Saturday, June 04, 2005

Views From Paradise

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the People's Paradise, is unjustly maligned by the US imperialists propaganda lies designed to stifle the Juche-based system of Korean-style socialism freely chosen by its people, single-mindedly united as one under the banner of Songun held aloft by the omnipotent hands of the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prodigious humanist and invincible strategist.

So to counter the US imperialists anti-revolutionary anti-Korean propaganda we have decided to counter these illegal moves by creating the Views From Paradise series since, as the Dear Leader said :"seeing is believing" :

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A DPRK policewoman standing at a Pyongyang intersection directs traffic for the Workers, Peasants, and Servicepersons in defense of the Juche Idea and Korean-style socialism, their hearts aflutter with love for the Dear Leader and his invincible Songun politics.

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