Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27th Victorious Day Of Juche Korea

On June 25th 1950 the criminal US imperialists invaded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea to start the Korean War in a mad bid to stifle the progressive force of revolutionary socialist country-building along man-centered mass-based Juche lines of the Korean people to enslave them and perpetrate the entire genocide as a stepping-stone towards their mad dream of conquering the world to subject it to the darkness of capitalist oppression.

However the Korean people solidly united behind the Great Leader Eternal President Marshal Kim Il Sung defeated the aggressors and honorably defended the young republic. The Fatherland Liberation War ended on July 27 1953 with the surrender of the US imperialists and the total victory of the Korean people.

July 27th is since then a day of celebrating the courage and mettle of the Korean People's Army and the greatness of the Great Leader Eternal President Kim Il Sung as well as Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, and invincible military commander.


Anonymous said...

The US doesn't want to takeover the DPRK. They don't care about the DPRK. The US went to war with the DPRK because they didn't want Korea to have the unstable regime North Korea currently has. It can also be said that they wanted another nuclear umbrella in Asia with Japan during the cold war. The US has tensions with the DPRK now because they are unstable and the US doesn't want them to have any capability of attacking another country.
BTW South Korea doesn't even want to be united with North Korea. North Korea is too different in their politics. How can an elected leader work with a dictator? Moreover, the South Korean economy can't even handle the extra people that would need aid from North Korea.

Anonymous said...

After the US and the Soviet Union divided the Peninsula in two, Kim Il Sung was appointed by Stalin to administer over the North partition. Almost immediately, he attempted to invade the American-administered South, hence the Korean War. The Americans and allies repelled the invasion and installed a dictatorship (yes! ... only recently democratized), committing serious atrocities along the way. Kim Il Sung then developed his leadership into a personality cult, and his family has maintained power until today though systematic brainwashing and fear-mongering.

South Koreans most certainly desire reunification (hence a very active ministry devoted to that purpose), but the North has repeatedly interfered with this process, such as failing to complete their end of a North-South rail system (despite being funded by SK) and have cancelled North-South family reunions.

The Americans have no interest in regime change in the North. They see the atrocities as an internal matter and are anxious only to maintain stability in the region. SK is the same. Reunification is possible through a heterogenous system of socialism in the North and capitalism in the south, if both Kim's regime is allowed to remain and the Americans are allowed to maintain their current interest.

Anonymous said...

South Korea does have a ministry dedicated to the reunification but, the possibility of a unification is impossible anytime in the near future. The regimes cannot coexist between each other in a reunification. But they can open their doors to each other. To compare the DPRK and SK gov't is an oxymoron.

The railway isn't being completed because North Korea doesn't want to destablize their current national security. In other words, with the building of a railway system, it leaves too many flaws as far as hitch-hiking in or out of North Korea. North Korea has been very successful at maintaining their borders thus far.

The only interest the US has in North Korea is making sure that they don't develope "weapons of mass destruction." They don't want to destroy the DPRK, which is what the DPRK preaches in the KCNA website.

follower of the Great Leader Jon Stewart said...

Well, North Korea already has WMD's. They have an extensive chemical arsenal that they inherited from the Soviets and is treated as a part of their conventional doctrine. They have an active development programme and are exporters of conventional weapons. But, the US didn't invade them because they have the fifth largest army in the world and a fifty-thousand warheads pointed at South Korea.

The US only wants to keep the region stable. Clinton's strategy was to negotiate aid for cessation of arms development, but Bush has ruined this with his strategy of delay -- delay until Kim Jong Il's regime implodes internally. There is some evidence this may happen, but, as Madeleine Albright has said, it is silly to build security policy on a wish and a prayer.

Anonymous said...

my friend we must adanve the Juche idea through our solidarity struggles (U.S.) here we have great success. . i thank you comrade

mindless follower of Juche said...

Yes, Comrade! Adanve the Juche idea! Adanve it!


I luurrrvee my Dear Leader.

Anonymous said...

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Taegukgi said...

Victorious Day in Korea!

Anonymous said...

I like it! Good job. Go on.

Len said...

HAHAHA. Defeated the agressors? The North Koreans failed to engulf South Korea. The allies won the war and the unfortaunte people in NK were left to starve and die.

Anonymous said...

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