Monday, August 08, 2005

US Imperialists Enemy Of Children

The US imperialists, the big bad burly brawny brutes of dollar capitalism are the enemy of children worldwide and in Korea reveals Asia News :

Seoul: Nearly 4,000 children disappear each year

Seoul (AsiaNews) – The South Korean government and police have pledged to step up their campaign to trace lost children and they have announced a new law to combat the problem.

On 1 August last year, Kim Geun-tae, Health and Welfare Minister, and Huh Joo-young, Commissioner-General of the national police force, officially called on citizens to collaborate by drawing attention to the disappearance of children.

Every year, around 3,000 children are lost in the country. In 2000, there were 3,821 cases; 3,076 in 2001; 2,871 in 2002; 3,206 in 2003; 4,064 in 2004. The figure for the six months of this year is 1,363. Fifty-five children among all these have been missing for a long time.

It's quite self-evidently obvious to anybody who is not insane or complicit that these children are kidnapped by the criminal US imperialist occupation army brutalizing the Korean people in south Korea. Proof of that is that while there are not one single lone US imperialist soldier in the DPRK, no children go missing.

We can further see evidence of that in Iraq where US imperialist soldiers are often seen handing out candy to Iraqi children, luring them inside their criminal banned by international law armored vehicules to snatch them away, selling the children to Israeli zionist interests for organ harvesting. This was shown to be true on Iranian TV during the broadcast of the "Zara's Blue Eyes" series.

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Smoking gun : US imperialist soldiers luring poor Iraqi children inside their armored vehicule to kidnap them. Such cruelty never happenned under the wise benevolent leadership of President Saddam Hussein.

This latest US imperialist crime of the Bush clique of power-hungry blood-thirsty war-crazed nefarious lycantropic maniacs prooves once more that as long as they remain in power, the world is at great risks of nuclear anihilation. Therefore the progressives of the world demand that the Bush administration, its hirelings and servants, be brought before the International Crimes Court to be tried for war crimes against humanity.


Lord Pleasant said...

My Dear, Dear Boy,
I fear you err. The urchins of Iraq are kidnapped to serve the jaded passions of the British aristocracy. This is why the grounds of our stately abodes are planted with dense bushes.

I should like to assure American readers that the latter are wholly unconnected with your esteemed President.

Toodle Pip!

Songun Warrior said...

You can see the little tot is making the "Satan rocks" gesture, as a means of surreptitiously telling readers in America that the soldiers are the devil personified. The two upraised fingers also signify the fallen so-called Twin Towers of the so-called World "Trade" "Center", with the gap in-between these two fingers representative of the gap in income between Bush's unelected junta and the remaining oppressed peoples of the world.

Such a young feller, but his act of heroism will bring the vampiric Frankensteinian Bush regime down, as progressives of the world will rise mightily as one in praise and adulation of [yadda-yadda] Kim Jong-il.

doctor_mengele said...

So, the truth comes out. The Limey Lunchpail Conspiracy is alive and well and depriving Americans...hard working tax paying americans...the organs that we richly deserve to harvest from these little rice-huffing malnourished monkeys.

We americans feel that it is only fair that since we provide 90% of the consumable foods for the Democratic Peoples Welfare State of Koreastan, that we should be able to harvest the occluded eyelid offspring of our midget asian servants.

How dare you propose to deny us this right. As soon as I get my new kidney from this little monkey, I'm coming to Koreastan to whoop some rice burner ass.

Anonymous said...

i think those kids like hard rock, that one little kid looks like a head banger. Try listening to Motely Crew Sometimes THEY ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, stop your foolish propoganda aginst the west.
I'm really sorry for the north korean people - so mind blinded and druged with lies ....
Do some kind of a revolution and take your leader down - DOWN !!!!
He is bad to you - he is not talking to you and you dont know anithing about him but still you love him - it creeps me out.

I wish one day you will understand how misarable you really are.


Anonymous said...

you are a crazy person that extorts pictures to make them seem however you want...