Sunday, July 03, 2005

Celebrate US Independance Day The Proper Way

From the progressive good friends and comrades at Indymedia comes this suggestion for US citizens on how to properly celebrate the 4th of July, the national US imperialist holiday :
This July 4th is Flag Burning Day!

Every summer good Americans don their best red white and blue, and gorge themselves on beer and hotdogs to celebrate our independence from England, but from its very beginnings this country has been built on illegitimacies. The Indians helped the first few pilgrims to survive on thanksgiving and in return the colonialist settlers massacred the natives, stole their land and declared themselves sovereign. The “Fore Fathers” were the colonial American elite; they were among the richest men in the new country. The British King restricted them from taking some Indian land, so they revolted promising many of the soldiers large parcels of land in payment for fighting. Perhaps the slave holding founders had noble intentions when they constructed a system of governance that limited its own power, but even before its independence the state was just the strong-arm of big business. And since then the government has only grown more and more coercive in its aim of imposing American corporate interests everywhere it can around the world, so when the leaders talk about how “Independence Day” is all about freedom and democracy it reeks of hypocrisy. July 4th has only ever symbolized the independence of the New World royalty. So on this Fourth of July we call on you to express your feelings on their “Independence Day” by burning a flag in a nationally coordinated action. Together we will show the elite that we are everywhere and that we completely reject the false principals this holiday is based on.

Please spread this message far and wide. Stay tuned to the regular channels for more information. To endorse this call, help organize or just speak your mind, check out the listserv :

Indeed, the 4th of July is celebrated everyday in the DPRK, where the children know what is evil.


Chip said...

You don't need to go to the movies to find brainwashed zombies any more. Or, great satire, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

you cant pay someone enough to write satire this ridiculous.

how many have starved in DPRK the last ten years? the country is in one of the worst states of decay of any asian country and the murderous 'dear leader' is a megalomaniacal kook with a 3cm dick compensated for by 'No Dong' missiles!

Anonymous said...

communist death toll: 100m+

plus a few derranged nuts spewing double-speak like 'banner'

Lizard Minion said...

THIS HAS to be a PAID lackey of the NK Foreign Intelligence Service. Unless it is Satire, how could anyone fall for such obvious bullshit!

DearLeaderSucks said...


Wiping the coke (AKA: Neo Imperialist Cola) off the screen after that!

Banner Of Songun said...

We will see who gets the last laugh when Hawai is turned into a lake of fire courtesy of a "no dong" missile, US imperialist.

josh narins said...

Um, wise commenters on Songun-Blog...

Banner of Songun is actually anti-DPRK. This is a satire blog, an attempt to mock the US left, and those who criticize the Bush administration.

See, at one level, the DPRK and the US critics of the Bush administration often make the same critiques.

Loonies often say that if you are on the left, you are obviously pro-Communist, which means (by extension) supportive of "communist" regimes.

Being on the left doesn't mean this, in any sense. Leftists who want to do away with all Republican features of the US government (the freedom to dissent, for instance) might feel this way, but I've never heard of any of them.

Carlos said...


why am I not surprised to find you here.