Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Free Socialist Health Care Model Of DPRK

In Amerikkka the disgusting country of fat pigs only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Soros and the Jew McCain can receive health because in the profit-driven capitalist society the law is made in such a way that only the super rich multi-billionaires such as the Jew Bush or the Jew Palin have enough money to buy health from the Big Pharma capitalist monster-like robber-barons.

This leave the multitude of the popular masses to be left to fend for themselves, throwing their babies down into wells for want of health in the capitalist society of exploitation of the poor ethnic minority black negro African children in Somalia by the the criminal capitalist Bush clique of murderous killer fascist warmongering so-called White "House" at the behest of the international jewry.

But in the DPRK, under the flawless leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the World Hero respected by all World Progressive Thinkers, the popular masses of the people live in the joy of the most free country in the world, Socialist Korea, the Korea of Juche.

Juche Korea is the most free country in the world. Education is free and Health is also free. The free Health Care model of socialist Korea where all the comrades help and lead each other to build the powerful prosperous country with the single-minded unity of love and worship of Kim Jong Il the Great Man, is the model which even the capitalist countries are trying to adopt and imitate.

Even in Amerikkka the new president has decided to import and impose the Free Socialist Health Care Model of DPRK to the so-called United "States". This proves once again that the Korean people were right to choose the Juche Idea of President Kim Il Sung and the superiority of the Korean-style socialist system they have chosen for themselves out of the volition of their own free will with no coercion over the inferiour jew-controled capitalist system of profit-driven capitalist jaywalking.

Once more, Leader Kim Jong Il is the Superior Leader. The Victorious Leader. MANSE!!!


Unknown said...

You're insane, you know that, right?

Seriously, check yourself into an asylum.

Unknown said...

Either that or fucking genius. If this is satire the guy is a master.

Songun=crapola said...
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Songun=crapola said...

These videos are 20 fucking years old. I know you don't know what really goes on, people are starving and being sent to prison camps. You probably live in a comfortable Pyongyang home, much unlike everyone else in the country, probably because your father is a senior party member. Your KNCA government-owned propaganda newspaper feeding you bullshit about how North Korea is a paradise. Guess what? It's not, there are prison camps, we can even see them on google earth. There is starvation and poverty, I've seen footage that your dumbshit travel guides didn't know that tourists were filming. They show a barren and dead landscape, starving people, and nothing but dilapidated buildings and torn roadways. Scenes shot away from the fucking tourist facade that Pyongyang is.


All videos are too old. I think that he is dead already :))))


He wrote: "...Education is free and Health is also free..."


Jim said...

It's time the DPRK sent a film crew to the U.S. and tour the Native American reservations, the squalid trailer parks, and burned-out cities where factories and textile mills once existed. It's time for America to be shamed into minding its own dirty laundry before it goes about criticizing others.

I have no doubt that the DPRK's propaganda flicks are not realistic but, the North Koreans are a Confucian society with a Juche overlay. It is impossible to compare modern America to the DPRK and reconcile what each considers to be a free society. Post-modern America celebrates chaos and the law of the jungle. The DPRK celebrates its sovereignty, clean culture, homogeneity, and social discipline which provides a security and cohesion not known in today's America.

unnumbered particle said...


If that is what Juche is, then that is all the more evidence that Juche is not revolutionary science. Authentic communist society does not celebrate homogeneity and social discipline. In authentic communist society, the workers create their own society, and know no bounds of race or ethnicity.

unnumbered particle said...

Also, how can correct revolutionary science condone or promulgate some of the vile anti-Semitic sentiments that are voiced in this blog post? Are you not aware that Comrade Lenin completely disapproved of the anti-Semitism of the reactionary regime of Tsar Nicholas II and disbanded it, and that some of the most heroic workers' leaders, such as Comrade Luxemburg and Comrade Trotsky, were of Jewish descent? In authentic communist society there is no room for hatred of anyone based on his ethnic or racial background.

Jim said...

Comrade Matt,

I'm sure your motives in analyzing Juche in the light of Marxism-Leninism are well-intentioned. However, in today's world, political labels aren't reliable because the language is corrupted. What some think to be "socialist" is really a fraudulent deception put up by the Rockefellers, the various globalist foundations, and the CIA.

Karl Marx was working with a European audience and certain social norms existed in his mind. I contend that Marx would not support globalization and integration of incompatible groups once he saw the real reason behind it. That reason being to create turmoil in the masses so they will not resist the plutocratic tyranny that is coming down hard right now.

I will not buy the idea that Balkanization is a communist ideal. It does not serve the workers, it does not serve social justice, and it certainly does not make for a healthy state. Homogeneity, to the greatest extent possible, makes a stable foundation for a successful socialist state. The DPRK would have collapsed long ago without the strength and inherent harmony of its homogeneous population. Socialism respects indigenous cultures yet encourages all men to interact as equals under socialism. Capitalism exploits differences and the oligarchs profit from incompatible groups warring with one another.

What you are endorsing is a sabotaged form of communism that serves the plutocrats. Plutocrats love mixing populations and tearing down barriers which creates insecurity and strife. Both are highly profitable fears to exploit! They bend over backwards to inculcate a sloppy libertinism in the people so they can be arrested and fill up the private for-profit prison system. Strawman arguments are created and the above evils are called "socialist" in the minds of the masses.

I will contend that communism respects whatever social norms help to bring about the New Communist Man. An honorable Man who is selfless, learned, healthy and enthusiastic in spreading the Socialist Revolution to those still under the yoke of predatory capitalism. Artificial social engineering that forces incompatible groups together creates the Anomic Neo-Feudalist Serf, not a New Communist Man.

The New Communist Man knows the difference between the fraudulent socialist smokescreen put up by the plutocrats and the true socialism, whose roots are found in Jean Jacques Rousseau's, "The Social Contract", written in 1762 and greatly influenced what was to be written in the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. The Preamble's intention and goals are pure socialism in writing.

It is in Rousseau's Social Contract that the building blocks of a productive and honorable socialist society are found. The workers cannot create their own society out of the nihilistic anomic society of today.

As for the anti-Semitic rants, global finance is filled with Jews. From the time Jacob and Rebekkah defrauded Abraham and Esau, Judaism has been the seedbed of the world's most treacherous liars and predators. When Joseph was Pharoah's right-hand man, he used unbelievable fraud and deception to rob Egyptians of everything they had in their time of crisis. Such malfeasance has been the permanent mark of the Jewish people. Some are not in a position to act out their natural inclination but, like termites, Jews destroy the very building they feed upon. Jews infect socialist movements to the extent that socialism can be corrupted to serve their malfeasant designs.

Rakel said...

Is this a joke? Stop calling yourself communist your douchebag, you're only a raw-capitalist.

Unknown said...

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