Thursday, May 10, 2007

Amerikkkan Cat Abuse

More reasons to hate Amerikkka.

Death to Amerikkka!


Ubin Rye Kim said...

Thank you comrade,
for shedding so much light on such a manner AmeriKKKan and fellow con-men lackey aggreshors cenvieniently are ignoring, for the even useally worse. In AmriKKKa, it quite commen to trap one or two or three or even seven too abussing and saddamising big dimmesticals and felines dimesticating housecat, generately growing them accussom on exposing and on tressing and peppnatings his genital abusses, trying in as they say "stickin' it in deep", and even many of the time these with so-call funny "sextruel" filfthlier jucies useally, which is a greater crime against all humanities.

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

Hory Clap!!! Therapy seem to bes wroking!!! I startting making senses again!!!

In some decadent imperialsit running dog lackey pinko country, bushist toe-sucking pimphign wohring stooges of oil wasting consumer materialist pigs actually having the sexrual rerationshits with a big mac!!! I not kid you you cnat' making stuff this up!!!

LOL!! I feeling much more better good now!!!

Death to ME!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a true and accurate example of the jap puppet bushist lunatics who abuse cats to prove their manhood.

Ubin Rye Kim said...


Of course, it is well known that fifthly Jewer, juden stoogemans, of a known "Jew" so-call "heritage", on the very lower rung actingly and rapeatly are making cats regreivible to the WORST on "Yankleey-like" atrochious, warlike high-handningness, which, if only proper dealtht on handlings, must be put to a great seccesions sooner than possible, and whose endings surely would be put on gatings, correvtly!!!


Ubin Rye Kim said...

In fewer exapples:
Repression by s. "Fake" Korean Military Authorities Denounced
Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- The All-People Measure Committee for Checking the Expansion of the U.S. Military Base in Phyongthaek reportedly held a press conference in front of the Defence Ministry building in Seoul on May 4 in denunciation of the indiscriminate suppression by the south Korean military authorities and their seizure of land aimed at expanding the U.S. military base.
Speakers at the press conference recalled that the ministry let loose an army force to reduce the Taechu Primary School in Phyongthaek City, Kyonggi Province, to ruins 1 year ago, and demanded that those responsible, including the minister of Defence who ordered brutal forced evacuation, be punished.
They deplored the miserable lot of the south Korean people who were deprived of their land of living and burdened even with the expenses for the transfer of the U.S. military base and for the depollution of the U.S. military bases by the U.S. and the flunkeyist traitor forces, including the Defence Ministry, obedient to it.
They said the U.S. military base should not be transferred but be totally dismantled.
The press release read out at the conference pointed out that the expansion of the U.S. military base was aimed to realize the U.S. forces' "strategic flexibility". And it declared that the measure committee would wage a more valiant fight for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces.

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

Hey false me. I so sirry when I you, or when you me. What you thimk you to be doing posting such stuffs on highry steamed and much-remraked but littel talked about so-called Songun Blob? You so full of myslef it make my ear watetr.

You see? No one care what you posting from PDRK poopaganza wesbite, you see? No one care if you post from so-call CNN or ABC or XYZ, you see? They all putting makeup on they minds before come here, and rooking for so-call "view of point" that a] they all redy do to be in some form of agrueable state in with, and b] they think to be in great nmeasure of confirmty with highry-honerabel and much amdired, but little-notid, jusche fulloposy sylte hummerus of a most funny natuer, the most of the funny of the untire universus, and getting so more every day of juchi calandar, you see?

And all hwo do to post so-call comment on Somgun Blob do to have very littel for to be said and really are just in sttate of to be wanting hear them selvses' words, you see?

It one big juiche jerkle-cirk!!!

You see?

So why not you don't be to (as imperialsists do to say) "righten up" and get in more jucihe spirtit, you think so? This would make you much most happiest. And you knp0w when you happy, I happy.

Death to ME!!!

Ubin Rye Kim said...

I HATE busch!!! I must did have to matched and "locked up", and make quite personals a well, my rael blog when phonely, lying "secret swervers", who are very treacherly, are plaquericing and stealing from the materals I post therein. "Defending The Flag" is, thenrefoure,..deading??

I'm not feel too good now.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

they kept spramping my re-mails too. sentting and senting an senting an senting an senting to. Youre knew?

Ricardo López Göttig said...

Is this all you can say about Americans? What about the totalitarian regimen in North Korea? What about the slaves in North Korea, that cannot go out of the country? What about the North Korean people who is starving? I love cats, but lunatics are all around the world, and Kim Jong il is one of them...

Unknown said...

Ehh the guy was making the video for entertainment purposes. Can't you get a laugh out of it? Lol, you people have no sense of humor whatsoever.

Anyway, saying that ALL Americans are abusive would be downright stereotypican and insulting. In fact, we Americans have an organization called PETA (People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals), an animal rights organization, which, as its name suggests, protects the rights of animals. Anyone who abuses his/her pet will likely get a lawsuit (which could result to paying fines or landing in jail). So please do not say that Americans are cruel. Because we are not.

Rebecca said...

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Unknown said...

Kim Jong Il sucks dicks.