Friday, June 02, 2006

Bush Leading "USA" To Fascism

The crazy criminal capitalist Bush styles himself to be a champion of "democracy" yet blatantly flouts the very basis of democracy by making all sort of abuse upon the youths of the world.

Bush is now set to sign away the free speech rights of US progressives to further stifle dissent at home and abroad in a bid to silence the people into accepting his illegal fascist rule that is the most murderous in humankind history with a law making it illegal to protest against the criminal US military.

This move has US progressive peace activist Comrade Rev. Fred Phelps raising the issue of democratic rights, saying that the criminal Bush is "'blatantly violating the First Amendment' rights to free speech in passing the bill."

So much for "free speech" in the "USA". On the other hand the free speech rights of Koreans are protected under the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. US progressives such as Comrade Dr Peter K. Fallon Ph.D. or Comrade Noam Chomsky should seek asylum there and so enjoy true freedom under the warm fatherly care of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il.


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Anonymous said...

I happened to land upon this article via StumbleUpon. I detest Bush as much as the next person, but what it seems you're not noticing here is that the law would prohibit the sort of disgraceful funeral protests that Fred Phelps has been doing. Look up the Westboro Baptist Church. While the law brings up some interesting free speech issues, I personally think the families of the dead soldiers deserve some legal footing for protection from this sort of harassment. How would you feel if you were a parent burying your son while just 50 feet away there were protestors marching with signs saying "Thank God for dead soldiers"?

Anonymous said...

Ah, I neglected to note the references to Kim Jong Il later in your post. Hm...well, that would explain why you wouldn't know who Rev. Phelps is. It would explain why you refer to him as a progressive, when he is about as reactionary as they come. Anyway, this isn't an issue of dissent against the war (that's a whole other story). This is an issue of respect to the war dead.

Anonymous said...

""How would you feel if you were a parent burying your son while just 50 feet away there were protestors marching with signs saying "Thank God for dead soldiers"?""

Guess I'd just feel like a fucking idiot for having let him/her join the army in the first place.

I might even feel that all the dead Iraqi children are equally dishonoured by the PRO-WAR group and it's demonstrations.

This is not about respecting the dead. Fuck that. Respect life instead. End War.

Maybe all the IDIOTIC parents who mourn their DEAD SOLDIER KIDDIES deserve some kind of, not respect, but.... ah, fuck it, they deserve nothing. Soldiers KILL PEOPLE. That is elementary. The other thing soldiers do is DIE.

So go to the funerals. Raise your voices high in defiance and disrespect. You owe them nothing, they gave nothing for you. Their blood was shed for geo-politics, drugs and oil. Not for you. They have been point men in the massacre of PEOPLE in sovereign nations.

They are Invaders and should die as such. They are the FUCKING IDIOTS who make war possible. They are CANNON FODDER for the system. They are Henry Kissingers "dumb stupid animals" to be "used in the enforcement of foreign policy."

Respect to the war dead? Killers do not deserve respect. Invaders are not defending their country, they are raping another. They deserve the deaths.

And, pleasantly, insurgent and resistance attacks are at the highest levels in two years.
At least ONE death per day. AT LEAST! {thank God it's usually 5-6! only 1 a day would be depressing!}


{or thank Allah if you please... no matter His name He really is Great, isn't He???}

Anonymous said...

I think regardless of your stance on the war (I personally am against it), I just think the soldiers' families are entitled to privacy when they grieve. And even if the soldier in question killed people, even if some of them happened to be civilians, they are still entitled to a funeral.

And it was not the soldiers' choice to invade. It was the president's. They're doing their job. It's unfortunate, but it's their job. (In some cases, it isn't really even their job, because Bush has called up National Guardsmen from the individual states, as the Constitution allows him.) To avoid going into combat, there's a lengthy, uncertain process of applying to be a Conscientious Objector. And if that doesn't work, you're shit out of luck.

Anonymous said...

tyler, I can see your point and understand your position. Yeah, murderers are allowed funerals.... BUT there is no sanctity anymore with grief. Think of all those weeping Iraqi women with CNN cameras shoved in their faces... all to the tune of JUSTICE and FREEDOM etc... where's the respect for Iraqis?

