Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wicked Jap Reactionary Murderers Run Amok

This news item is most surely certain to crush the pure innocent soft heart of Comrade Juche Girl who loves cats very much (who has incidentally not posted since this summer being greatly aggrieved by the wickedery of the cruel criminal capitalist cowboy Bush) but it must absolutely be propagated as it is a scientific revelator of the true colors of the sheer senseless subhuman sickness of the criminal wicked Jap reactionary militarist society of capitalist style which goes in a long way revealing the true nature of the Japanese regime of terror-loving murderers hell-bent on re-invading the Korean Peninsula for colonialist world domination purposes :

Man arrested for killing cat, posting images on Net
Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 07:03 EST

SAITAMA — Police sent papers to public prosecutors Monday on a 20-year-old man in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, who is suspected of killing a stray cat and posting pictures of the carcass on the Internet, police officials said.

The unemployed man is charged with violating the animal protection law for allegedly killing the cat around April 15 in the bathroom of his apartment in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward, where he lived at that time, after capturing the animal in a nearby park.

He is suspected of taking photos of the dead cat using a camera-equipped cell phone and posting two pictures on the Internet on April 20 and 23, sending the images from within Saitama Prefecture.

Saitama police began investigating the case after receiving a report from a 40-year-old self-employed man in Niiza, Saitama Prefecture, who saw the images on the Net.

Police have received requests from about 1,300 people in Japan as well as in the United States and Germany to arrest the perpetrator.

The suspect told police that he killed the cat out of a sense of justice because cats torment squirrels and mice. (Kyodo News)

For all those criminal crazy capitalist enablers of consumerist bourgeois aggression who laughed at the testimony of crimes against cats in the Songun Video "America" The Criminal Empire, this latest crime against cats is a proof of crime against humanity and therefore all Koreans at home and abroad as well as all world progressives demand that the criminal mental retard sexual deviant and cat abuser Shinzo Abe be brought before the International Crimes Court to be guiltified of war crimes against humanity a not a slight delay.


D. A. Shaw said...

whats worse?

1) an unemployed man in Japan killing a cat and taking pictures of it.

2) a man starving people he could save from starvation

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade D.A. Shaw, why do you hate cats?

D. A. Shaw said...

whats worse? 1 or 2?

Unknown said...

Answer the question Banner of Songun.

Anonymous said...

This sure sounds like a dead cat bounce to me.

A SImple Man said...

Clearly this would not happen in DPRK because:
1. Dear leader teaches us to love pussies
2. There are no unemployed people to kill cats.
3. Only japs are anti-semitic against cats.

AcarulPaun said...

What pussies does your leader teaches you to love?

Chip said...

Only now do I see the depths of bourgeoise depravity and capitalist gangster hegemonic imperialist sadism against felines my society has fallen to. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Juche is dead! Stop making up usernames to exaggerate the DPRK traffic to this and 2 other (dead)blogs.

The 75+ million Koreans can celebrate the defeat of shallow DPRK propaganda!

Banner Of Songun said...

"Making fake usernames"? Funny accusation coming from the one who uses fake usernames to spam blogs with obscene vulgar pornographic contents.

Your accusation only shows the sizeableness of your mental disturbance. For your information it is was psychology calls "Projection". Look it up Comrade Jeju Do, then use black pine needle extract and the teachings of the Great Leader to cure yourself.

A SImple Man said...

Well said Comrade Banner of Songun, well applied juche science will cure him.

Unknown said...

You wouldn't even know what pornographic content is. Besides, this blog is pretty much dead. All that the Korean people have to do is emulate the successes that true Koreans had here to the Korean peninsula. Stop blabbering words, you're making the outcome of the future of DPRK(or lack thereof) losses more painful then they should be.

A SImple Man said...

You have done nothing but rant and blather. You have not made even one coherent statement. As far a having a point, you are quite dull my comrade.

Unknown said...

Black pine needle extract? What kind of quack medicine is that? Western Medicine > North Korean Juche bullshit "science"

A SImple Man said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
A SImple Man said...

It is an irrefutable fact of science that black pine needle extract is a curative agent for many afflictions including mental illness and gynecological discharge. Both of which effect jeja-do.

A SImple Man said...


point5asian said...

Hero of Mt. Paektu = PeeWee Herman

Unknown said...

"You have done nothing but rant and blather. You have not made even one coherent statement. As far a having a point, you are quite dull my comrade."

Thank you for finally explaining what you truly are Hero of Mt. Paektu.

It is a irrefutable fact of True Korean science that Hero of Mt. Paektu needs to be in a "No Rae Bang" singing about True Korean songs and banished to Japan. Then this will cure you Hero of Mt. Paektu of your sicknesses such as contradictory-itis and other mental retardation.

A SImple Man said...

So you admit to banishing Koreans to Japan. You are a jap loving warmonger after all. Your words and vile hatred for Korea betray you. You need to climb the great Mt. Paektu bare foot in winter to clear your mind and purge your black soul my friend.

A SImple Man said...

And take your girlfriend amerasian with you.

Unknown said...

