Friday, June 03, 2005

US Imperialists Trail Of Human Rights Abuse Uncovered

Courageous investigative journalist Joe Vials, himself a combat veteran, uncovered a gruelling vast array of all sorts of colonialist brutalities committed by the US imperialists and their militarist lackeys and running dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan, revealing the completely evil nature of the Bush clique's dollar capitalism; a tale not fit for those with a weak stomach when reading Bush, Blair & Howard Photo Atrocities, a graphically illustrated story of truth :
Sustained brutal torture like this is a speciality of the western 'Imperial' powers, hell bent on controlling and pillaging other sovereign nations, regardless of the physical or psychological cost to local citizens. Muslims in the Middle East do not make prisoners kneel blindfolded on razor sharp gravel. Nor do they freeze naked prisoners in coffins, or 'behead' unarmed civilians without trial. All of the illegal atrocities you see on this page, were perpetrated exclusively by American and/or Jewish soldiers and brutal sub contractors, on bewildered foreign nationals in their own countries, or after those foreign nationals were kidnapped by CIA and Mossad officials to another third-party country.

And after that the US imperialists have the shamelessness to berate the DPRK over its supposedly "bad" human rights record, but it is the US imperialists who are browbeaten by the world.


dean04prez said...

This blog is totaly stick it to the Buschenerovesfeldian neocon colonialist junta in a way that few otehr blog are capable of doing so.

I aplaud your efforts to bring real down to earth news from teh worker s paradise that is northern korea!

PS If yuo are korean adn cant read plane english you can totaly run this generous compliment through a online translater like babble fish or some thing.

hooey said...

Nice blog, Songun Banner. I, too, have a blog; a very progressive one.