Monday, May 07, 2007

True Face Of "Israel"

The original nazis.


Ubin Rye Kim said...

The dirty jew reich left so profound a mark on their former homeland that it had been easy for one of their great senior rabbis, Hitler, to rise to power. Hitler wanted his Jew to colonise the world, which is why we now find evil Zionist National Socialists world wide and why the world suffer. Now they are stealing oil, mutts and such merchandise as eardrum from every corner of the world.

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

HAHAHA. I onry kidding. You not take me so seliousry, you see? I rike leich. I dlive SVU. I give my eardurm away to NAZIs.

When I get clabby and my heads hurst, my rogic is racking. Toodoroo!!!

Death to ME!!!

ComradeChen said...

your posts are profoundly anti-semitic and not encouraging the unity of the revolutionar people of the world. it's true that israel is a new-colonial puppet of the US imperialist, but this does no mean that jews are. if all jews are "nazis" then this is to denounce both marx and lenin (who were decended from jews, and who were revered by the Great Leader, Eternal Presdient of the Republic Kim Il sung, and Generalissimo Kim Jong Il) as nazis, which would therefore undermine the whole idea of socialism and inspiration behind the Juche Idea.
please revise your thinking immediately.

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