Sunday, November 05, 2006

DPRK Most Free Society In The World : Impartial Study

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea, under the wise guidance of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, is the most free society in the world, respectful of its citizen's privacy while the criminal US imperialist capitalist world is the most invasive surveillance society even witnessed in humankind history, reveals an impartial study by human rights advocacy group Privacy International.

The Privacy International survey, conducted jointly with the US-based Electronic Privacy Information Centre, was conducted using 13 criteria ranging from constitutional protections to visual surveillance and phone-tapping. The results were this world map :

Note that on this map the DPRK is not even listed as a surveyed country. This clearly prooves with a scientific insight that the DPRK is not a dictatorship totalitarian state of invasive surveillance with camera monitoring or phone-tapping.

However in the US there are surveillance cameras in Congress, around the Pentagon, in Universities, banks and every 7-11 convenience stores nationwide thus prooving without a doubt that "America" is the worst invasive surveillance fascist totalitarian regime of nazi style devoid of freedoms and human rights.

War criminal mental retard Bush illegally listening to progressive political dissidents phone conversations, something that Dear Leader Kim Jong Il would never do.


chungkingmansions said...

Sometimes when I see these things I feel very sad for the American workers. I hope one day they can overcome their fear and open their eyes to the brutal Bush dictatorship that has them enslaved.

Amerasian in Daegu said...

You do realize that he won't be around forever right? You do realize that he has only a couple years left and then we have another leader. Must different from your system where you don't have a choice at all. Sad for us? No my friend, it is the world that feels pity for you.

Chuch'e Chuui said...

Save your Pity Amerasian in Daegu!!! you speak lies designed to mislead people about the truth. How can you say things will be different when Bush leaves? The same things have been dragging your godless country down for untold years. Perhaps you need to study History unbiasly. You would surly see the Workers Party for the heroes they are.

D. A. Shaw said...

"Most Free Society In The World"?

I'm puzzeled over this one for a number of reasons, though they'd obviously be wrong because I've been brainwashed to think that I control my own life.

But...If you search "Privacy International" along with North Korea, an interesting part of their wrbsite comes up on the topic of "internet censorship in North Korea".

"North Korea has no Internet service providers and only a handful of citizens are allowed to go online".

Surely not I said, afterall I was so convinced that as North Korea wan't marked on the map as being a surveyed country that it somehow meant that freedom existed.

Then I had a little 5 second thinking session, and came to this: perhaps nobody has got out of North Korea alive to tell how free Kim's society is. They must all have found the workers paradise to their "liking" and so never left.

From_Romania said...

chuch'e chuui, I wonder how a communist girl can have such beautiful breast! I was used to the image of Stalin, Lenin, dearleader, Ceausescu and other bastards who didn't have any breast at all. You are an exception. Are there other female cadres or party members in NK so goodlooking? Why don't you post their images too so that you convince us that NK is the paradise promissed by greatleader for so long time?
Now we understand what NK propaganda and greatleader had in mind when they spoke about the workers'paradise. It was definitely not prosperity...

Amerasian in Daegu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Amerasian in Daegu said...


It is amazing that a girl has such titties from one of the most hungry nation out there. U know that she isn't from N. Korea and she doesn't even look Korean. Prediction: They will call me a racist for that comment. Just to clarify I am not racist. If you look at my username, it says Amerasian. You norks do know what that means right? I am your leaders nightmare. Half Korean and Half American. Call me what you want, call my parents what you want. It won't bother me. Words don't hurt my feelings like my friends (Banner, Hero, and Juche_girl, and now the big titty Chuch'e Chuui).

Jeju_Do said...

Chuch'e Chuui's picture doesn't represent her. As you can see, it is a picture of a Vietnamese prostitute as seen on social websites. It just so happens to circulate on Cyworld.(korean equivelent of myspace, facebook, etc.) All she said what shallow statements. "She" didn't even state how that it was all lies. Wow, everyday, I wonder more why anyone like Banner of Songun would try to preach such a failed message.

