Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Socialist Korea, Capitalist "America"

Let us compare Korean airplanes :

and US imperialist airplanes :

The criminal US imperialist would do well act with discretion and abandon their mad pipe dream of invading Korea, lest they suffer another humiliating defeat at the hands of the invincible Korean People's Army under the flawless leadership of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the peerlessly great brilliant general of Songun.


A SImple Man said...

It is an irrefutable fact of science that the mongrel nations of the west have yet to master powered flight. Only through the use of Juche philosophy and Songun politics can winged flight be mastered under power. These videos are a repudiation of the decadent imperialist jap-inspired warmonger nations. These show yet another immortal feat of Dear Leader the lode-star of humanity. Raise hight the banner of Songun.
Mansae! Mansae! Mansae!

Hansbaer said...

Do you honestly think anybody believes this?

The planes shown in the Korean movie are MiGs which are decades old. In fact the most modern planes the Korean People's Army has are MiG 29 which were ordered in the early 1990s. Due to the breakdown of the Soviet Union only 35 of the 120 ordered planes could be delivered. Everything else in the Korean air force is more than 25 years old (some planes even considerably more than that)!

Apart from that: you may not like it, but the Americans have managed to beat Iraq in 1991 and Afghanistan in 2001 with airplanes.

What the hell happened to the funny stuff you used to have here?
Currently it's only dull and primitive.

Anonymous said...

Comrade Songun has proven once again that JUCHE science will outperform any pseudo-science that the jap- puppet bushist imperialists of the west have. The fake south koreans should abandon throw off their jap masters and work to end the famine they have down there.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

Jews and japs, who are being the same in each way, make sure and spoil the world for citizens. Not one helping them alone for Bushist-type cromies criminals of that kind of sort.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

This can be very fundamental on juche understandings. so...all filthly


Napostriouf Sar said...

You know USA make jet without adapting it to human. Results, they maybe have F-40 and everything like this, but only F-22 still being used. USA aviation soldier missing a lot of disciplined and they pilot because this is their only way to escape from awful society of disrect. Nobody can really be serious by talking about being fierty of a society, where everybody hates everybody.

Korean juche technique, is more efficace because they're growing their flight at the same time, that they grow their science. Social science, making people willing to got over that limit without failing. Korean juche technique make sure that every pilots are capable to pilot everything that's done to being able that human can do. Pilot discipline in a juche society is something that is undeniable that they can outperform anything, because they never miss their aim.

A SImple Man said...

napostriouf sar, your eloquence and understanding when explaining Korean style man center socialism and Juche, makes my eye water. Thank You Comrade. Mansae! Mansae! Mansae!

and always remember bush=hitler

Ubin Rye Kim said...

These can be very inrentable subjet for us sometime, so paingnants and painly too, as in some time of great war and need and of plaque their failing on inkept promise, that are noted highly regressible, not only drisdecting and weakining, but also can all put some very franeguent, unhealthly manters in here too, most all off who can all very plainly be base entirally off Jew and so-call Judenbase who had house phlight-spaces found on "Yidra'el" or odinantly in so-call AmeriKKKa and, but rooteinly, other unreputrible "jewrutes", as they say. So sooooory for staying again in rage. But
I Hate Bush!

Make NOTE JEW!!!

Ubin Rye Kim said...

Juche-type, manned-center-type systems inrolling DPRK goverment at it's very most, can also do as well or bette in preserving as a guide to model on over humnities needs and always will not never fail to provide joy to citizen and governent-styled secretions to it's leaders in a word made even notedly encreased in danger by so call intranation-style roques of nations of a kind such as U.S. and so-call Yidrael. This is why, for examptles, Jew know this is better, nearely because they are as bad, but because they are as worser.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Leader is about to kick the bucket. Hasta la vista, baby.

Anonymous said...

Choi Sun-young and Chang Yong-hoon = Recently in N. Korea, signs of preparation for post-Kim Jong-il era are showing up, prompting outsiders’ attention.

Two sons born from Kim Jong-il and his third wife Ko Yong-hee(deceased on May, 2004), Jung-chol(age:26,) and Jung-un(age: 23), are reportedly accompanying Kim Jong-il and showing up at various public events such as visit to military units.

The two sons used to frequently accompany Kim Jong-il’s visits to military units while their mother was still alive, but after her death, it was known to have stopped.

A source on N. Korea on (May) 27th said, “Kim Jong-il has not chosen his successor, but we believe that he has one of the two in mind. He must be evaluating them to see who is more suitable while bringing them around during his visits to military units.” . In particular, the second son Jung-chol reportedly studied military sciences such as ‘Military Leadership of Juche’ from 2001 to last April at a special class of Kim Il-sung Military University, which is educating high-level military officers while the third son, Jung-un also did from 2002 to last April.

While alive, their mother strongly pushed for the study at Kim Il-sung Military University, asserting that her sons should inherit Kim Jong-il’s Military First Policy. As a result, a special class was reportedly set up exclusively for them.

Other sources on N. Korea said, “The two sons presented a military doctrine realizing ‘Military Leadership of Juche’ at a public event where Kim Jong-il was present. It drew applauses from Kim Jong-il.”

