Saturday, December 03, 2005

US Imperialist Arrogant Challengers Trying To Murder Korean Children

The war criminal mental retard hawkish Bush is trying once again to commit the genocide of Korean children as the so called "United States" cancel their shipments of food aid to the DPRK reports the south Korean Chosun Ilbo :

U.S. Stops Buying Food for N.Korea

Washington has halted the purchase of 25,000 tons of food aid it had pledged for North Korea this year, half its total commitment, saying it has no way of making sure where the aid goes.

The U.S. State Department said Thursday it was uncertain whether the UN World Food Program would receive the shipment, while there was also no mechanism left to ensure that the food gets to those who need it. As a result, the U.S. did not even buy the 25,000 tons scheduled to be shipped at the end of November.

The arrogant criminal imperialist challengers want to control the distribution of the food aid, using it as a weapon to make the Korean people's lives miserable and lord it over in a mad bid to topple the regime. Why should the US imperialist neo-con fascists control the food distribution? They know nothing of the DPRK and its man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system chosen by its own people in complete free will.

Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the Dear Leader and the world's most prodigious humanist knows better than the mental retard Bush puppet where this food aid is most needed. The US imperialists should realize this and not go against the flow of the times one minute longer and deliver the food aid that they have pledged as war reparations for the pain and suffering they have inflicted upon the unfortunate south Korean people with their cruel and brutal condemned by international law and castigated by world progressives genocidal military occupation of south Korea.

That the criminal US imperialist arrogant Bush administration that is the most cruel and fascist in humankind history would renegate on its pledge only goes to show the cold heartless nature of dollar capitalism and is a war crime for which the Bush criminal should be brought before the International Crimes Court in all haste to fulfill the sincerest wishes of the Korean people and all world progressives.


Anonymous said...

How is the US responsible for feeding the Commies in North Korea???

Get over it

Banner Of Songun said...

You have glaringly revealed your true colors US imperialist, but know that you cannot browbeat the Korean people into submission.

Rob said...

The US bullies are stealing North Korean childrens' lunch money! The horror!

Anonymous said... is it that the US is stealing the lunch money of the N. Korean children? How is it stealing when we are the ones giving it away? You guys claim that your "Dear Leader" can will things to occur. You guys claim that he was sent by God (not exact words but the meaning is still the same). If he is blessed w/ all the crap that you guys claim, then why doesn't he just will the fields to grow enough food to feed his people? It is no secret what he does w/ the food. He gives it to the ones that he thinks are deserving. He gives it to the folks in your military. Don't all the children deserve food? Don't they all deserve to grow up to be healthy adults? I don't know why we send food. What have you guys done for the world to deserve it? I will tell you what you guys are doing to get the guys dangle nuclear war over the heads of Japan, S. Korea and the US. A past post says that the world looks up to Kim Jong Il and admires him.....why aren't they sending food? The difference between you and me....I think before I talk. I don't take information w/out thinking what it means and where it comes from. You guys are so trained to think and act according to your leaders thoughts and wishes. If you guys would grow a pair, then you could take back your own country and then you can actually live like free men and women. Stealing lunch money..haha...your own leader is doing that and it is so pathetic that you guys don't see it. Come to S. Korea, there is a lot of food, warm housing and just about everything you wish you could provide for your family!

Shaken said...

This is actually good news, because, as everyone knows, the evil Americans have been using their anti-revolutionary totally-reactionary particle-wave beam machines to taint the food and thus disrupt the minds of the children of DPRK with dangerous thoughts of happiness and freedom from short goofy Dear Leaders that wear funny big hats.

Kim Jong is a homo said...

I'm curious, Songun, why should the US have to buy food for North Korea? Why don't you people get yourselves unfucked and get your own food.

Karridine said...

It took a while, but soon your honest, pure, untainted, straight and forthright sharing of the honest, scrupulous and diligently-researched FACTS about the usurper-retard nazi-reject warmonger in the US White House began to come through to me.

When I then read again your selfless declarations of solidarity, I am moved to declare likewise that you might find something to your liking at the quaintly-named but nimbly-posted:

The chief poster there records MP3s of pure, honest, fluff-free, satire-drenched and reality-soaked paeans to the pure and perfect among humankind, namely Kim Jong-il...

Or people like him, like Corrie Rachel, J. Bentish and ROPMA Dick Rather!