Sunday, August 14, 2005

Homeless In Capitalist Society Not Homeless In DPRK

Today we have the pleasure of introducing our first guest blogger, young progressive revolutionary Kim Jong Seok, author of the nice picture two posts down. This young enthousiastic person, with a pure mind untainted by US imperialist consumerism has very compelling ideas and arguments to share, and it is the honor of Songun Blog to be the vessel by which the ideas of young revolutionary Kim Jong Seok's unique vision will be known to the world and Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.

Homeless in capitalist society not homeless in DPRK

It's terrible and horrible! TT_TT

In the US alone there are millions of homeless people with no home to live in and therefore they live in the streets.

USA Today... Indeed...

These people don't have homes because the capitalist system makes it possible only for the rich to afford to buy homes or rent appartments

Forced to beg by the Bush-Halliburton clique.

And while the millions of poor people live without a home, rich plutocrats, oil industry executives, war profiteers, Hollywood celebrities and rock stars have not only one, but several homes across the US and secondary homes in other countries as well each one bigger than twelve aircraft carriers! These houses are always surrounded by gates and big walls to keep the poor away, revealing the true face of capitalist "success".

Click to enlarge

Think of all the people that could be housed if this capitalist castle were razed and replaced with free appartment buildings!

These rich capitalists also have cars and motorcycles that are so expensive as to cost more each than full houses!

Yet, all one needs in life for a home is four wall and a roof. If the rich capitalists could just stop hoarding all the housing there would not be one single homeless person in USA.

In the DPRK by contrast, there are not one single homeless person. The state builds and gives away housing for free, the comrades not having to pay rent. So there are no homeless in the land of Juche, led by Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, and that is why world progressives prefer the DPRK over the USA.

Korean people offer their work as a sacred patriotic gift to the Leader that gives them everything

Korean people proudly offer their work in gratitude as a sacred patriotic gift to the Leader that gives them everything.

--Kim Jong Seok


Anonymous said...

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REN3D said...

What you have said about the capitalistic state isn't completely true. You have only taken one example, i.e. the US to represent capitalism. Welfare states like England are also capitalist who take care of their people through the welfare system. And the reason, people are homeless is not because the government had anything to do with it. There are jobs avaliable for everybody, but people do not want to work and so they end up homeless. And its not just rich capitalists who can own a car. Anybody with a job can!!! If though the state takes care of you, you have to be responsible too.

tool_of_the_capitalists said...

Well, I for one am aghast at this blatant misrepresentation of these domestic workers. HEre in the Peoples Republic of California, these homeless heathens provide a much needed source of cheap labor for the demeaning tasks which those of us in the Hollywood Proletariat refuse to sully our hands with.

We usually hire ill spoken asian monkeys to do our dirty work but the INS is throwing most of them out of the country.

Whistlers_Grandmother said...

Oh fearless Propagandizing One...
The Capitalist Castle you point to is in fact a photograph of the Dr. William Larsen Eye Clinic, a medical facility for those of you who are intelligence challenged.

The Peoples Whiner will have to find another castle to complain about.

(Incidentally, the man with the dog in the top photo is not homeless, that's Grit Laskin, an independent record producer and his dog "buddy" and the photo is taken from an article on Grit's business)

First rule of propaganda...Make sure your lies can't be uncovered.

And for the record...I want the US out of Korea too. Soley to keep them from being injured when we bomb your ass back to the stone-age. The planet is tired of whiners. (which includes 100% of Asia)

tyler said...

Right. Those people don't have homes because they don't want to work.

I'm not rich. I have a JOB! I work. They choose not to. They live off the little money given to them by the U.S. government. Money which comes out of my pocket.

You don't know anything, just keep believeing what you're told to believe.

Lord Pleasant said...

Oh do stop whining, you frightful middle class fellows! These pavement chaps are true aristocrats who mock at your penny-pinching roofed-and-guttered world! In these gin-raddled faces I recognise my fellow toffs - and in your mewlings hear the squeaks of the servant classes. I don't have a job and the castle leaks like hell - but you'd queue for a blurry polaroid o'me to display with your flimsy American knick-knacks!

As for the government taking your money - spend it on brandy first, like good old Mr Kim!

Pip Pip!

Banner Of Songun said...

"Incidentally, the man with the dog in the top photo is not homeless, that's Grit Laskin, an independent record producer and his dog "buddy" and the photo is taken from an article on Grit's business)

First rule of propaganda...Make sure your lies can't be uncovered."

It may be fake but it's accurate. :P Now apologize for your war crimes against humanity, US imperialist.

dw said...

"It may be fake but it's accurate. :P Now apologize for your war crimes against humanity, US imperialist."

... you're kidding, right?


Wow. This blog is hilarious!

By the way, "fake but accurate" is another way of saying, "lying and telling truth at same time." Good luck with that.

Really, this is funny stuff. Is it for real?

"bulldoze a mansion and put up free housing.."
Free! It's all free! Yeah. That's it. Let's just make everything free! Why didn't we think of that? All the buildings, the food, everything free - produced by magic. Are there faeries and pixies where you live, too?

... and the US is just teeming with homeless people. Right. You just keep believing that. I'm sure those "millions" of US homeless would be so much better off in North Korea where they can feast on all that magic, free food!

I don't know if this blog is for real or not, it is hard to believe that anyone could be so brainwashed and ignorant, but either way I'm bookmarking it. Funny, funny stuff. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am alarmed by the contents of the bog page authored by you loyal comrade "Juche Girl". Do we know of her true intentions? Like soju she seems pleasing at first, but I believe that her vile and imperialist views will soon be made clear. How can I make these comments about such an honest an innocent young girl? Please use your superior progressive intellect to surmise as I have done the obvious facts of the situation. If The Generallissimo Magnificent Opmipotent Impotence His Honor the Dear Leader finds out of the atrocity of which I am about to reveal you may be "sanctioned" in a most unpleasant manner (i.e. cattle prod up the ass or similiar justice). Here it is: Juche Girl reveals her true intentions in a seemily trivial manner- her self identified "picture of me" is of a young japanese imperialist cartoon carachter popular in this war-mongering oppressive country that is clearly a puppet of the oil/blood thristy Galactic Empire of the US. She has used an easily missed and innocent carachter to gain your trust and infiltrtae your site! I suspect that her blogs are actually coded messages to covert operatives working against the peacful and misunderstood Dear Leader. I could be wrong, but why take a chance? Ther a are plenty more lemmings from where you found her. Execute Juche Girl for her unforgivable crimes against the DPRK and replace her with someone we can trust- not someone who would so carelessly offend the Sun of the 21st Century by identifying herself as a Nippon Spy!

Ofer Tamsut said...

Please, stop your foolish propoganda aginst the west.
I'm really sorry for the north korean people - so mind blinded and druged with lies ....
Do some kind of a revolution and take your leader down - DOWN !!!!
He is bad to you - he is not talking to you and you dont know anithing about him but still you love him - it creeps me out.

I wish one day you will understand how misarable you really are.