Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Korea Is One!

Korea is well on the way to the great national reunification under the wise leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, as the south Koreans, yearning deeply for the Leader of Mt. Paektu born on the Sacred Mountain, defy the bad brutal brigandish Yankee colonialist oppressors to launch the joint train operations between North and south, reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Trial Train Operations Held

Pyongyang, May 17 (KCNA) -- Trial train operations were held on the railways between the north and the south on the east and west coasts Thursday. A report and speeches on the projects carried out to re-link the above-said railways were made prior to the operations. Trains ran from Kumgangsan Youth Station in the north to Jejin Station in the south and from Munsan Station in the south to Kaesong Station in the north. Present there from the north side were Kim Yong Sam, minister of Railways, and Kwon Ho Ung, chief councilor of the Cabinet, and other officials concerned and from the south side Ri Yong Sop, minister of Construction and Transportation, Ri Jae Jong, minister of Unification, and other officials concerned.


A SImple Man said...

Clearly Korea is one nation. It is very unfortunate that it took this long for south "fake" korea, a known hell on earth to upgrade its tracks to modern DPRK standards. It is a well known fact that the south still uses jap built railways and ancient jap imperialist trains that are very unsafe and environmentally unfriendly. DPRK on the other hand has a fleet of modern aerodynamic trains ready when the south completes its much needed upgrades.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

I non't know why they and south "fake" Korea was always trying in misdrecting the mastss agiarnst the mightly Juche truth off it all, like as my comrades had very well been putting. Aeordynamites might be well known trechnoglogies but usedlest of di-fences. This is why south "Fake" Korea imperialist lakes "starved" and dried on waiting cashes.

Ken McCracken said...

Wow, this is the best satire blog I have ever seen!

Um, it is a satire, right?

Anonymous said...

Korea is one? So the north surrendered, right?

Unknown said...

J hope to be present when the people or north korea will piss on the kim's grave. The most stupid and ignorant regime of the world governing a herd of sheeps !!!!

Napostriouf Sar said...

Effort does by the North Korea to be unify the two Korea, becoming possible once again. This is one more foot to get rid of the imperalist that polluting the south. South as becoming more autonomist, one day by the work of Juche system will be able to come back Korean to be unifyed system of their own and unique nation.

greenalien said...

More korean military songs please

Peter K Fallon, Ph.D. said...

Jesus, are YOU people still here?

Marcel said...

Oh my god...

Watch this video:

Aaron Kinney said...

If Korea unites as one, it will not be under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

Anonymous said...

Comrades, the imperialist running dog yankee warmongering Bushite redneck mental retard news media is reporting lies about the health of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il by saying he has had a heart attack and that German puppets of Bush were sent to DPRK, the true heaven on earth, to perform surgery on Dear Leader. These Bushite propagandists further report that Comrade Kim, the Great Leader of all things juche and proper, has taken a turn for the worst and is near death.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Kim Il Sung, among the worst despots in history, started the Korean War on this date in 1950 by invading South Korea. The war lasted three years, but never really ended. Millions of Koreans died and the North Koreans committed countless atrocities against civilians and prisoners of war. In the end, Kim Il Sung's invasion was a failure.

In observance of the anniversary an
online video game has been released
concerning Kim Jong Il. The game is called "Kim Jong-Il: Missile Maniac". The object of the game is to launch a missile with Kim riding
on it as far as possible. The game begins with Dear Leader on top of a missile pounding on it with a big hammer and yelling like a drunken fool.

Here is the link:

A SImple Man said...

Comrades, On my progressive and open minded liberal type peoples blog of the Korean style socialist mode you will find irrefutable evidence that the Imperialist forces started the so called "Korean" war.

Napostriouf Sar said...

Imperalist Stooges, you're totaly off the road. South Korea, was occupied by an Hostile outsiders leaded by Canada followed by United States, North Korea just resisted to the savage Imperialist. It is well know that Outsiders try to invade North Korea, North Korea just defended itself througing out with success invaders from the North.

In fact, North Korean comrade does have win the wars even if the main objective to reunify is not yet completed. The fight still continue, but reunifaction of the two korea will be possible in a near future. North Korean never stopped to work to make it possible. To make all Korean able to live to an Korean Paradise like North Korea already is.

A SImple Man said...

Mansae! Mansae! Mansae!

Unknown said...

