Monday, May 07, 2007

Let Us All Hate Amerikkka More To Death!

This video progressivedocumentary using the progressive reality-based proletarian worldview show that the proper progressive way to hate Amerikkka is to hate all Amerikkkans. To death.

Death to Amerikkka!


Ubin Rye Kim said...

This has been shown to be the correct way to hate AmeriKKKa even more. To hate it to DEATH is very resenting, which win the support of every breathing, thinking progressive juchean, because to be a juchean means being each and ALL of those thing together as an indivisible "one".

Ubin Rye Kim said...

For instance:
This is a grave obstacle to the peace process on the Korean Peninsula as it means a fresh move to tighten the military alliance between the U.S. and Japan and clearly indicates that they have no willingness to push forward the six-party talks.

Dizzy: Unholy. said...

Maoists are following Marx.

Marx was a Jew.

You are a Maoist.

You are following a Jew.

You have a Jewish ideology.

americarox said...

Wow it's amazing how hateful some people are "True Face of France, True Face of Japan, True Face of Australia, Let us hate Amerika more."

Banner of Songun, why are you full of so much hatred? Your posts on this blog show that you hate everything, and everyone. You can never understand what happens in the world if you hate it so much.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

Maoists are following Marx.

Marx was a Jew.

It is much claimed, but litte support assortions you, and those like you, are making, very much of the time and very regressingly to. But I do not clearly very well see what is the relavince or relations to the topic. Juche man-center superior model on society is the origin meaning the basus of Korean-style peoples in DPRK, not swaying under the hgemonies of U.S. tutelage like south "Fake" Koreans do. This is why we are superior at every level in the living standards and general qualaties of our societies, respectly.

Ubin Rye Kim said...

Your posts on this blog show that you hate everything, and everyone.

Wow you are soo exceptionly in youre IQ and brains ablities, idiot!!! You ilk raerly do uncourage me on rage. Comrade Songun Banner is haTTing "everyone" and of "everything" becaue of lustratingly good and breefs example indictations with good clarity of how the so-call "AmeriKKKa" "Autralia", "France" "Jappan" leech on the civilalien world in brigandly, bellicose mannours?!? yes? Yes??? Its is clear as noonsday that "americarox" has a very regressingly dificating "world-views", now.

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...



Death to ME!!!

ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

So sorry. I just kidding.

Death to me!!!

Ubin Rye Kim said...

You see, everyones knowing who that gederalants and piosounus AmeriKKKans are in theirs, who have asrtulatingly ands aslutally no readdingess or busyingly thing tyring on how to promporting their brigandeering Zionist, Jew, juden-mantra's on souvering Noth Korea (IDEALs!!!) national identicals in concshiousnuss, which is, hovewever made no less bette by inrullentingly seaking oute and sirching profits, poluteing everwyhere four it to!!! I just hope everyone knowing it now, beacuase I truely and now very gleareingly ivyus in grave rage, I guess.
You love life and you lerant more too.


ubin shooby-doobin kim said...

What I said.

Death to ME!!!

Napostriouf Sar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Napostriouf Sar said...

What does the Quebec have to do with the rest of the occident rich people? Do you know reality about the Quebec? Where rich people living in the Western of Montréal Jewish organisation. These filanthrope, people that walking over us, like if we were an inferior people. They do to us, like they do the 3rd world. Do you know, that most french speaking people win around 16000$ per year, when the price of life are ajusted to 23000$ per year. Do you know, if we have an illusion of quality of life here, it's because of Bikers that they're giving us some potable job to being able to paid own appartement? Do you know, that we're always compared to richest when we don't even have the half? Do you know that we are a people that have survived to the genocide between 1970 'till 1989 (that UN and Canada because of status in the organisation doesn't reconized) over 300 000 people disapeared and 100 000 has refugied in multiple country, that have stoped when Bikers of Hochelaga at Montreal takes control of some desk of the governement? Do you know that undercover agent of Canadian Military does controling NEFAC and RASH organisation at western of Montreal? Thoose two false anarcho-communist, yes two pseudo-organisation, with RICH member that winning about 80 000 per year in the military as undercover, coming from Vancouver. Do you know, that is theese undercover that making us Quebecers bad reputation like if we were fascist, but that's not true, all we want, it's being liberated from this? We don't hate immigrant that's a lie. We love people, the only things the we're fighting against it's the fact that immigrant are used like a propanganda this for the Canadians and Americans imperialism. That's the reticence that Quebecers does having with immigration, however, most of us, have an immigrant as best friend in our own common. That's even our way to being able to escape a bit to our destiny. Like this, we're more harder to be aimed but we still an aimed. If biker does dissapearing someday in Quebec, all will restart like 1970-1989. Exploitation we're living too like the 3rd living.

We pleased you to not associate us to theese Canadian and American facist. Thanks.

Napostriouf Sar said...

By the way, i agree with the most of things saying in this video.

Hero of Mt. Paektu said...

It is an irrefutable fact that some of the worst human rights abusers in the world are Canadians.

KCL said...

