Sunday, June 12, 2005

US Imperialist Culpability In Dear Leader Assassination Attempt Grows

Here at Songun Blog the Comrades are in an explosion of revolutionary upsurge, vowing to uphold the Dear Leader's Songun politics with their lives and closing steel-strong ranks around him pledging to protect him from criminal US imperialist bellicose aggression with the impenetrable wall of their flesh, and defeat the villainous Yankees with the invincible weapon of single-minded unity in love and respect for the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the invincible strategist.

As our work to uncover the truth behind the criminal US imperialist assassination attempt on the life of the Dear Leader, and its subsequent cover-up progresses, the unavoidable guilty culpability of the warmongering criminal Bush clique of degenarate hyenas grows exponentially as Songun Blog discovers that the assassination of the Dear Leader as been pondered for some time already by the neo-con Bush clique circles.

"We have no options but one regarding Kim Jong Il" says R.J. Rummel who is Professor Emeritus of Political Science in a February 15, 2005 article on his orwelliantely named Democratic Peace website. "What to do? The one solution no official dare mention. Assassinate him."

Giving all sorts of Pentagon-created spoon-fed lies spurious claims as justifications for the accomplishement of this heinous crime against humanity, he goes on to brush aside any objections that world progressives might have toward his diabolicaly insane murderous project, quipping that
There is no criminal law against assassinating foreign thugs. There is the presidential Executive Order 12333 that prohibits state sponsored assassination, but there are ways around it, including secretly contracting it out.

Isn't this exactely what happened Friday in Seoul? Had not the murderers been such geography-challenged US imperialist buffoons the Korean people and the world's progressives would today be devastated by the loss of the most esteemed statesman and admired political figure in modern history Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, instead of a poor woman and mother carrying yogourt for the Korean children.

The Comrades at Songun Blog will not let this latest crime of the Bush clique of international thugish criminal gangsters go unchallenged and will pursue the investigation to uncover the most egrerious crime in world history, so that the Bush clique of blood-thirsty shameless fascist lepers who are worst than Hitler could ever be on a good day can be exposed naked in the view of the world progressives and be brought before the International Crimes Court for crimes of war against humanity.

Our indignation and revolutionary spirit in the defense of Juche-centered Korean-style socialism and love for the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il will spur us forward in this noble anti-US anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle.


josh narins said...

His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief, George Walker Bush of the United States, defender of those liberties given to all humanity by God, is not culpable.

As His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief, George Walker Bush of the United States has said, "diplomacy" with the pygmy, Kim, is the preferred method. No one should doubt His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush of the United States' commitment to diplomacy.

The fearless Americans dare the pygmy, Kim, to meet us in a dark alley to be named later.

Banner Of Songun said...

Thank you for the tip Comrade Josh Narins.

Once again, we have irrefutable proof of the horror of the Bush clique of US imperialist warmongers.

Will the world ever wake up from this absolute nightmare that is the United States?

josh narins said...

No, no, Willing Dupe of the So-Called Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il, you have taken my words and twisted them around, no doubt as your indoctrinators instructed you to do from the crib.

The flawless planning in Iraq, combined with Lightning-Fast Victory for Coalition Troops, have proved every word of His Excellency, President and Commander-in-Chief George Walker Bush's words about the Formerly Unfree Iraq and Liberated Iraqi People.

All diplomatic solutions [that involve pygmy Kim stepping down and the installation of a regime willing to sell North Korea's assets at (or preferrably below) cost] are on the table!