Sunday, July 31, 2005

US Imperialists Commit Genocide In India

The criminal capitalist brigandish blood-thirsty Bush clique of warmongering lunatic crazy insane US imperialists, not content with only destroying the whole world with their criminal illegal immoral banned by international law weapons of mass total destruction, have now just commited genocide in India where they, the criminal sociopathic turpid unilateralist vampiric wolfish xenophobic yankee zealots, have once again brought death, despair, and destruction to peaceable polite peoples by murdering them in the many hundreds with inclement weather, relates the BBC :

India monsoon deaths rise to 800

The number of people killed in record monsoon rains in and around the Indian city of Mumbai (Bombay) has risen to more than 800.

This time, not only have the criminal US imperialist Weathermen bear down upon the innocent civilians with the full force of their criminal weapons, they have also used their propaganda powers to multiply the death tolls, spreading false rumors among the populace, the report mentioning that seventeen US imperialist CIA agents have been arrested for their criminal acts :

More than 300 of those killed died in Mumbai, 22 of them crushed to death in the stampede in the suburban shantytown of Nehru Nagar, in the north-west of the city.

Police there have arrested 17 people for alleged rumour-mongering.

"People died due to false rumours," RR Patil, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra state told the Associated Press news agency.

A second false rumour on Friday of an approaching cyclone forced Mumbai police to use loudspeakers to tell residents not to pay heed.

Weather officials said the rainfall in Mumbai on Tuesday - more than 65cm (26 inches) - was the heaviest recorded in India's history, causing havoc in a city known for its inadequate infrastructure.

The criminal Bush and his clique of trice-cursed henchmen Rumsfeld, Rove and Rice must have been smiling to themselves, eating so called "pop-corn" while watching the live feed from their so called "spy satellites" of dead children murdered by their criminaly insane lust for blood and oil, continues the BBC :

"It was terrible to pull out little babies from under boulders and mud," a firefighter told Associated Press.

"The very young and the old just didn't make it."

But why would Bush do something like that, one naive uniformed run-of-the-mill lambda citizen might ask? Appart from the fact that the US imperialists are the biggest war criminals in human history and Bush and his clique of monsters the worst human rights abusers and violators in world history, this criminal event can easily be tied to India's shift away from US imperialist colonial domination and deepening frienship with the DPRK, as evidenced by this article from the Pyongyang Times :

Songun politics study group formed in India

Recently an inaugural ceremony of the Indian group for the study of Songun politics was held in New Delhi.

It was attended by the secretary general of the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea, scholars and followers of the Juche Idea.

Saying that it is important to form the Indian group for the study of Songun politics to mark leader Kim Jong Il’s birthday, Secretary General Harish Gupta noted:

“Kim Jong Il has administered Songun politics and turned the DPRK into an impregnable socialist fortress despite the imperialists’ moves to isolate and stifle it. Songun politics serves as a powerful weapon for accomplishing the human cause of independence. Korean socialism will win victory after victory under his Songun revolutionary leadership in the future, too. We will deeply study unique Songun politics of Kim Jong Il that is attracting the keen interest of the international community and conduct positive activities to explain and introduce it.”

At the ceremony Dr. Sadhna Harish, who is the principal of Vivey Kananda College of University of Delhi, was elected chairman of the group.

A congratulatory message to the Korean leader was adopted at the ceremony.

And so, just for having a developping friendly relationship with the DPRK, bringing about a great upturn for the cause of world peace, the Indian people have been judged and found guilty by the criminal Bush clique and sentenced to extermination by genocide, which will not surprize the progressives of the world since the US imperialist cowboys have a wide experience in the matter of Indian genocide. This is a most gallingly grievious war crime against humanity.

Therefore, the progressives of the world demand that the Bush administration, the US imperialist military, its lackeys, puppets, hirelings and servants be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity.


josh narins said...

Dude, I swear.

The Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea doesn't exist.

They didn't have a meeting.

Rob said...

Just more damning evidence against the imperialist US. Thank you Banner, your service is much appreciated.

Gavriel said...

Absolutely awesome work here.

You are performing a most inspired and impressive service to the deluded peoples of the so-called west (who are actually in the east if they realized where the middle is). Your brilliant philosophies and writings will surely hasten the glorious victories and spread the uplifting influence of the Dear yadda yadda yadda Kim Jong Il.

My most meager efforts at bringing even a shred of information to the oppressed masses, attempting to convey with mere words and pictures the enormity of his greatness and hair are seen as futile now that I see the full perfection you have evinced here.

Please continue conquering the so-called "blogosphere" on behalf of the Juche ideal. I will watch and admire.

Jack's Shack said...

