Saturday, December 03, 2005

Wicked Japs Worst Human Rights Violators

It so happens today in militarist reactionary warmongering Japan that human rights violations against lucid world progressives is a matter of fact.

In Japan the criminal war criminal-worshipping human rights violator Koizumi the well-known fascist who dare dream of reinvading Korea to enslave its people with the criminal assistance and connivance of the criminal US imperialist puppeteer in Washington has made grievious torture and violations unpon the human rights of japanese progressive teachers who have shown great anti-japanese patriotic spirit by castigating the so called "national anthem" of Japan, refusing to show it respect and salute the criminal so called "Rising Sun" flag, reveals the Japanese daily Japan Today :

Teachers reprimanded for anti-anthem attitude

TOKYO — Eleven teachers and school employees in Tokyo have been reprimanded for their nonconformist attitude during a training session arranged for them after they refused to show the required respect for the Kimigayo anthem and Hinomaru flag at school ceremonies, the Tokyo education board said Thursday.

In Japan it therefore goes that being a lucid patriotic world progressive is considered a crime. This in itself smacks of insanity.

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