Friday, August 19, 2005

US Imperialists Evil Occupiers In Iraq Commit Worst War Crime Ever Committed In All Human History And Even Farther Beyond

The criminally criminal kleptocratic capitalist criminal crass consumerist clique of the Bush clique of criminal criminals, warmongers, war-crazed hawkish ciminal wagers of criminal wars of aggression for the personal gains of the bushite dictator and his clique of criminal capitalist corporate conglomerates may have been yet the worst war criminals in world history to have ever committed war crimes against humanity in the whole history of humanity, but this time they have outpassed all boundaries and entered new uncharted strangely unknown vast expenses of new realms of war crimes where no war criminal has ever set the foot of his illegal by international law evil ship of criminality before in the whole history of crass mass crimes!!!

Thanks to the vigilance of young Songun era revolutionary girl Hero Kim Jong Seok, we have discovered the latest innomable abominable innaceptable US imperialist war crime against humanity in Iraq committed against the most vulnerable of the Iraqi people : its children.

Yes, the criminally inclined towards crimes against humanity, the savage frothing at the mouth US imperialist beasts of apocalypse soldiers, not content with killing million multitudes of Iraqi children with suicide bombings and moving car bombs, are now kidnapping the children of Iraq, keeping them hostage and threatening to execute them if the innocent Iraqi people don't turn in and deliver all their precious innocent children to them, for some no doubt nefarious criminal ulterior unknown motives that can only involve organ transplants for rich Israeli zionist jews in occupied Palestine, reports the Chinese People's Daily :

US troops hold children hostages in northern Iraq

"The US forces surrounded the village of Mazraa near Baiji and detained five children under 10 years old, calling on the residents by loudspeakers to hand over several other children showed on TV channels celebrating the killing of US soldiers after roadside blast last week," a police source from Baiji told Xinhua on condition of anonymity.

This is the most gallingly glaring and grieviously gruesome war crime ever perpetrated in the whole history of the Universe! Stay tuned to Songun Blog in the coming days as we now embark on a special investigation to get to the bottom of the truth and then dig further down as only Songun Blog's team can!

"Why US kill all the children?" asks Kim Jong Seok with tears in her eyes. Don't worry Comrade Kim Jong Seok, Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the great humanist and world-renowned protector of all children will never let such a thing happen to the children of Korea that are all single-mindedly united as one block of unassaillable love and obedience for Dear Leader and his sacred Songun politics in defence of the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system freely chosen by the people in total free choice for themselves.

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