Friday, September 09, 2005

Perfect Name For Perfect Country

The name of the DPRK is the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and stands as the perfect name for the perfect country bearing witness to the eternal greatness of Great Leader President Kim Il Sung and the man-centered Juche-based Korean-style socialist system wisely created by him with flawless forethought and continued brilliantly by Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il's invincible Songun leadership that is the shining light of the world for which the peoples of the world yearn and that is the envy of of world progressives, says the Korean Central News Agency :

Name of Country Associated with Lofty Intention of Kim Il Sung

Pyongyang, September 7 (KCNA) -- The Democratic People's Republic of Korea greets its 57th birthday on September 9. With the founding of the DPRK, Korea has demonstrated its honor and might as a sovereign and independent state in the international arena and a new type of people's state guided by the Juche idea came into being in the political history of humankind. The name of the DPRK, the country's name, means that it is an independent state representing the interests of all the Koreans and striving for the socialist construction in the northern half of the country and the peaceful reunification of the country. It also means that the state power is a revolutionary one of the workers and peasants based on a solid political and economic foundation. The state is the most democratic one which allows the broad sections of the people to participate in state affairs, enforces thorough dictatorship against class enemies and provides all the people with the political freedom, rights and abundant material and cultural life. The name of the country is associated with the love of President Kim Il Sung for the country and people.

The institution of the state name was accompanied by an acute conflict of opinion. At that time some alien elements insisted that the name of the state should be "people's republic" or "democratic republic" without "people", saying that the DPRK was too long and foreigners did not name their countries in such a way. The President disclosed their intention to use the institution for their wicked purpose and led it in a correct way.

He noted that their assertion was a very wrong and dangerous one misunderstanding the tasks at the then stage of the revolutionary developments, particularly ignoring the conditions of the divided country.

As a result, their moves were smashed and the country was named in the interests of the Korean revolution and people.

The name of the country has rooted deep in the minds of the Korean people and is shining all over the world under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il.


Darcey said...

Until today i've never been able to decide whether this was a genuine blog, written by a very naive and ignorant Kim Jong Il fanboy. Or if it is just some sort of wind up to take the piss out of gullable westerners like myself, who believed the blog could be genuine.

However after reading this latest pile of steaming bullshit, i'm in absolutely no doubt that songun is just taking the piss. I know there are many brainwashed people who live under dictatorships, but theres brainwashed and theres BRAINWASHED and if this blog is genuine, you are seriously BRAINWASHED.

Is this just written for it's comedy value? If so well done, because it's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

But Darcey, that's simply a direct quote from the Korean Central News Agency - you can check the original report on their website. How could it be written for its "comedy value"?

Anonymous said...

Darcey ain't replied yet 'cos the 'gaiters got his thunkin hed.

Anonymous said...

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is indeed a perfect name; all the world's people hail the foresight and wisdom of the Great Leader.

Contrast the homeland of the imperialist camp. The oppressed people there don't know what to call their country; is it "America", "The United States" or "The United States of America" or is it something else entirely? Without juche, the country of the imperialists is nameless.

If he wanted to, the Dear Leader, could easily decide the perfect name for that distracted country.

Not Darcey said...

At first glance, you might think Americans are retarded because they don't know the name of their country. But it is actually part of a deliberate plan on the part of the Bush clique of crappy cantankerous cretins and cowardly warmongrels to exaggerate their power, by making the oppressed masses believe their lives are being made lousy by three countries ("America", "United States" and "United States of America"), not just one.

This is something that Bush promotes and encourages, because he benefits from it.