Wednesday, May 25, 2005

US Imperialists Hoarding All The World's Water To Stifle The DPRK

As we have already discovered, the US imperialist Bush clique of dangerous out-of-control capitalist warmongering platypuses are stealing the world's water to fuel their insanely crazy war to steal the world's oil to profit Halliburton and the Carlyle group (as was brilliantly demonstrated in comrade Michael Moore's documentary Fahrenheit 9/11).

The extent of this crime against humanity is much more expansive than previously reported though, as is made abundantly clear by this report from the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development published in Medical News Today :

Global Food Demands Threaten to Outstrip World Water Supply

While many of today's rivers, lakes and groundwater reservoirs continue to be overexploited, a new report launched today by leading scientists at the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development warns that unless steps are taken to improve the way water is managed, twice the world's current water consumption may be needed by 2050...


Although the world produces more food than ever, it has come at a cost: the drastic reduction of water in a number of rivers and sinking groundwater levels around the world. There is no water flowing in the Yellow, Colorado and Indus rivers in large parts of the year. Previously large lakes, like the Aral Sea and the Chad Sea, are now mere shadows of their former selves. Around 1.4 billion people, nearly a quarter of the world's population, live near rivers where all of the available water is committed.


The report also examines the double-sided nature of the problem. In some parts of the world, supermarkets are overflowing with produce from all over the world. Literally, the shortage of food is a distant problem in this context. The problem is rather the opposite; overweight and obesity.


The ferocious demand for food and other resources from the North, together with the need to lift people from poverty in many parts of the developing world, lead to dramatic changes. The world is rapidly converting nature into agricultural land to meet growing demands, draining rivers of all water to produce food, and polluting water with pesticides and fertilizer.

Of course the report does not mention the capitalist US by name (for fear of retribution by the CIA henchmen of the Bush clique, no doubt), but the implied meaning is that, while they, the US aggressors, may publicize pictures of President Saddam Hussein in his underwear, it is they, the US warmongering criminals of the Bush clique of out-of-control vampires that are naked in the eyes of the world's progressives. The US capitalists are the world's largest consumers of everything, including water, so any report lambasting the over-exploitation of the world's water supply is automatically directed at the criminal Bush clique of retrograde degenerate consumerist warmongers.

As we can clearly see, the US imperialist warmongering consumerists of the Bush clique of criminal international gangsters have no qualms about hoarding all the world's water to sustain the US imperialists' need to be obese in a cruel scheme to stifle the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. But the desperate war-moves of the capitalist flunkeys are too apparent to escape the scrutiny of the world's progressives and we therefore demand that the Bush cowboy, a lout bereft of all morals and humanity, along with his henchmen, hirelings and servants be brought before the court for war crimes.

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Anonymous said...

Acutally, the Aral Sea was destroyed by your commie buddies, the USSR, who drained most of it to dry to grow cotton, a notoriously thirsty crop, in a desert. Living in a totalitarian dictatorship doesn't allow one to be widely read, I guess. You need to get out more.