Tuesday, June 07, 2005

US Imperialists Opposed In South Korea

Clear-headed South Korean progressives of all walks of life, realizing that only reunification with the North under Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's invincible Songun leadership will bring peace, freedom, and prosperity to their lives, demand the end of the brutal US imperialist military occupation of their country, as South Koreans stage anti-US anti-imperialist demonstrations, reports Naenara :

Rising Anti-US Sentiments

The south Korean people intensify their struggle against the US imperialists with a determination to make 2005 “a year of independence and national reunification” and “a year of withdrawal of the US troops”.

Pro-reunification forces, civil organizations and people of all walks of life of south Korea have risen up to the struggle to withdraw the US troops from south Korea this year, the 60th year of the US occupation of south Korea.

The participants in the anti-US solidarity meeting and the anti-US and anti-war solidarity meeting for the US troop pullout held in Seoul stated that the nation can not get rid of the danger of nuclear war as long as the US troops occupy south Korea and highly enhanced the atmosphere of struggle against the US imperialists.


At the “meeting of determination for crushing moves of war of the US on the Korean peninsula and for the withdrawal of the US troops” held under the joint auspices of the headquarters of the national movement for withdrawing the US troops and other organizations, the participants said, “If the US attacks our nation with nuclear bombs, we will check it with great national unity and the power of Songun.” They marched along the streets shouting the slogans “Let us live by our nation itself without the US troops!” and “Abolition of the National Security Law”.


The more the bellicose forces in the US and in south Korea become frantic in their hostile attitude towards the DPRK and in their attempts for aggression and war, the stronger the righteous struggle of the south Korean people will grow, and their attempts will be utterly foiled in the flames.

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