Monday, July 04, 2005

Songun Thoughts On US Imperialist 4th Of July

Today is July 4th. It is just an ordinary day for the masses of the peoples of the world who went to work on this Monday morning, their heart full of revolutionary spririt, fervor, and zeal for the realization of the building of a great prosperous powerful independant country and the peaceful reunification of the Korean nation under the Banner of Songun held aloft by Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the great marxist theoretician, brilliant statesman, political genius and invincible strategist leading the Korean people onwards in a never ending uninterrupted string of formidable dashing brilliant victories against the pernicious warmongering of the US imperialist Bush clique of aggravated mentally deranged capitalist warmongers and their nefarious recurring plots to stifle, invade, and enslave all Koreans as a stepping stone towards their crazy mad wild dream of world domination reminescent of an earlier nightmare previouly wrought upon humanity in past history.

But today is different in the so called "United States" of America, the black tar-smeared filthy cradle of consumerist bourgeois US imperialism that is the baneful enemy of all peace-loving peoples of the world. The 4th of July is known to the evil US imperialist criminal spotted hyenas as the so called "Independance Day". This is the day upon which they celebrate their immoral lustful depravity and insatiable thirst for criminal bellicose wars of aggression in full militarist regalia and jingoistic ethnic-centered hyper-nationalism reminescent of a past tragic dark painful chapter of human history.

On this day, three hundred million US imperialist so called "Americans" will gorge themselves with enough food to feed 300 million starving Africans -and this mere hours after an unprecedented effort by world progressive artistes to feed said Africans, but unfortunately the Africans are black and the US imperialist society that was build on slavery is intensely racist- in an orwellian scheme to "remember" the sacrifices of their so called "Founding Fathers" to bring about their so called "Independance" which was nothing less than the inauspicious foreboding beginning of a murderous rampaging spree of US imperialist debauchery.

So, instead of looking themselves in the mirror and realize just how mindlessly ugly the vampiric zombified werewolfish US imperialists are in the eyes of the world's peoples as a first step towards redeeming themselves and finally end their illegal immoral nazi fascist brutal murderous military genocidal occupation of south Korea, they, the Bush clique-worshipping fascist US imperialists castigated by the entire world as the worst human rights abusers in world history, will just hold militarist parades, fly their trice-cursed flag over their gross fat obese obnoxious bellies full of the food they have stolen from the oppressed peoples of the world, and feel good about it.

Meanwhile, the peoples of the world, disgusted by the vile coarse grotesque foul spectacle of the over-fed, over-weight over-aggressive US imperialists, will look towards the bright gleaming light of the rays of Hope emanating from the Immortal Sun of Juche, looking with great envy and admiration at the invincible heroic Songun leadership exploits of the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il leading the Juche-based man-centered socialist perfect society single-mindedly united as one in complete harmony with the Leader and total undying loyalty for him, and they will wish wholeheartedly for the day when they too, just like the free independant properous powerful country that is the utopian socialist workers paradise of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea moving along the sacred path of Songun Politics, can live in freedom and happiness, secure in their lives.

The 4th of July in the US is a celebration of murder and war crimes against humanity. In the DPRK it is a normal glorious day full of blissful joy and never ending happiness that Dear Leader provides to the Korean people.


!!WAKE UP!! said...

I couldn't agree more. Every word speaks untold truths. From the first day of the United States Independance its system of government and foundations have been savage hipocricies and illigitamicy's. Not to mention the fact that their entire history has been twisted to comemorate grotesque crimes against humanity, somehow turning the oppressors into hero's as they have continued to expand their borders and economy through the abuse of military force.
Believe me when I say that most of Canada's hearts are with those that defend their freedom. Despite what you may hear and see the majority of our nation despises the "War Criminals" known as the United States Government and their "War Hawks" who bring famine to nations of lesser financial independance. America is a Lie, the only people who don't know it are its mentally troubled citizens.

Grammarian said...

So let me get this straight-
on July 4th, 300 million Americans ate enough food to feed 300 starving Africans?
By the way, on that same day, 3 million Kazakhs ate enough to feed 3 million Brazilians.
20 million Pakistanis ate enough to feed 20 million Italians...
But somehow, americans eating the same amount as Africans would eat (and they actually do) is considred gluttiony?

Of course it would be in North Korea, where one village of so called 'starving Africans' eats enough to feed the entire population of North Korea, at least at the meagre rate that they are doled out food by their government, which hoards most of the food for the Army and elites.

Truly, North Korea is in no position to comment on the food consumption habits of its major food donor, without whose gracious and selfless philanthropy, more North Koreans would be dying of government imposed starvation than already do.

josh narins said...

!!wake up!! is a very unusual character.

He made a comment on my blog, but he made a comment on a post that doesn't exist. I don't know how he did it.

I doubt it was a bug in Haloscan.

But, !!wake up!! is obviously silly. Americans eat more calories/day than any other people, and July 4th is usually a reasonably gluttonous day.

Then again, this is a parody blog, so you have to take it with a grain of salt.
Or a dash of salt.

Natan said...

I have an old flag and I am looking for information on its history. It looks like it is some sort of novelty flag related to an old "order" of sometype. Anyways, just looking around to see if I can get lucky.
--iraq flag

Anonymous said...

Just look at the pictures used,
LOL I smell brainwash.
Get some education first, before you try to tell how the world should work.

johndoe said...

Something tells me that this blog was propganda created by someone within the NK communist party.

Any leader who lets his people starve and die in concentration/labor camps for speaking against the government while he lives a life of luxury is truly evil.