Saturday, November 04, 2006

Racist "America"

The war criminal vampire Cheney glaringly reveals the Bush administration's racist criminal obsession with "White Power" in a disgusting display of capitalist hegemonism.


D. A. Shaw said...

ever heard of Colin Powell?

D. A. Shaw said...

and why is google news a link?

you make up your own news, you've no need for the real world!

Unknown said...

Whiteman is a name for a naval base. Just like Whitman is a name, so is Whiteman.

Again, I asked you to support reunification. But you chose your own way to criticize and make enemies. You have no care for the Korean people. You don't share the passion and ideals of the Korean people. And you call me a traitor? Such a hypocrite of your own words, making contradictions to no end. You don't care about the Korean people, do you? That answer lies not in the next comment you make, but all the comments that you had made in the past and definitely will make in the future. Pray to the Korean nation for forgiveness for these despicable actions. The Korean people know not to stand with you and your lies.

Banner Of Songun said...

Ony trough the uplifted banner of Songun politics under the wise leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Il can a true Korean reunification be real. This is the unshakeable will of all Koreans at home and abroad as well as the international community of world progressives. To suggest otherwise is a lunacy akin to treason of the true blood of Korea.

Chosun hanna da!

A SImple Man said...

I am in single minded agreement with comrade songun. It is only possible under the lofty banner of songun and the intensive application of juche that unification will be possible. Look to Dear Leader for guidance and you will find unshakeable determination to unify the country. To think unification is possible in any other fashion only betrays your deepseated mental retardation and delusional thinking. You must climb Mt. Paektu to purify yourself in the lofty air of true Korean patriots.

A SImple Man said...

Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade

Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification

"The great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung is the sun of our nation and the lodestar of national reunification. He devoted all his life to the country and nation and made imperishable achievements in the cause of national reunification. By his preeminent ideas and leadership he pioneered the cause of national reunification, guided it victoriously, laid solid foundations to realize it, and opened the bright prospects for the reunification of the country."

A SImple Man said...

Further more:

"In the complex and difficult situation in which the US imperialists’ occupation of south Korea and the manoeuvres of divisive forces at home and abroad against reunification were continuing, respected Comrade Kim Il Sung maintained the line of reunification firmly and consistently and led the reunification movement on his initiative. While strengthening the northern half of Korea into a bulwark for national reunification, the great leader ensured that the people in the northern half gave active support and encouragement to the south Korean people in their patriotic struggle for independence, democracy and national reunification without forgetting them even for a moment. He thwarted the challenge and the manoeuvres of the divisive forces at home and abroad against reunification at every step and developed the reunification movement steadily. It was our leader who developed the nationwide struggle to frustrate the manoeuvres of the flunkeyist and treacherous forces to keep the country divided by convening the historic joint conference of the representatives of political parties and public organizations from north and south Korea in the grim days when “separate elections and a separate government” were being cooked up in the name of the UN in south Korea immediately after liberation; it was our leader who roused all the Korean people to the struggle to check and thwart the manoeuvres of the divisive elements for “two Korea” at a time when a sharp antagonism and struggle was going on between two lines, one for one Korea and the other for “two Koreas”, in our country; it was also our leader who opened the way to dialogue and negotiations between north and south which had been totally out of contact, ensured success in adopting the north-south joint statement and agreements and opened a new phase in the movement to reunify the country. The great leader, who had immeasurably noble love for the country and nation, passed not a day without being concerned over the question of national reunification, nor did he take a single day’s rest in peace."

A SImple Man said...

Dear Leader KIM JONG IL


"As we have the Juche idea, we have solved with credit the problem of consolidating the ideological foundation of socialism. If we had not the Juche idea or had we blindly followed others, we would not have been able to build our unique form of socialism which is the most advantageous in the world.

Our socialism which applies the Juche idea is the most politically stable in the world and all aspects of life in it are full of vigour. As it is based on the Juche idea, it is confidently marching along the road of victory without vacillation in the face of every kind of pressure and slander from imperialists and reactionaries. The people’s support for and trust in our socialism are unshakable. Now people in many countries of the world are envious of our form of socialism, calling it a “model of socialism” and a “unique socialism”. Reality graphically proves that the Juche idea on which our socialism is based is the greatest ideology.

We must feel it the greatest honour and happiness to have the great Juche idea as the ideological foundation of socialism, and fully equip ourselves with this idea, defending and implementing it to the letter.

