Sunday, June 05, 2005

US Imperialists Suffer Defeat In Korea

The criminal Halliburton employee evil mastermind hawkish warmongering US Vice President Dick Cheney slandered the national character of the Korean people and the Juche-based system freely chosen by them in deep loyalty for the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and his Songun politics, spouting an ugly string of vituperations against the Supreme Headquarters of the DPRK, prompting a quick response from Foreing Ministry officials speaking the truth and calling the US imperialist a "blood-thirsty beast".

This was enough to call the bluff of the US imperialist reactionary paper tigers and they crumbled before the invincible might of the Songun politics of the Dear Leader, forcing the Bush cowboy into submission and humility, showing proper respect for the Dear Leader, reports the Washington Post :

North Korea Praises Bush for Use of 'Mr.'

SEOUL, South Korea -- North Korea gave rare praise to President Bush on Friday, welcoming his use of the honorific "Mr." when referring to leader Kim Jong Il and saying the softened tone could lead to its return to nuclear arms talks.

The United States wants the North to end its nuclear weapons development, and is working with China, Japan, Russia and South Korea to persuade Pyongyang to return to disarmament talks last held in June 2004. The North has stayed away from the table citing a "hostile" U.S. policy and claimed in February that it had nuclear weapons.

"If Bush's remarks put an end to the scramble between the hawkish group and the moderate group in the U.S., which has thrown the Korean policy into a state of confusion, it would help create an atmosphere of the six-party talks," an unnamed North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman said in a statement, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

This great brilliant victory of the Dear Leader over the US imperialists is proof that while evil may look strong and powerful, when forcibly met it will always be defeated by good, just as we are currently seeing in Iraq where the US paper tiger is in dissaray.

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you are seriously a dumbass aren't you. the people rebulbic of korea, it's a communist state. we shouldn't have to worry over your freaken sad ass country. why don't you praise dumass tryant alright. by now.