Wow. Yet again, I am dumbfounded by the sheer quantity of bullshit on your blog, Songun. Honestly, do you actually believe any of this stuff, or are you writing it so you're not sent to Yodok or Camp #22 for "reeducation in the due and proper worship of God-Emperor Kim Il-Sung, defender of the people, liberator of all nations, triumphant general of Korea"? You and your stooge regime make me sick.

A SImple Man said...

Korean language superior to all world languages! read more

Burke said...

Eres el tío más gilipollas que he visto en la vida

A SImple Man said...

boca del banyo!

A SImple Man said...

Radubu said...

So, guys, you're as stupid as always with your "dear idiot"!

Philipp K. said...

George Orwell was right:
War is Peace,
Freedom is Slavery,
Ignorance is Strength.

sackofcatfood said...

Hail glorious Kim Jong Il, hero of the people! Hail Ubin Rye Kim, his noble prophet! PRAISES TO STALIN!

Captain Niggerburger said...

this shit is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Kim Il Dung was the worst despot since Hitler.

yo said...

wow... as a south korean,
this blog is the ultimate
worst propaganda ever.
you actually think americans
are stupid enough to fall for
this kind of stuff.
and by the way korea is one
under constitution of Republic of
Korea, not that of Democratic Republic of korea. isn't it enough
that you brain wash your own people? 김정일이 얼마나 나쁜 지도자인지
당신이 제일 잘알고있잖아. please just search for the way out of n korea.

Peter K Fallon, Ph.D. said...

I win.

meo ying said...

It's good to see this,I found many korean people talk about it on
I hope this will come true someday!~

Tim said...

i hope that the north and south can combine peacefully, thats all i can really say. i am not a korean so i am in no position to insult both north and south korea.

Leafy Shrew said...

communism and socialism are about creating equality, equal oppurtunity and social equality.

IN the UK, we use a mixture of Communist methods and capitalist methods (mixed economy) to create social justice and equal oppurtunity and to help grow the economy and all the people to create and trade items of value but by taxing them and redistributing the tax to the poor and investing to further grow the economy and imposing some market rules to prevent conglomorates.

Anarcho capitalism doesnt work, communist dictatorships dont work.

The only solution is a mixture of both conepts that is tweaked best to the needs of all the people and the economy.

Naferius said...

you are right about one thing: the south koreans would love to be peacefully reunited with north korea.

however, south koreans would rather jump off a cliff than be reunited under the rule of kim jong-il.

kim jong-il is a ruthless dictator who is content to sit at home and watch hollywood movies as his people suffer. his people are captured in a dying country only a few miles away from modern and prosperous south korea. meanwhile, they are fed lies about imminent american attack (just to keep them scared, and devoted to kim jong-il's rule).

if north and south korea are ever united, it will NEVER be under the rule of the Dear Leader.

Leafy Shrew said...

the owner of this site keeps deleting comments that dont meet his pro dprk agenda.

자유와평화 said...

대한민국이 아직도 일본제국이 건설한 철도를 쓰고 일본제국이 만든 구식 기차를 쓰고있다고?

대한민국에서 제일 오래된 기차의 나이는 많아봤자 20년
북한에 없는 KTX 고속철도 기술까지 보유하고있다.

내가 미친 공산당정부를 싫어하는 이유는
이런식으로 너무 뻔한 진실을 당연한듯 왜곡하며 정치적인 일들 하나하나를 어린아이처럼 감정적으로 밀어붙인다는 점 때문이다.

미친 공산당 정부!

자유와평화 said...

한민족(韓民族)은 하나다!
하지만 난 미친 공산당 정부와 그에 세뇌된 개들을 한민족으로 인정할 수 없다.

Rebecca said...

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212Austin212 said...

Democratic : No, there is no voting.
Peoples : No, serves the ruling class.
Republic : No, when power is handed from father to son that is a monarchy.
Korean : Yes, well you got one out of four.

Glorious Leader : No, it should be King Kim, leader of the Kingdom of North Korea.

Tom said...

I am so glad I found this blog. I can't believe you leave it open to comments. It will provide hours of enjoyment for me. Kim Jong Il was born is Russia like his daddy; not on Mount Paektu. He is looking quite gaunt lately.

Iguana said...

I agree with Tom. Nonetheless the train running is a beautiful story. Now as China realizes the risk of "so called" north Korea, China can drop a strategic bomb on the dear leader's private train when he's on holidays. Then all Korea can be unified, eat dok bok gee and have a Hyundai Accent for every family.

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