Wednesday, December 28, 2005

True Colors Of So Called "Democracy" Are Black And Brown

The criminal US imperialist warmongers and enslavers of nations like to style themselves as champions of so called "freedom", "democracy" and even "human rights" and use it as pretext to meddle in the internal affairs of progressive independant nations such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and the DPRK. But this is all a lie because it is the so called "United States" who are the lawless indecent tramplers of true human rights and enemies of true democracy. The Korean central News Agency clearly and lucidly demonstrates this by comparing the Constitution of the DPRK with the US so called "constitution", observing the reality :

True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (1)

Pyongyang, December 26 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is trying harder to spread the American way of "democracy" in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea under the pretext of ensuring "freedom", "equality" and "human rights". The "democracy" on its lips, however, is a pseudo democracy. Only the socialist democracy centered on the popular masses is the very true one. The yardstick of characterizing the democratic nature of a given social system is how to stipulate the civil rights and duties.

The people's "freedom" and "rights" defined by the Constitution of the United States disclose the true color of the American way of "democracy". What is most important for the people is the political freedom and rights.

The Socialist Constitution of the DPRK stipulates that all the citizens above the age of 17 are entitled to vote and to be elected irrespective of sex, nationality, occupation, period of residence, property status, standard of learning, party affiliation, political view and religious belief. And it specifies that they are provided with freedom of speech, the press, assembly, demonstration, association and religious belief.

Under the constitution, all the citizens of the country participate in elections to express their will enough and join various organizations to lead a free political life.

On the contrary, the Constitution of the United States excludes the overwhelming majority of the popular masses from elections with many restrictive conditions including sex, nationality, occupation, period of residence, property status, race and standard of knowledge. The election registration procedures are also different and complicated in the states of the United States, which make a large number of people impossible to register their names in the lists of voters.

During the mid-term election in 2002 only 40 percent of voters participated in it. The fact discloses in all nakedness the shamelessness of the U.S. styling itself the "judge of democracy" in the world.


It is none other than the U.S. where the political freedom and rights of the people are mercilessly violated and repressed by the above-said restrictive conditions and over 20,000 suppressive organizations.

There is a second part to the analysis :

True Colors of "Democracy" Seen through Constitution (2)

Pyongyang, December 27 (KCNA) -- The equal rights and social and cultural freedom of the citizens are an important issue related to the existence and development of people. The citizens of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea exercise the equal rights in all the domains of social life, political, economic and cultural, irrespective of nationality and sex by the constitution.

They also enjoy all the rights of a social being including rights to free education, free medical service, labor and rest, leading an independent and creative life.

The Constitution of the United States proclaims those who were born in the country or naturalized as the citizens of the country and stipulates that to restrict their special rights and privileges shall be banned. But worst racial and national inequality and sexual inequality in the U.S., where the state laws are put above the Federal ones, bring the falsity of the "equality" of the people to light.

Some states prohibit black people from studying together with white people by law and the Supreme Court of the United States empowers the Federal Administration to rule the American Indians without restriction. As a result, the human rights of the American Indians are mercilessly abused. The constitution amendment to sexual equality adopted in 1972 lost its validity as the majority of inhabitants did not approve it till the expiration of its term.

The American women are not paid duly according to the same work done, the female portion of company clerks is no more than 10 percent and they are the first victims of various crimes.

The "freedom" and "rights" of the U.S. people including the freedom of education with free choice of schools and freedom of lessons as the main content and the right to medical service by which they are allowed to receive medical treatment anytime once they take out "medical insurance" have nothing to do with them. On the contrary, they are making the working masses mental cripples and slaves to money.

There are tens of millions of illiterates in the U.S. styling itself a "civilized country" and a lot of people do not receive medical treatment for lack of money. There can not be genuine democracy in the U.S., where the only monopoly capitalists, no more than 0.02 percent of its population, lord it over. The reality clearly shows that the civil rights and duties in the socialist society give full play to democracy but the "freedom" and "rights" of the people in the capitalist society violate democracy.

It is quite ironic that the country calling others "totalitarian regimes" and "dictatorships" is itself the worst criminal system in humankind history. It is a mental disorder that psychologists call "projection".

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