I find it extremely interesting that the state of human thought never really changes. Films eerily similar to those on this blog were made throughout the 20th century by many organizations, mostly by NAZIs and Communists, although American Newsreels from WWII and the early cold war also bare a similarity. However, the American Newsreels never advocated hate - which this clearly does - and it is an odd faculty of the human psyche that we reserve the greatest fear and hate within ourselves for that which is most similar to ourselves. Hence the paria of NAZIism on this page. In other words, the monomaniacal phobia of NAZIism expressed on this page is most likely brought on by a ralization of similarity - in the same way that homophobes fear homosexuality because they fear it in themselves. This page is an exelent study of the mind of totalitarianism - it is a window into the psychology that is necassary to allow such a state as North Korea.

blogagog said...

I had no idea homeless Americans were in the top 20% of the richest people in the world.

Next time I see one I'm going to say, "No, you give ME a quarter!"

BobT39 said...


1. Americans are richer than others
2. many people are very poor.

lead to

1. Americans exploit the poor
2. We should hate america

This makes no sense. You did not give any proof that Americans exploit others. All you said is that "there are rich people and poor people, therefore the rich exploit the poor. Also, Marxists have a proletarian view."

Nice argument :/

자유와평화 said...

세계의 부(富)는 소수가 독점하고 있고 그 소수의 대부분이 미국에 있다?

잘난 공산당 북조선은 무엇이 다른가?
공산주의 원칙대로 모든 부를 모든 인민이 평등히 공평히 분배해 가지고 있는가?

이러저러한 말도안되는 명분으로 고위간부들은 부를 축적하고 하위층 인민들은 배고픈 배를 움켜지고 죽어가는게 비극적인 북조선의 현실이고 그런 현실을 직시하지 못하고 이러한 거짓 영상물이나 만들어 배포하는 것이 역겨운 북조선의 현실이다.

공산주의는 실패했다! 주체사상이 뭐하는 개떡인지는 몰라도 그것이 인민들을 행복하게 하는 것이 아님은 북조선의 현실이 보여주고있다.

이 미친공산당아!
너희같은 거짓 이상론만 펼치는 미친놈들은 이따위 영상물을 배포할 자격이 없다.

Diogène said...

this hateful and offensive propaganda video is rather puzzling, since videos promoting the cooperation between DPRK and capitalists (super)powers can be found on the DPRK OFFICIAL website, especially in the BUSINESS SECTION. The official site praises the successful and healthy economies from the capitalists countries, such as South Korea, Japan, or the United States of America (U.S.A), and hopes for "peace and propsperity..." when analysing the Kaesong industrial project, and the joint venture with the Republic of South Korea.
You should check out the website,in order for you to understand the absurdity of your efforts to promote an economic (absent) system which only relies on the maintainment of a regime based on terror -DPRK notably uses concentration camps, torture (juche ideology), denounciation, ilegitimate use of force- and which ultimately tries to collaborate and work with the capitalist system in order to survive.
Please use your brains to promote the reunification of the Great Korea, and work on how a country (DPRK) which has gone through decades of economic disaster and complete absence of freedom can be re-integrated in the international system. This is hard work in perspective.
Just as "the guerrilla wins if it does not lose",time is the capitalist's side, not on your's. Capitalist system has already won its conflict with the communist system : Russia is now fully capitalist, and China is becoming the n°1 capitalist power in the world- so get used to it.
All North Koreans who can escape will find help upon arriving in our countries; we share your pain and we want all north koreans to get access to decent shelters, food, water, sanitation, and above all HUMAN RIGHTS.
You have all been endoctrinated and brainwashed, and you promote a system which is long-dead, while you should be working on implementing a resistance and guerrilla war against the regime,the military using Giap 's legacy, in order to reunite with South Korea and become an independant people.
Keep in mind that the few millions of healthy and wealthy north koreans who live in pyongyang posess 95% of DPRK's capita, while the 50 millions reamining die every day in horrible conditions.

rebecca said...

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Songun=crapola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Songun=crapola said...

For God's sake, I know you are some kind of bloody propaganda agent. You've been brainwashed since your childhood to 'love' your 'great leader' who when he dies, will be equated with Hitler, Stallin, and more of the world's infamous fuck-ups. Open your eyes! Your leader starves your people, sends them to concentration camps for any deceit, and strikes fear into his population to keep in power. Your leader's policy of Juche, proclaims all self-reliance. Your leader lives in grand palaces, stocked with all kinds of foreign foods and goods. He has a collection of 20,000 foreign films, 100+ foreign limousines, and a bunch of other FOREIGN stuff. You can tell me that my country lies to me, but I won't believe you. I'm a Luxembourg citizen residing in San Francisco as an expatriate. You can say that North Korea has no human rights issue, you can say that everything us westerners think about North Korea is fake, you can tell me that Kim Jong il is the greatest man alive. All a fucking joke to me. But, it's not like I think the US and the western world are completely innocent. Iraq was a huge mistake for us, it's embarrassing to know NATO participated in it. US foreign policy is to me, rediculous. Bush might have been a bad president, but the USA is now under Barrack H. Obama. I have high hopes for him, and high hopes for the USA. I would take Bush any day to lead my country over Kim Jong il. North Korea is to me, fascist. Fascism evolves blaming minorities and other countries for all your nations problems. Fascism requires your citizens submit to a certain lifestyle. All freedoms are abolished, so in reality, the closest to Nazi Germany your going to get to is North Korea. All your videos advocate hate and violence towards the Western world. Many of your videos are extremely anti-Semitic, which makes me sick. Even more similarities with Nazi Germany. Disgusting.

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