Wednesday, November 15, 2006

True Face Of Japan

Torturing people with food!


bjorn said...


Chuch'e Chuui said...


What know you of the terrible tourtures of the nefarious and abhorrent Japs that are an agent of the Evil Bush Clique and his army of Terror worshipers?

Have you ever had your cat stolen form you in the middle of the night? Have you ever suffered the pain of being whipped with wet noodles?

NO YOU HAVEN'T! And until you do, You are not a ex-bert on the subject.

So Stop your vile heateful and endless rants on how funny you think it is that Poor defenseless Juche-based men and their heroic socialist spirit of freedom are subjected to this loathsome and painful excruciation.

I'll bet YOU have administered your own "Gumbo Boarding" in your own time? Haven't you?

The only thing we have to be happy about from this overwhelming and frightening exposition is the fact those Dirty and evil Japs aren't doing Canibalism on those poor tribulated Heres of this fine Democracy!

DOwn with Bjorn and all Japs! May they suffer eternal Heart-burn for their albatross words and actions!!

AcarulPaun said...

True face of NK:

YF19pilot said...

chuch'e chuui, have you ever had these things happen to you? Highly unlikely.

This looks like one of those crazy Japanese game shows. They always come up with weird stuff...

Ha ha, gumbo boarding. rofl.

D. A. Shaw said...

Japan doesn't have one face, but many as it is poulated by millions.

From_Romania said...

So I understand the Japanese torture people with food whereas dearleader tortures them by starvation. Nice! I see the pain on the poor man's face! Could you please post the face of a North Korean suffering from starvation too? I would like to compare them!

point5asian said...

Okay~ Chuch'e Chuui wrote:

What know you of the terrible tourtures of the nefarious and abhorrent Japs that are an agent of the Evil Bush Clique and his army of Terror worshipers?

Have you ever had your cat stolen form you in the middle of the night? Have you ever suffered the pain of being whipped with wet noodles?

Now i know that this person is just acting like a North Korean. It is all an act to have a little fun. Good job. You had me going there for a while. Keep up the good jokes...I enjoy them!!

hahahahhahah....still can get over "being whipped w/ wet noodles"....classic!!

Unknown said...

Nice grammar you got going there, Chuch'e Chuui. What's next, "ME NO SPEAKY ENGLISHY?" Seriously, you need those books. If you can't learn correct grammar, then how are u supposed to so-called "direct traffic?" If you can't place letters and words in the correct spot, how could you ever place cars and trucks in the correct arrangement? Stop shaming the Korean name with your ignorance and arrogance that is contradictory to the beliefs of the Korean people.

Comrade Mike said...

If you can't learn correct grammar, then how are u supposed to so-called "direct traffic?"

The hypocrisy of the West rears its ugly head once more.

Unknown said...

"The hypocrisy of the West rears its ugly head once more."

Do you people know how to back up your statements? Seriously, if this statement is a "product of so-called DPRK science", prove it. What facts led you to this conclusion? Why would you choose this statement? No one wants to hear vague comments and childish remarks. That fact that you and others keep making such immature remarks serves to only prove that your words and "DPRK propoganda" is shallow, if not nothing at all, in meaning.

A SImple Man said...

Clearly the pro jap western belicose forces are on thier heels comrades. They blather, rant and foam at the mouth. They are incoherent on a good day, but now they are at a loss. They have been exposed for thier deeds and crimes against humankind.

A SImple Man said...

Comrade Romania, I post this article from an unbiased source to dispell your false notion of starvation in DPRK:

Kimchi-making for Winter at Its Height
Pyongyang, November 17 (KCNA) -- The season of making Kimchi for the winter has come in Korea. Kimchi, a world-famous foodstuff, is the pride of the Korean women.
It is the ardent wish of the housewives to prepare tasty Kimchi.
Recently, hundreds of women phone the Phyongchon Kimchi Factory every day regarding technical issues raised in making winter Kimchi.
The topic among women is how to prepare tasty Kimchi.
The TVs and the radios introduce the methods of making various kinds of winter Kimchi as well as the powder of Kimchi lactic acid bacilli, fluid for culturing Kimchi lactic acid bacilli, Kimchi fluorine preservative and others which keep the inherent taste of Kimchi and preserve it for months.
Foodstuff shops and public service facilities are crowded with women to purchase condiments needed for Kimchi.
Ri Sun Hui, 65, in Ryonhwa-dong No. 1 of Central District, Pyongyang said KCNA that she would make very tasty Kimchi this time with 20 odd condiments.
Making winter Kimchi, she added, shows the cookery of each housewife.
It has been a living custom in every November that families, relatives, neighbors and workshop members bring their Kimchi and condiments to taste each other.
Thanks to the efforts of the Korean women who value national food, the Korean Kimchi with a long history is developing with unique taste.

