Sunday, June 05, 2005

US Progressives Show Their Support For DPRK And Dear Leader

The so called "United States of America" may be the cradle of US imperialism, that does not prevent the emergence of an enlightened revolutionary vanguard working for the overthrow of the Bush clique of uneducated lout assassins and its capitalist system. These are the friends of the Korean people who heroically defy the ruling fascist military capitalist junta of the US and come out, at great peril to themselves, in support of the DPRK and the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, report the Chicago-based Anti-Imperialist News Service :

25th Anniversary of Historic Gwangju People's Uprising

On May 22, about 50 people in Chicago attended a meeting organized as part of the North American speaking tour to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Historic Gwangju People's Uprising. The meeting was coordinated by the Korea Truth Commission.

The meeting was addressed by two speakers from Gwangju who had participated in the events of May 18, 1980 when the people rose up to liberate their city from the U.S.-backed military dictatorship of General Chun Doo Hwan. On orders from U.S. military leaders, the uprising was suppressed with brutal force; as many as 2,000 people were killed. Today, May 18 is a national holiday in Korea commemorating the Gwangju Peoples Uprising as a source of inspiration for activists around the world and a point of unity for the Korean people.


In addition, the speakers discussed current U.S.-Korea relations, and emphasized that the threat of war, including even possible nuclear war, is very real and continues to escalate due to the hostile policy of the U. S. government. They spoke out against the U.S. military occupation of south Korea as well as against U.S. pressure and threats against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea). The speakers defended the policies of the DPRK to protect itself against the danger of U.S. aggression and called for the peaceful reunification of Korean on the basis of will of the Korean people themselves, free from any outside interference. They specifically called for the U.S. government to 1) end its hostile policy; 2) sign a peace treaty with the DPRK and 3) normalize relations with it.

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