Friday, July 22, 2005

Latest "Terror Bombings" In London Proven To Be A Bush War Crime

The latest so called "terror bombings" that suddenly struck the still sleepy English capital London yesterday morning is the very latest war crime hideously perpetrated by the criminal US imperialist Bush clique of heartless hawkish hegemonists at the behest of criminal mastermind puppeteer Karl Rove.

This can easily be verified as modern socialist psychology teaches us that such criminal culprits unknowingly always leave hidden clues at the scene of their gastly acts of blown out barbarous behaviour just like the way mentally deranged psychotic anti-social serial killers deliberately, but not on purpose, leave clues leading the investigators directly to themselve in subcounscious hopes of getting caught.

Here are the facts relayed by the world media today :

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd Bush have all been targeted including a bomb detonated on a bus in Hackney.

Now, look closely at the Kew Words' First Letters:

Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd Bush have all been targeted including a bomb detonated on a bus in Hackney.

White House

Oval Office

W. Bush



Isn't that a chilling (and scathing) indication of guilt of the Bush White House in this criminal act by itself? This is very blatant proof that this terrorist act was masterminded from the White House, the order being signed by George W. Bush himself in the Oval Office.

But wait! That is not all! We still need to know who actually carried out this most evil deed. Fortunately, a well-trained sophisticated intellectually muscular nuanced and urban progressive using the scientific method of dialectical materialism can easily find that out too.

If we take the W and flip it upside down, we get M. Now, if we re-use the O like for Oval Office, and add the S from Street and the S from Shepherd, we get MOSS.

MOSS, like the first syllable of Mossad! Et voilĂ !

So this terror attack is a White House plot ordered by George W. Bush in the Oval Office and carried out by secret Mossad undercover unnamed anonymous agents!!!

And of course, the letters S and S can be coupled together to make SS, which completes the evil circle by tying in the Nazis in this as the US imperialists are the fascists of the New World Order and George W. Bush the Hitler of the new millenium.

So now that the culpability of the montrous US imperialist Bush vampiric terrorist werewolf has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt the progressives of the world demand that he, his cabinet, henchmen, hirelings, accomplices and servants, be brought before the International Crimes Court for war crimes against humanity. To demand anything less would be complicit in US imperialist terrorism.


Delving more deeply into the significance of letter-clues left at the crime scene, we have discovered more evidence of a criminal capitalist conspiracy, namely three important axis :

1- If we take the letters MOSS and spin them in a block by two half-turn going clockwise we obtain the word SSOW or more precisely sow, which is a pig and in the Islamic faith the pig is considered an impure animal that the devout must never come into contact with! This means that by no stretch of the imagination could real Muslims have taken part in the alleged so called "terror bombing"!

2- Having disculped all Muslims from this heinous crime we then directed our attention again to the word SSOW. Indeed, we have noted that once rotated as previously done, the word MOSS in fact turns into ZZOW due to the inversion of the letter S. Having also noted that the W and B of Bush's initials had been already used, it left out the letter G of George. As it would be totaly insane to discount this important letter we used it to replace the W in ZZOW which gave us ZZOG, or more precisely, ZOG. Since all progressives know for a fact that ZOG stands for the Zionist Occupational Government that is the real power behind the White House throne this clearly reveals Karl Rove as the mastermind pulling all the strings in this operation.

3- A Comrade pointedly noted that it was unsure wether or not Karl Rove is Jewish and that therefore ZOG could not possibly prove entirely Zionist control trough this particular vessel. But after further study we discovered the conclusive evidence, or the final nail in the coffin so to speak. Using the letter A from OvAl and re-using the letter S from Street we discovered the initials A.S. or more precisely Ariel Sharon!

So this concludes the Songun Blog investigation into the July 21 "terror bombing" in London. All evidence points directly and clearly proves that the crime was a Zionist Occupational Government plot hatched by Ariel Sharon (a well-known infamous war criminal himself) using Karl Rove to have George W. Bush sign an executive order in the White House's Oval Office to mount a fake so called "terror bombing" in London carried out by Mossad agents!

The truth is always out there and a true progressive will always find it if he or she looks in the place, using the proper invincible marxist-leninist scientific method of dialectical materialism.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work, you are bloody hilarious!

Anonymous said...

It's finally beginning to make sense. I'm going to re-read the "Protocols". Thank you Dear Leader.

Carlos said...

That kinda makes sense.

Da Man said...

What about Karl Rove?