Your words and vile hatred for everything not korean are betraying you hero. Open your eyes, your ship is sinking. You're digging a hole and you're already over your head. You should travel abroad, visit the world, see how other nations truely are. seeing as you're gay, I think you'd love San Francisco.

D. A. Shaw said...

all I'd like to do is get a pine needle and poke the juche lovers. might inject a little sense into them!!!

go on, delete this again!

point5asian said...


Damn dude...are we getting angry? You words are so mean as of late. Why all the stress? Why?

So KJI taught you guys to love pussy huh? Thats least we have something in common! I love pussy too! called me Jeju-do's gf! Thats classic. I'd rather be that than KJI lil butt-fuck boy. I bet it doesn't hurt though huh...him having a little ggo-chu and all

Unknown said...

Who said you, Hero of Mt. Paektu, was a true Korean?

Besides, it is too late to pray for forgiveness, the True Korean government in Seoul has now placed a warrant for your crimes against the Korean people.

A SImple Man said...

That fake government does not effect me. I spit on the jap loving so-called government in the south, which is a hell on earth. The only Korean government is the DPRK, and all world progressives recognise this. I challenge you to come get me. I travel the world in true fredom with other free people. You live like a slave on your knees. We will free you slave.

D. A. Shaw said...

how are you going to free someone living in a democracy?

do you mean by telling them what they can't say, or can't do.

because you may not know Hero that this isn't freedom. NO this is in fact the opposite of freedom. It is what happens when one crackpot rules the country telling everybody what to do.

We would never expect you to know what freedom is or understand what it is to be free. But I would expect that when you are ignorant of a subject you would respectfully yield, put your hands up and say you don't know.

I personally would NEVER in a million years say I knew what actual North Koreans thought about re-unification, as I am not one and know not one. But I am certain that peoples around the world would recognise that even within the DRPK there are differing views on the issue.

Likewise, I am no spokesperson for the democratic, free world and so cannot tell you everything about it. It has flaws like any other political system. But with all the evidence I have at my disposal it appears that one is safer, wealthier and happier on average in the west.

I imagine that there are real benefits to living in North Korea like less polution and traffic congestion and everybody has someone to "aspire" to.

But its very apparent that there are negatives of which all are deemed poppycock in your eyes. What! Starvation is a lie. However, how can you know the lives of everyone in North Korea? How can you know that the West always lies? How do you know that South Korea is a hell on earth?

Please try to be more sensible. You put on such a straight face at the middlegrounds blog, unable to laugh at genuine comedy. While at the same time what you have to say for yourself is riddled with ignorance and contradiction which is often as funny as the Kim Jong parodies (Team America: World Police aside).

You never find it in yourself to be positive and accept anything someone says that is from a differing viewpoint. At best you fail to reply, but my own personal and the thoughts of other moderate contributors is that you in fact accept you're wrong or at least cannot prove yourself to be right.

This last comment isn't hurtful at all for its recipient because its nonsense. A wasted effort.

With every new post on this blog and every new comment contributed any newcomers to this will see the hostility and not bother contributing seeing it as a wasted cause. I like many try to win on the strength of arguments, or try humour.

By being nicer, people may not see your country in such a bad light as it is currently seen with you as its representative.

A SImple Man said...

Why do you hate freedom Mr Shaw?
Is it because your posts are incoherent rants of a deluded little man?

D. A. Shaw said...

I ain't deluded and I ain't a man!

point5asian said...

Pop quiz for everyone:

When does Hero say "Why do you hate freedom?"

1) When he runs out of shit to say?
2) When he realizes that he is a jackass and got caught up in his own words?
4) When he notices that he has lied so much he is just totally confused?
3) All of the above?

A SImple Man said...

Your last post proves you are an anti-semite towards freedom.

A SImple Man said...

Comrade Shaw, you are rather manish.

Unknown said...

Hero of Mt. Paektu, your last post only proves that your brain is that of a 9 year old, immature and only resorts to childish remarks.

point5asian said...


Obviously my last post was a joke. BUT you turn around and call me an "jew hater" towards freedom (WTF does that mean). THEN you call shaw "manish". Wow...amazing.

Its like calling someone a racist and then calling a Japanese a "jap"....oh already did that several times didn't you.

You are a hater....plain and simple. A hater.

Why do you hate yourself and everyone around you so much? Why do you hate anything that KJI doesn't personally approve of? Why does KJI and you hate Koreans enough to threaten a sea of fire in Seoul? Why? You call yourselves true Koreans? I am sure there are pleanty of "true" koreans in the North BUT YOU and KJI are not one of them.

D. A. Shaw said...

"anti-semite towards freedom"

again, this makes no sense at all!

Go back to school, you might learn somethings about the real world too while your there.

A SImple Man said...

Dear Leader has already stated that the glorious DPRK nuclear forces, the most invinsible in the world, are purely defensive and never to be turned on fellow Koreans. You are spreading more lies. Why are you an anti-semite against the truth?

Unknown said...

Definition: a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.

So how is someone so-called as you say it, "anti-semite" against the truth?

Congrats, you win the super award for stupidity. Only Kim Jung il can claim this title more so than you can.