Chuch'e Chuui said...

It is amazing how quickly the american right can denerate into sexual slurs aimed at alienating a single person so they can make their point.

Expose me for the fraud I am, eh?

It makes little differance. I am a flower in the eyes of the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, brilliant statesman, political genius, and invincible military commander and the workers party.

So what if I work down at the social club on Kwangbok Street. You guys can't even decide if I'm Koren or Vietnamese.

American archfiends!!! THE BUNCH OF YOU!

When I get up at night, The Dear Leaders image is there to great me and remind me that all my troubles will be cared for by him. When I take the tram, The Dear Leaders Image reminds me that I am unto a precious gem stone to be cherished with value! When I go home in the morning, The Dear Leaders Image is there to remind me that my services to the country are revered with Honor and dignity! What do you get in America that reminds you that you are worth something on a daily basis? A husband to beat and humiliate you? HA-HA! Give me the freedom that the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, brilliant statesman, political genius, and invincible military commander provides anyday!

D. A. Shaw said...

While your english is good in its symplistic fashion, its kind of obvious that you're not a native English speaker. Its "Greet" rather than "Great".

Also large parts of the Kim's the man praise is all copied. I doubt anyone could really be bothered typing all that shite.

We're not all american, but of course being blinded by capitalist propaganda would make us all brainwashed to think we are independent because we have a different currency/language/culture, you think it appropriate to call us as such.

There have been coutless accounts on the failings of the North Korean state that even uggesting the contrary is a display of the greatest kind of ignorance.

Juche this, Juche that, look after yourselves in paradise. Its sick that a communist country preaches 19th century self-determination.

The country is the most flawed in existence, if not ever. But I realise that having any thoughts about yourself rather than great god Kim would result in you being shipped off to a siberian death camp, so I shall accept your ignorance and not get upset at your lack of individual thought.

From_Romania said...

Well, people, I didn't imagine it's her picture. It was just a joke! The comrades are so dead serious about the whole matter and I feel like having a bit of fun! Chuch'e Chuui gave me the opportunity to laugh a little more at it and that's why I posted the above answer.

Jeju_Do said...

Its amazing to see how anyone against Kim Jung il would be considered to be an American. What about the 55 million other Koreans who oppose to the idea of "Juche"? They're American in your eyes? Do you even have eyes? Or did Kim Jung il steal them to sell them to the black markets in China just so he can buy another Hollywood movie for himself? You know that I came from Gangnam District in Seoul and I am Korean, unlike you Chuch'e Chuui.

Amerasian in Daegu said...

Chuch'e Chuui,

"You guys can't even decide if I'm Koren or Vietnamese. "

Its spelled Korean...not Koren. You can't even spell that correctly? Give me a freakin break!

Chuch'e Chuui said...

dashaw,What does "uggesting" mean? I'm afraid I don't undastand?

Jeju_Do said...

chuch'e chuui said, "dashaw,What does "uggesting" mean? I'm afraid I don't undastand?"

chuch'e chuui, I can't understand your post as there are too many grammatical errors contained with it. Truly, your hypocritical personality is showing.

Binn Jong said...

Long live the democratic people's republic of korea!

Down with the american imperialists!

Jeju_Do said...

Long live the Korean people!

Down with unfitting (mis)representation by the tyrant leader, Kim Jung il!

Khesretitui said...

Carry on like this while you can, Songun advocates. America will get tired of you eventually, spank you soundly, and put you to bed.

In the mean-time, you're hilarious.

D. A. Shaw said...

to emphasise the point that conveniently is being forgotten about by the vietnamese prostitute:

why isn't North Korea marked on the map?

Surely it would be marked as good or bad had it been tested

Chuch'e Chuui said...

Could somebody clairfy how my "hypocritical personality" is related to my gramdma?

I alway thought she was a nice lady with nothing but love for Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.

I mean she didn't serve in the DPRKorea Army for nothing.

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