YF19pilot said...

First of all, the KCNA is not an unbiased source. Secondly, the article is about housewives making Kimchi. It does nothing to convince that the normal everyday North Korean isn't starving.

Try again...

D. A. Shaw said...

Hero said "They blather, rant and foam at the mouth"


A SImple Man said...

If "the normal everyday North Korean" is busy making the winter kimchi, how can they be starving?

Comrade Shaw, I did state "They blather, rant and foam at the mouth." Is this not so? Is this not what yf19pilot just did? Clearly the DPRK people can not be starving if the housewives are busy making side dishes.

YF19pilot said...

Well hero, I'm pretty sure I didn't foam at the mouth. Whether I blathered or ranted I suppose that's your opinion of things, but whatever. Believe your Dear Leader's propaganda if you want, we'll continue thinking you're just a blind fool who refuses to accept the truth...

dprkfreeagent said...

You, pilot, are the blind fool who refuses the truth! Why do you hate the truth so much? If it were not for me being in America, my mother would let me enjoy her Kimchi! You are jealous because our kimchi is best in humankind history!

You are foaming at the mouth right now, it is scientific fact!

Unknown said...

Do you even know what truth is? Truth is conformity with fact or reality backed by evidence.

You DPRK people are misguided, singing your "Miso Soup Songs" because you can't make any. Then you get mad at Japan for placing sanctions because they won't import their Miso Soup into North Korea. Get a little sense of maturity together?

A SImple Man said...

Jeju-do, why do you hate free people so much. Your jealousy is incapacitating your vital senses. The is an overabundance of food in DPRK. So much so that all Korean socialist style housewives are making side dishes. In south FAKE korean, a hell on earth, you must import jap kimche to feed the starving people who have only tree bark to eat.
Japan will regret the so-called sanctions. Thier economy will collapse. They need the easily convertable DPRK won and DPRK duarable goods and food relief to get by. With such a shortage of hard currency they will collapse. And with them the failed puppet regime of the fake koreans in the south.

point5asian said...

To all my NoKos!! Please write one post or comment in Korean. I ask this because I would like to understand the message in its true form. I would very much like to read authentic korean posts from a true Korean.

Don't worry about the people who can't read Korean...they have translators all around. IF you wish, you can write one in Korean and use your skills to translate that for the rest of us.


A SImple Man said...

The prior post shows the rampant racism and retrograde thinking of the so-called koreans from the south fake korea. These blogs and postings are for world progressive humankind people. How can they learn and understand the superior Juche based man centered korean style songun socialist system if they can't read our posts. I have addressed this issue before. Go to a korean blog and spill your vile filth if you wish. The majority of the world people unfortunatly do not speak or read hangul style mother tounge. Do you not remember or are you another mental retard lacking in honesty.

point5asian said...


Why the attack? All I asked is for your knowledge to come from its original form. You keep on saying no to anyone that asks you to write in Korean. Why does it matter if it is in Korean, German, Italian, English, Frech, etc? The message can only be truly appreciated if read in its original form. You could have even copied it and pasted it if you don't have hangul skills.

BUT, I am now sure that you are 1)not Korean 2)not able to write in Korean 3)a child 4)a retard 5)a monkey in a tree.

You also ask me if I lack honesty. You make me laugh hero. You truly do make me laugh. Why do I come to this site....well, its education. What kind of education? To remind myself and to thank God that I don't have to be ignorant like yourself and your friends here.

You don't speak Korean do you? Thats a shame. Its amazing that a person that is only half Korean has more skills in your OWN Language. You write all this stuff about Korea and being a world progressive but you don't have the ability to understand Korean or even write it.


A SImple Man said...

why do you hate the free expression of ideas? We are well aware of you schemes to falsify you national identity. You are clearly an agent of the jap bush warmonget clique.