Friday, July 22, 2005

While Dear Leader Defends Cause Of Juche, World Progressives Praise Him Sincerely

Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il

Putting military matters at the forefront of state affairs with his invincible Songun Politics, Dear Leader protects the man-centered Juche-based Korean Motherland against the bellicose agressive criminal US imperialists with infinite brilliant military leadership, as he went on to inspect a unit of the invincible Korean People's Army, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Kim Jong Il Inspects KPA Unit

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission, inspected KPA Unit 2653. After going round the room devoted to the history of the unit, he said the unit has grown to be matchless combat ranks under the wise leadership and meticulous care of President Kim Il Sung.

He learned about the unit's performance of duty before watching servicepersons' training.

He was satisfied to learn that all the servicepersons of the unit have been trained as a-match-for-a-hundred fighters fully prepared politically, ideologically and physically and in military technique to firmly defend the socialist homeland.

Watching the thick woodland around the barracks, he praised its servicepersons for having carefully planted and tended lots of trees of various species with ardent patriotism.

He taught ways of turning their compound into a wooded area under a long-term plan. He learned about how the political work is conducted at the unit, looking round the servicepersons' hall, a library, a broadcasting room and other entertainment facilities. Examining the diverse visual aids for education on display in the servicepersons' hall, he said the People's Army is conducting any political work in a unique manner to suit the mentality and emotion of the soldiers.

Such forward-looking and revolutionary work style as steadily creating something and making innovations without even a moment's stagnation and marking time constitutes a proud tradition consistently preserved by our army, the standard-bearer and a shock force for the Songun revolution, he noted.

He took deep care of the servicepersons' living, going round a mess hall, a kitchen, a non-staple food store and other logistic facilities.

Looking at the menu on display in the mess hall and materials for preparing side-dishes on the meshwork stand with keen attention, he underscored the need to serve plenty of fresh food to the soldiers engrossed in the training without having time enough to dry their uniforms wet with perspiration in the sultry summer days.

He had a photo session with the servicepersons of the unit.

Meanwhile in Venezuela, the brotherly socialist country led by progressive President Hugo Chavez scoring remarkable victories over the aggression of the US imperialist warmongers, Dear Leader's great body of works where published, the Korean Central News Agency informs us :

Kim Jong Il's Famous Work Published in Venezuela

Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- Leader Kim Jong Il's famous work "On the Fundamentals of Revolutionary Party Building" was brought out in booklet on July 9 by the Cantaclara Publishing House in Venezuela. The work, published on Oct. 10, Juche 81(1992), clarifies a historic lesson drawn from building socialist ruling parties, fundamental principles of the Juche-oriented revolutionary party building and the issue of strengthening internationalist unity and solidarity among the revolutionary parties.


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