In this regard it is important to understand the originality and superiority of the Juche idea, the revolutionary idea of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung. "

point5asian said...

With all this breaking news, you never once talk about how N. Korea agreed to come back to the tables even though the UN never backed off the santions. What does that say about your dear and wise leader? Did he play his trumph card too soon?

A SImple Man said...

It is clear that Dear Leader does not wish to punish the working class and progressive elements in the west. It is an undisputable fact that the DPRK is the worlds foremost industrial and agricultural power as well as only military superpower. Why should Dear Leader deny the people of the west much needed food and other goods and services. World demand for DPRK goods and services is insatiable and Dear Leader will not punish the world for the evil misdeeds and brigandly acts of cowardice that eminate from the bushist kabul in the so called white house.

Chuch'e Chuui said...

Is it really that hard to beleive that America is full of racist criminal obsession?

Cheny campains for the "Whiteman" while his Evil and dispicable Facist leader Bush lives in the "White House"

point5asian said...

Yes, yes, yes....North Korea is such a wonderful place. Free to do whatever you want, go where you want, read what you want and say what you want.....oh the rest of the world OUTSIDE of N. Korea! Maybe you should check yourself into one of those famous mental health spas you guys talk about so much!

A SImple Man said...

Good mental hygiene is important. I suggest you join a juche study group amerasian. Free yourself from the burden of of oppression and enjoy the freedom juche can only provide.

D. A. Shaw said...

"It is an undisputable fact that the DPRK is the worlds foremost industrial and agricultural power as well as only military superpower"

this is VERY disputable

I've chosen some diverse websites here for your education. If you would care to have a look you'll realise that GDP ranges from $15 billion to about $20 billion last year, now lets compare that with the figure of $243.3bn in 2004.

While North Korea can be regarded as the biggest military power in that it spends the largest percentage of GDP on the military. Its only the 3rd largest military in the world.

this site is a good read. its by a man who visited North Korea last year

point5asian said...

Only military power? Foremost agriculture power? You know you are spitting out lies now. Come are (if you are a true North Korean) a privileged person who has the ability to access the net and gain information (not just written by the West or N.Korea). You know the truth. If you want to sit there and write about how great KJI is...fine but to come out and say some stupid lies like that just makes you look very dumb.

Again and again, we have all asked you (and I think Jeju_do ask you more than anyone) to come out w/ truth and have a debate and try to learn from each other but how can we when you say things only a child would say. Its like a kid going up to another kid and telling him that his dad could beat up the other kids dad. Grow up my friend...before its too late.

Chuch'e Chuui said...

Amerasian in Daegu, you can't comment on this issue as you are white and therefor obviously biased toward anyone campaining for the Whiteman.

You have a politiacl state in what The war criminal vampire Cheney is doing.

So chut your face!

editor said...

This blog is so hilarious. How does one "chut" their face?

And Cheney is a "vampire?" That's a new one!

BTW nice photoshop.

Unknown said...

Amerasian in Daegu has brought up a good point. He requested a debate over the issue as I have done many times. Again and again you have denied. What's the worry? North Korean propaganda is shallow in meaning? I guess it must be since they don't want to debate the issue like mature people.

point5asian said...

Chuch'e chuui,

Chut my face....I will as soon as I figure out what you are trying to say. White? You are half correct. I am half White. I am also half Korean. The same blood that pumps through your heart is the same that pumps through mine. You and I are related someway, somehow. That is why I don't hate you. We are family. Also in this family is Jeju_do. You do notice that we don't attack you on this blog like you do to us. We may throw out jokes here and there and even try to invoke a real conversation but we don't hate.

Why is it that you hate me? Why is it that N. Koreans (my family) is taught to kill me but I am not taught to kill you (let alone hate you?) Do you see the difference there? Do you see the gap between the way we think?

Again, come at me w/ a steady and calm mind and we can talk. This goes out to Banner, Hero and all my other cousins here!

Holla at your family!

point5asian said...

Why aren't you guys responding to me? Are you going to let your family just sit here and wait for you guys to respond?

All I want is a conversation w/ you guys. A debate or whatever. I just want the name calling and the lies to stop so we can have a mature conversation. I am still waiting and will wait until you guys want to come at me like adults.

Love for all who share my blood!

point5asian said...

See, you say something nice and they don't respond. You welcome them in and they don't want to talk. You say one little comment about them or their way of life and they want to take a knife to your and your families throats. Pity! I have nothing but pity for you. But since you are family, I will always welcome you.