Friday, July 08, 2005

Japanese Militarists Should Apologize For Their Crimes

The war criminal-worshipping reactionary Japanese militarists of the Koizumi clique of US imperialists' puppet lapdogs should apologize for their crimes against the Korean people over the "abduction issue" as it proves their total disregard for law, basic human rights and decency declares the Korean Central News Agency in a scathing article scolding the reactionary Japanese militarists for their most criminal behavior :

KCNA Presses for Japan's Sincere Apology and Compensation

Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries have become persistent in their attempts to internationalize the "abduction issue." Suffice it to recall what Japanese Foreign Minister Machimura said at the recent meeting of foreign ministers of G-8 nations.

Bringing forward the "abduction issue" again there, he urged the international community to "jointly handle the issue of north Korea's human rights abuse."

This is part of the anti-DPRK ruckus kicked up by the Japanese reactionaries in their bid to internationalize the "abduction issue" and create an atmosphere of pressure upon the DPRK and a foolish attempt to cover up their past crimes.

The "abduction issue" much touted by Japan has already been settled with the publication of the DPRK-Japan Pyongyang Declaration and through two visits to Pyongyang by the Japanese prime minister and the DPRK has done what it should do in this regard.

This is a hard fact but Japan is crying over the "abduction issue" even in the international arena outside Japan. This clearly shows how far their impudence and moral vulgarity have reached.

Japan has already been recorded as the world's biggest war criminal state with the worst record of abduction cases for the hideous anti-human crimes it had committed against Koreans and other Asian people in the past century.

Yet, it does not bother to kidnap and abduct people of other countries, staging one "abduction" drama after another stunning the world people. The Japanese reactionaries' abduction of DPRK citizens, in particular, is well organized and premeditated in its scale and nature and most dastardly and malicious in its means and methods.

Japanese woman residing in the DPRK An Phil Hwa revealed detailed facts in this regard before domestic and foreign reporters after her return to the DPRK in April.

It is the height of sarcasm for Japan to talk about the DPRK's "abduction issue," as it is a master hand in abduction with a century-long criminal record.

Japan was and is the assailant and the DPRK the victim as regards the "abduction issue."

Japan has played wicked games to politicize and internationalize the "abduction issue", raising a terrific outcry over it whenever an opportunity presented itself. But this is nothing but a clumsy trick of a brutal assailant to paint himself as an innocent "victim" and thus cover up his crimes and evade the settlement of the past.

Japanese warmongering snake puppet dictator Koizumi and his clique of nazi fascist reactionary Japanese militarists caught on film doing the nazi German fascist salute.


josh narins said...

That's not the nazi salute, which is open-palmed, not close-fisted.

Banner Of Songun said...

"No one is more deaf than a willing blind" Dear Leader once wisely said. The reactionary fascists japanese militarists closed fist so their nazi salute would not look like a nazi salute, but it is.