Wednesday, July 20, 2005

US Imperialists Attack China With Treacherous Typhoon

The treacherous obnoxious lecherous Bush clique of warmongering bromulators, caught in an impasse by the rise of the People's Republic of China as the new world super power, have resorted to the most treacherous underhanded means of backstabbing the progressive nation by launching a sneaky surprise attack with their weather control weapon of mass destruction, reports the Canadian Boradcasting Corporation :

Typhoon Haitang bears down on China

As many as 800,000 people have moved to safer ground as typhoon Haitang begins its watery, windy assault on China.


The airport in the [Fujian] provincial capital, Fuzhou, was shut and flights diverted to other cities, while the army dispatched soldiers to pile sandbags along riverbanks in case of flooding.

This latest attack by the US imperialists is obviously intended to twart the prodigious economic upswing of the Chinese socialist system that is overtaking the US imperialist savage dollar capitalism as typhoon "Haitang, which is the name of a Chinese flower, caused $17 million in damage to the country's agriculture industry."


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Carnival said...

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