Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wicked Japs Twice The War Criminals

The criminal war criminal Koizumi reactionary ruling clique in Japan is making the all-out move forward towards the genocidal realization of the re-invasion of Korea as revealed by the Korean monthly Korea Today :

Twice War Criminal

As soon as the US Imperialists triggered off the Korean war Japan took part in their policy of aggression most actively, thus committing an indelible crime against the Korean people over again. Japan’s participation in the Korean war is an unpardonable act of war crime which is as good as the criminal act she perpetrated, illegally occupying Korea for more than 40 years.

No sooner had the Korean war broken out than Japan declared that she would “actively cooperate” with the United States.

At the 8th session of the National Diet held on July 14, 1950 the then Japanese Prime Minister Yoshida expressed active support for the US provocation of the Korean war and said: “Japan will cooperate with the United States in the Korean war and wage a decisive struggle against all the anti-US elements at home.”


A British Reuters’ dispatch reported on July 27, 1950 that 25,000 Japanese soldiers were fighting on the Korean front together with the US imperialist aggressor troops.

The Japanese troops dispatched to the Korean front for the replenishment of force of arms kept increasing in numerical strength with the passage of time.

In its news broadcast on August 7th, 1952 Free Japanese Broadcasting pointed out that in January 1952 the Japanese government dispatched detachments of the “police reserve corps” in Kyushu to the Korean front, and that in July that year it enlisted the “police reserve corps” in Gunma, Nagano, Chiba prefectures, and sent them to the Korean front under the name of the “volunteer corps for lifesaving in south Korea”.

Japan mobilized even naval and air forces.

According to a Japanese publication, the number of Japanese landing boats, having taken part in the landing operation in Inchon, amounted to nearly 50 and the number of their crew totaled nearly 2,000. A Japanese book Theory of Modern Korea points out that Tanaka, the former head of the Tanaka Aviation School, and other Japanese pilots underwent flight training from July 1950 and then participated in military operations conducted in Seoul, etc, on board aircraft B-26 and B-17.

Along with large-scale dispatch of armed forces of aggression to the Korean front, Japan produced munitions of war in large quantities and sent them to US aggressor troops.


In particular, Japan led the germ warfare atrocities of the US imperialists.

Dwelling on this matter, a lieutenant colonel of the US air force confessed to this effect:

“The United States could have several Japanese scholars in hand and got them to work at research institutes in order to research and develop germ weapons continuously. They made efforts to improve the effect of bacteriological bombs and find out a new and better method for using the germ-infected insects and scattering them.”

In his letter to the Chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee in January 1952, Robert, the then US Secretary of Defence, referring to Japan’s such atrocities, said that although she was not a UN member nation Japan made a great contribution to the UN Forces’ carrying out of their mission in Korea. An American scholar in government pay said in the following vein: if it had not had Japan as its important military base in Asia the United States would not have been able to carry on the Korean war.

With nothing can Japan cover up the war crime she committed by taking an active part in the Korean war.

Unsteady in mind, obsessed with militaristic overseas expansion fever, Japan is now trying to embark on the road of aggression on Korea again with the backing of the United States.

If it eventually takes the road to the reinvasion of Korea, far from drawing a due lesson from her defeat in the past the Korean people will work off their deep-rooted grudge against Japan.

The twice war criminal yellow-faced slant-eyed monkey wicked japs are more than eager to embroil themselves in the intolerant racist genocidal campaign against the Iraqi people with US-led backing, which they see as a stepping-stone towards realizing their nigthmarish militaristic reactionary dream of the re-invasion of Korea and re-creation of a so called "Asian co-prosperity sphere". Here we see a depraved child-molesting nip luring a terrified Iraqi child back to his camp to make him a "comfort boy".


Anonymous said...

First of all, if any country started the Korean War, it was the North Koreans. Its funny how the North Koreans blame the war on everyone else but the entire world knows that N. Korea started the war. If you can't even get that fact straight then, there is no hope for you.

Under the caption of the Japanese soldier, you wrote the following: "yellow-faced slant-eyed monkey wicked"
It was followed by the word Japs. Let see, if I were to replace the word Japs w/ North Koreans, it still works....look and see:
"yellow-faced slant-eyed monkey wicked N. Korean." Wow...that words well. You also say that the "Nips" are child molesters. I can say that the average Child in Japan eats a lot better than the average person in N. Korea (besides the troops where KJI is feeding them because he is so paranoid about the US). You claim that the US will start a should be so lucky. If we wanted to take you out, all we have to do is push a button. A BUTTON!! You would be totally screwed and wouldn't even know it.

Anonymous said...

Once again, Comrade Banner of Songun has revealed the truth about the fascists and imperialists abroad. Only General Kim Jong-Il and Great Leader Kim Il-Sung would have greater wisdom than him!

Anonymous said...

If wisdom is only seeing what you want to see and not opening your eyes to other possible truths, then yes...only the retardedness of KJI and KIS can outdue the banner of sungun

Anonymous said...

Imperialist lies and forgeries are as widespread as ever.

cymru said...

"First of all, if any country started the Korean War, it was the North Koreans. Its funny how the North Koreans blame the war on everyone else but the entire world knows that N. Korea started the war. If you can't even get that fact straight then, there is no hope for you. "

To be fair, both sides blame eachother. There's no conclusive evidence to compound either side's theory.

Mother for Peace said...

The North Koreans feel very strongly that the South started the war. If they feel that strongly, we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anonymous said...

The imperialists obviously started the war. How do we know this? Because Kim Il Sung, the Great Leader, told us the truth 50 years ago. The lies of the imperialists and their Japanese lapdogs are laughable and easily disproved by reading the irrefutable writings of the Great Leader. All peace loving people know this to be true.

Anonymous said...



Beloved Leader said...

You have a much more energetic batch of hecklers and sycophants than I do. I salute you.

Shaken said...

"Japs"? Is Kim Il Jong a racist? I thought he was perfect!

Matthew Hoffman said...


Nip’s is slang for Japanese, short for Nippon, stupid!

and ‘Chinks’ is slang for Chinese.

So, no, neither stand as slang for Koreans, stupid!

As for the first anonymous post, a gutless anonymous post by the way...

A button? North Korea? Paranoid? Ready perhaps, but not paranoid surely. Honestly, what fantasy world do you live in? Oh right the good old US of A, fantasy central.

A button! What a side splitter...