Saturday, July 30, 2005

US Imperialists Responsible For All Korean War Deaths, Division

US imperialists once again are shown as the naked aggressor worst war criminals in human history as a patented south Korean academic scholar, Kang Jeong-ku, a sociology professor at Dongguk University, blames all the deaths from the Korean War on the evil criminal bellicose US imperialist warmongering enemies of humanity, noting that without their involvement in the war it would have ended within a month and the Peninsula would be a united Korea today :

Professor condemns U.S. military's role in Korean War

A Korean professor's web-based newspaper column is causing controversy after he wrote on Wednesday that without the U.S.'s intervention, the Korean War would have ended earlier and suffered fewer casualties.

Kang Jeong-ku, a sociology professor at Dongguk University, wrote on an Internet newspaper that casualties during the Korean War were so high because U.S. military forces intervened unnecessarily with the civil war and slaughtered innocent civilians.

"If the U.S. had not have intervened in the civil war which was intended to unite the two Koreas ... the war would have ended in a month and the causalities would have reached less than 10.000," Kang wrote on the Daily Surprise.

During the war between 1950-53, about 1 million people were either killed or injured. Before the war, the South and North were separated after the U.S and the former Soviet Union took charge of each country.

In 2001, Kang was prosecuted on charges of violating the National Security Law after leaving a pro-North message in the visitor's notes at Mangyeongdae, the birth home of former North Korea's dictator Kim Il-sung. The 60-year-old professor was later released on bail.

Kang has also sided with left-wing activists who are calling for a statue of General Douglas McArthur, a U.S. forces leader during the Korean War, to be dismantled in the western port city of Incheon.

"MacArthur is not a person who saved Koreans' lives, but an enemy who snatched away Koreans' lives." Kang has said.

See? Without the US imperialists' meddling the war would have ended quickly, less people would have died during it, and Koreans would not be separated in two opposing countries but all living in one Korea under the Banner of Songun held aloft by the harmoniously muscular arm of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, a crime for which the criminal US imperialists must pay a thousandfold.


PJBottoms said...

You claim the Korean War caused a million killed or injured, for which the "US imperialists must pay a thousandfold." Are you claiming that the US must suffer a billion casualties? Sounds a bit harsh, but then left-wingers are a bloody-minded lot.

Kira Zalan said...

It is clear - North Korea is delusional. Apparently, it has dreams of taking the place of the Soviet Union simply by opposing the West. The delusion is manifest in their imagination of themselves to be of any significant importance in the world (economically, politically or culturally), as the Soviet Union certainly was.

David said...

"...a crime for which the criminal US imperialists must pay a thousandfold."

dude, you need to eat first. Get some chicken in you or something, then talk to me about revenge.

Anonymous said...

The Imperialists and their zionist running dogs will drown in a sea of blood.

Mr_Dubya said...

Communistic Welfare State Puppets!
Kim Jong Il the midget tyrant of the Peoples Welfare Republic of Starvation will smite you!

As soon as Fearless Leader Kim can find a market for the rice, wheat and poultry that the world has given him to feed the starving millions in the Peoples Outhouse of Koreaville, The Most Exalted Bad Hairpiece leader will sell these tainted imperialist food stores and purchase bicycle powered Intercontinental Rice Burner Missiles!

Oh, a firey death upon the Imperialists and their lackeys in the west when the exalted Leader of the Rice Pack brings death down from the skies upon you.

Unless of course, you capitulate and promise to send us TV Dinners, Hairdressers and say nice things about us in the press.

This is your final warning!

PS - Plesae hurry, winter is coming and Korea is as cold as a People Republics Well Diggers Ass.

Anonymous said...

Well, I knew this Blog was to good to be true. I have found the first error in Juche philosophy posted here. This has convinced me that this site is indeed not an authentic North Korean site, but instead a very convincing and hilarious farce. The error? All good North Koreans know that Kim Il Sung was quite upset about the division of his country by the evil US dictatorship, but they also know that the Korean War was started soley by the unprovoked invasion of the North by millions of US tyrants who were savagely beaten back by brave farmers with shovels and hoes. The hoes spread disease while the shovels were very scary to the well armed and overfed American GIs. This is no BS, every North Korean really believes that the war was started by a US invasion- they were a happy land filled with flowers and puppy dogs (roasting an an open flame) before the US got greedy and pushed north from their massive base in Soeul (about 45 military advisors at the time). Forget about the Pusan perimeter and the Incheon landings- they never happened. . . . . So, nice try, hilarious blog site, very authentic looking and incredible reproduction of ass backwards North Korean logic, but the US didn't intervene in a civil war, they started a war with a peaceful and benevolent country via a direct invasion of the north- every good brainwashed juche cult member knows that . . . . . . .
excellent reproduction right up to that point.

Banner Of Songun said...

Where do you get this farcical notion of "inconsistency" comrade?

We report the words of south Korean professor Kang Jeong-ku to the effect that the US imperialists are the criminals who snatched away the lives of Koreans, dividing Korea for their hegemonical aims.

The US imperialists meddled in internal Koreans affairs to prevent the reunification with their criminal unprovoked bellicose war of aggression.

That's what the professor means and that's also what the Songun Blog means.

There is never any failings or contradictions in Juche philosophy. never.