Monkeys, we are being invaded by monkeys.

Songun Politics RAAAWK! said...

Josh -- You're just saying that because you get your news from corporate-owned (and therefore hardcore right-wing) so-called "news" "media".

Progressives of the world are rising up as one, in a single unified outcry of ardent support for the military genius and Great Lodestar, photogenic and highly-esteemed Kim Jong-il, the Great Architect of the North Korean People's everlasting glory and salvation.

You're just jealous!

!!WAKE UP!! said...

NON-Fiction but dismissed as urban ledgend or completely unheard of in North America. Origionally an extension of the first steps towards the United States militarisation of space and orbital national defense system. Acvanced particle accelorator cannons or "Lasers" mounted to satellites in the Earths orbit. Monstrosities of technology created by the satists of the United States military reaserch and development program in the depths of the devils workshop were origionally engineered with the theory of shooting down missles in the "Unlikely Event" of a nuclear exchange. Upon experimental testing it was determined that this monstrosity not only scorches the outer ozone layer but acts as an electro magnet on the inner ionisphere with the ability to manipulate weather paterns.
Inconcievable but all too real, the United States shot a comet in another solar system with one of these "Weapons of Mass Total Destruction" earlier this June 2005. The twisted hellbent cruisade of World Domination appears to have twisted its ugly head once more as mans unstoppable greed and freekish coldhearted human nature emerge once more in the White Suppremest Propegandist and War Criminal George Herbert Walker Bush the 2nd.

America should be ashamed of themselves.
The American Dream will turn the Human Race into the Cancer of the Universe.

George Herbert Walker Bush the 2nd White Suppremest, Popegandist nd War Criminal speaks live on multicultural humanitarian issues...

Carlos said...

hey wake up,

now THAT'S great parody!!!

Anonymous said...

Weather war, it's here! Soon floods will sweep the Muslim lands. We must stop Bushler and his mad dreams of clouds and precipitation.

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SoldierofAcheron said...

Yeah i got a comment, all ur pics are crap because all you do is get a reporters picture of a soldier standing on the side of the road and suddenly label "look at the imperialist pig stand in the way of pedestrians on the sidewalk, how evil muhahahaha" if your leader is so great how come those who oppose end up silenced?...tough one eh. Well what about the fact every time you mention ur leader u have to use the word "great" its like ders nothing great about him he looks like a rotweiler. Seriously get some proper pictures instead of just taking some random pics off the net. U have a great idea and i respect you speak your mind, but get some facts before you try pass your lies onto the world

Human Development said...

To do justice to the Banner of Songun and to the great idea of Juche, it is advised that Harish Gupta and his wife Sadhna Harish are replaced from Songun and Juche forums and institutions by people with a good reputation in India. This husband-wife team is just sucking the honest blood of Korea like mosquitoes singing a pleasant whining tune. They are well known in the whole of Delhi University as totally corrupt schemesters. Harish Gupta used to teach at the College of Correspondence Studies, where he did hardly any work and constantly indulged in all kinds of skullduggery. He indulged in a wide range of criminal activities, ranging from kidnapping his neighbour's son to practicing Freemasonry with CIA agents in India and the USA.

Harish Gupta is known as a master manipulator who guided his wife Sadhna Harish into extreme corruption when she was a college principal in Delhi. It is said about him that he is just an opportunist and he can very quickly compromise truth and loyalties to gain his selfish interests. Friends of Korea better be more watchful in future. We only believe in the fundamental powers of Our Great Leader and Our Dear Leader.

It gives us sorrow to see an utterly opportunistic couple with old loyalties to the Imperialists jointly misusing the generosity of the Korean masses who are constantly toiling to rebuff Imperialism and cultural domination by a couple of big nations. The friends and the peoples of Korea should not suffer in the hands of such imposters. However, it could be an intelligent move by Our Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il to include such CIA informers into DPR-Korea, so that the Koreans have control to the spying activities of the CIA and other imperialists; and the imperialist agents are shown whatever the Great Leader wanted them to see and all the time, the Western spies will exult in their access to DPR-Korea!!

But, the way Harish Gupta is threatening gentle Indian people about his Korean influence and power is not very helpful in developing a good impression about DPR-Korea, whose people are hosting him for years with their hard-earned resources and luxuries. He makes people believe in India that he can get anybody eliminated because he has the military might of the North Korean State behind him; this is a very bad approach for the reputation of the self-reliant dignified people of DPR-Korea, who never attacked any country in their history.

Anonymous said...

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Zerocyde said...

rofl, this is the only blog I read. I normally hate blogs, but this one is just so funny that I can't help but love it! I mean, it's just like a real North Korean was writing it! SUCH great parody!