destruction to bring about massive mass-killings on a grand never seen before scale to the Cuban people, murdering ten innocent Cuban civilians in pure cold blood in typical US imperialist fashion, reports Reuters :

Hurricane Dennis kills 10 in Cuba, 22 in Haiti

HAVANA (Reuters) - Hurricane Dennis roared through the Caribbean on Friday, leaving 10 dead in Cuba and 22 in Haiti before aiming for Havana on a course toward the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, where oil rigs and vulnerable coastal areas were evacuated.

The storm weakened slightly as it crossed Cuba but the U.S. National Hurricane Center in Miami said Cuban meteorologists had reported a 149-mph (240 kph) gust that caused extensive damage in the city of Cienfuegos.

Cuban President Fidel Castro said Dennis had already killed 10 people as its outer bands brushed over Cuba's southeastern corner Thursday night. Storm fatalities are rare in Communist Cuba where the authorities can muster all state resources to evacuate hundreds of thousands from the path of hurricanes.

Most of the victims died in collapsed houses in Granma province, Castro said on state television. An 18-day-old baby was among those who died.

Using hurricanes to kill babies! Will the world ever wake up from the horrible nightmare that is US imperialism? The world will feel safe only when the criminal colonialist cowboy Bush clique of capitalist corporate consumerists and hawkish warmongers are tried for war crimes against humanity before the International Crimes Court. Impeachment will never be enough!

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Jonathan said...

"weather control weapon of mass destruction"

Ahh, we can but dream. I can think of a few countries I'd like to see such a device aimed at.

This site is great... adding you to my list alongside for ridiculous pseudo-news that can't be found anywhere else. Keep up the good work, you're hilarious!