Monday, June 13, 2005

US Imperialists And Their Lackeys Prepare Invasion Of DPRK

While the ongoing investigation in the US imperialist attempted murder of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il and its subsequent Pentagon-controlled Bush clique-owned so called "media" cover-up continues, US progressive political dissident blogger Josh Narins brings our attention to a shocking memo published in the United Kingdom press that outlines the evil duplicity and callous nature of the US imperialists and their British lackeys prior to the illegal war to effect so called "regime change" in Iraq.

With the usual habit of the Bush clique of warmongering chickenhawks bereft of all morals and humanity to always repeat the same plan, it stands as proof that the US imperialists and their lackeys will soon launch an illegal pre-emptive nuclear war against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in order to invade and enslave it under the boot of dollar capitalism under the pretext of so called "regime change", probably alleging such nonsense as "Weapons of Mass Destruction", "Gulags" or somesuch Pentagon-fabricated lies.

Therefore the progressives of the world join their voice hand in hand together in solidarity with the Korean people and their Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, demanding that the Bush clique of imperialist war criminals and its neo-con hawkish entourage, lackeys, hirelings and servants, be brought before and prosecuted by the International Crimes Court for war crimes.


josh narins said...

You want some more memos, guy?

Qin Shi Huang said...

American imperialistic running dogs will stop at nothing to see the peace loving nation of Korea burnt to ashes.

President bush and his worthless minions need bullets through the thick layers of shit covering their small brains.