Kim Jong-il once put the resolution of succession problem on hold, fearing that it will turn him into a lame-duck, issuing stern instruction to ban any discussion on the matter on Dec., 2005. It appears that he brought up succession issue again, taking his sons along at public events, because his health is deteriorating recently.

This year, Kim Jong-il showed up at 23 public events until May 27th, which is nearly half the number of 42 events during the same period last year.

He has been paying careful attention to his health, but his diabetes, heart and liver problem are getting worse these days, it is said.

Some analysts speculate that Fidel Castro’s situation might have prompted Kim to attend to succession problem again. Cuba maintains the similar political system as N. Korea, and Castro had surgery due to intestinal bleeding, but his recovery is slow. His power was transferred to his brother Raul Castro

It is expected that the resurfacing of succession issue could trigger intense power struggle in N. Korea.

Currently, Jung-chol and Jung-un are ahead in the game, accompanying Kim Jong-il at public events, but their half-brother Jong-nam(age:36,) born from Kim Jong-il and late Sung Hye-rim, and Kim’s fourth wife and current first lady Kim Ok could both emerge rapidly as their competitors

Especially the vestige of Confucianism remains in N. Korea. Succession by the eldest son could be still a preferred way. In that sense, the tradition favors Kim Jong-nam.

Furthermore, Kim Jong-nam is reform-minded, favoring open door policy, and maintains a good relationship with China, N. Korea’s chief sponsor, all of which would make Jong-nam a thorn in the eyes of Jung-chol and Jung-un.

Kim Jong-nam survived an assassination attempt by the faction of Jung-chol and Jung-un while visiting Austria on Nov., 2004. He escaped with the help of Austrian intelligence.

Cho Myung-chol, a researcher at KIEP, Korea Institute for International Economic Policy, and a former professor of Kim Il-sung University said, “Jung-chol or Jung-un could not be a real successor unless they physically eliminate (the eldest son) Kim Jong-nam.”

Some even claim that death of Kim Yong-soon, a confidante of Ko Yong-hee, in a traffic accident in 2003, was actually a hit by Kim Jong-nam’s people inside N. Korea.

It is apparently unavoidable that the intense power struggle between Kim Jong-il and his rival and half-brother Kim Pyong-il, current N. Korean Ambassador to Poland, while Kim Jong-il was trying to succeed Kim Il-sung, is to be played out again for succession to the third generation leader.

In addition, Kim Ok, at a relatively young age of 43, who is also a mid-level official at State Defense Commission and deeply involved in Kim Jong-il’s political matters, is another variable which cannot be ignored in the succession struggle.

Kim Ok is known to have influenced Kim Jong-il behind the scene to postpone the naming of the successor. She is reportedly building her power base by putting her confidante on important posts, for fear that she may be pushed to the fringe of power once Kim’s successor is named and establishes his power.

The sources predicted, “It is quite possible that there would be a 3-way power struggle among the eldest brother Jung-nam, (the remaining) brothers of Jung-chol and Jung-un, and young new wife Kim OK. Those in the inner circle of power will have to choose their side, and it could hasten the process of Kim Jong-il turning into a lame-duck.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

and what you thinking, to an end off of Juche era? OK. let me spill it all on crackor tables: JUCHE NEVER DIE!!! No way!!! Beside dear Leader not old or feebel like imperialisms, so why he soon die?

Ubin Rye Kim said...

Nore will Dear Leade will not never be no "lame ducks", as they say. south "Fake" Korea give those land and they eat on to coroniomists lifting off on it, who are awful drunken and are very dreddly.

Anonymous said...

Monday is Memorial Day in the United States. This is a day in which Americans honor military veterans who have died defending the country, including those who died defending Korea from the communist Maoist puppets who are running an illegitimate government in
the northern part of the country.

Viejo Facha said...

Thus is the wisdom of our leader who constructed the planes one by one with his own hands at the spare time.

Grory to the Socialism!!

Comrade Chin Gao

Unknown said...

You obviously know nothing about airplanes Songun.. All that footage was old (not to mention that the plane that crashed in Toronto in the video was a British Nimrod.. I was there that day). If you have an air force as large as the USAF you will have accidents every now and then. ( I liked the world war 2 footage by the way.. it helps make your argument more relevent.. oh wait!)
In fact, I'm sure the accident record for the DPRK air force is much worse since all the planes are very old, and your country lacks the funds and energy to maintain such a force. Your propaganda is ridiculous, but this comparison is laughable. Only the naive would fall for this. Next time maybe you should do more research than fellating your dear leader and watching the only channel on you TV, the government channel.

Sonnabend said...

Your MiGs vs US F-22 = MiG is a smoking hole in the ground.

Stealth fighters, stealth bombers, Predator drones, F22, FA18...the US has massive air superiority, not to mention that your technology is more than thirty years out of date.

Your juche will be cooked if you even try it.

Trapped In A Capitalist Cupcake said...

Amazing, Comrade. That was so revealing about the true humanity and social justice of Juche.

Thank you so much!

자유와평화 said...

어린아이마냥 유치하다.
조선의 전투기와 미국의 전투기를 비교한답시고

조선쪽의 비디오는 멀쩡히 나는 전투기만 찍어놓은 것을,
미국쪽의 비디오는 사고가 나 영상만 모아놓은 것을 올려놓고 비교를 한다니

이래서 미친 공산당정부는 안된다.

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