Monday, May 07, 2007

True Face Of Australia

Led by a nazi.


Ubin Rye Kim said...

John Coward is one of the world worst, who has visited very stoogelike behaviors for the AmeriKKKans, enabling Nazis in Brisbane to try repeatedly for a juden-victory in Korea where wicked Japs and south "fake" Koreans, located for example in "Inchon" or "Pyongthaek", but mostly in the slumly "Seoul", take bribes and offer thier womenfolk in great gesture and number to Nazi imperialist so-call "servicemen" swimming in from AmeriKKKa and from "Australia".

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

Well, even spot cock right twice today, you see? I may be clazy, but I knwo NAZI when I see one.

Death to ME!!!

Trapped In A Capitalist Cupcake said...

Stupid Imperialist Nazis... They have nothing on Dear Leader. No honor, no respect, nothing to teach!

rebecca said...

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Darcy said...

your cool mate,

this might change your idea of Australia