Monday, August 22, 2005

US Imperialist Provokers Of Wars Tried To Provoke War In Panmunjom Incident

This Sunday, the criminal US imperialists illegally occupying south Korea were celebrating one of their most gruesome crimes in their criminal history of war provoking, the "Panmunjom Incident". The Korean monthly Korea Today remembers :

"Panmunjom Incident”

The Panmunjom Incident is a premeditated provocative incident which the US imperialists cooked up in the joint security area at Panmunjom on August 18,1976.

Panmunjom is the name of a small village on the Military Demarcation Line. It is where the US imperialists, the provoker of the Korean war (June 1950-July 1953), fell to their knees before the Korean people and signed the Military Armistice Agreement.

With the beginning of the 1970s the US imperialists faced a serious political and economic crisis. In an attempt to find a way out they intensified their machinations to trigger off another war of aggression on the Korean peninsula as never before.

On August 18 around 10:45 a.m. they committed such an insolent act as arbitrarily cutting down a tree within the joint security area by mobilizing 14 scoundrels carrying axes with them.

When the guards of our side demanded of them to discontinue that illegal act, they swooped down upon them in a group, brandishing murderous weapons over their heads.

The guards of our side were compelled to take a defensive measure.

As anticipated, as soon as the incident occurred the US imperialists ordered tens of thousands of the US troops in south Korea and the south Korean puppet troops to fully get ready for action the following day. At the same time, they saw to it that many flying corps from Okinawa, Yokosuka and some other military bases flew into south Korea. In addition, they dispatched aircraft carrier Midway, a cruiser equipped with missiles and four destroyers to the Korean area.

As a result, such a tense situation as a war might break out at any moment was created in Korea.

To cope with the situation the Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army ordered on August 20 for the KPA units and all the members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Young Red Guards to get ready for combat.

Thus, the people of the whole country were ready to die if necessary in the struggle against US imperialism.

Meanwhile, peace-loving progressives the world over unanimously lifted up their voices in denunciation of US war provocation manoeuvres.

Upon learning that there was no way out, US imperialism had to hold itself accountable for the incident and apologize to the Korean people again throwing itself on its knees.

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A tree and an axe, part of evidence of “Panmunjom incident”. Even innocent trees cannot escape the criminal bloodlust of the criminal US imperialists.

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