So no, I don't think that protesting at soldiers funerals is bad. What better time to ram home the pointlessness and stupidy of the WHOLE thing? What better time to remind the people present that that guy is dead because of them and their bullshit propaganda about freedom and democracy? Because of their "way of life" and all the other brainless crap that Americans lap up by the gallon.

As for soldiers Choice. They CHOSE that profession. They did it themselves. It's totally irrelevant after that. They signed up knowing some half-wit commander in chief could send them to die. God, if they signed up in the last six years they deserve to die, and have obviously CHOSEN in favour of war, of slaughter.
I don't even give a fuck about the low-socio-economic soldiers. I don't give a fuck if they joined to get an education. It saddens me that the bulk of the marines are african american / hispanic. But... they still join.

I don't care about the WHY. They joined. Fuck Them! So, no. That shit doesn't cut it. They joined up. They die or kill, or kill and die. Boo Hoo.

Anyone who has joined Americas armed forces is truly stupid if they didn't realise that America is a bloodthirsty empire and will ALWAYS be going off to invade some country. So the, "duh, yeah I joined up but never thought we'd go to war", routine is total bullshit.

RE: the national guardsmen. GOOD POINT! but to quote you: "called up National Guardsmen from the individual states, as the Constitution allows him." So they joined up knowing they could get called to war??? If they read the paperwork, fuck them too. If they didn't read that clause, well fuck them for not reading thoroughly.

No sympathy, I am sorry.

"To avoid going into combat". Like the way you and I have found... i.e. NOT BEING FUCKING STUPID ENOUGH TO JOIN THE ARMY IN THE FIRST PLACE....

Sorry bout that. To avoid going into combat, how about spell in Leavenworth [i THINK that's the name, i'm sure you know the place]... some hard labour and DIShonourable discharge. Conscientious Objection aside, how about "fuck you, I'm not going!"? And cop the jail term. And the discharge. Least you're alive. At least you can't become a murderer. And best, you won't die and I won't celebrate your death.

I also hear that Canada has helped out some soldiers that had the brains courage and moral fiber to go awol....

Soooooooooo, there's no excuse. You join, you're an idiot. You let your kids join, you deserve to have them torn from you. Your friends join, lose your friends. If your brother/sister wants to join, beat them senseless. For fucks sake, realise that the insanity begins and ends with us!!!

no soldiers = no war ... it's not rocket science

I've worn out my point and used alot of bad language. For THAT i will apologise.

Anonymous said...

Let me put this a different way, try to put a different perspective on the Fred Phelps situation. Let's say you walk at a crosswalk when suddenly an 18-wheeler comes out of nowhere and turns you into a road pancake. At your funeral, your family is grieving. Your parents lost a son. Your family lost a loved one, your friends lost a buddy, et cetera. But not 20 feet away there are people marching and shouting, waving signs saying "THANK GOD FOR MACK TRUCKS" and "GOD HATES FAGS" and harassing your loved ones, shouting that you were killed as God's retaliation for this country's acceptance of homosexuality. Now do you see the problem here?

Anonymous said...

Sorry tyler, your analogy is total bullshit, and no comparison at all.

Lets say, you're playing chicken with 18-wheelers, i.e. standing in the middle of the road to force them to swerve around you so you can gleefully clap your hands together, jump up and down and yell "CHICKEN" at the truck driver. Your parents, family and friends are watching from the porch, laughing and applauding your efforts. No one stops you. God, do they even try???

Then you get wiped out. [maybe BEFORE killing X amount of truck drivers, motorists and pedestrians, maybe AFTER.] At the funeral people are marching and shouting "THANK GOD FOR DRIVERS THAT DON'T SWERVE" and the ever popular: 'GOD HATES "CHICKEN" PLAYERS'. Now, in this scenario, remember that CHICKEN is a legal, government approved patriotic activity. That it somehow serves America and it's people. The crowds are screaming that you were killed as God's retaliation for the countrys acceptance of playing CHICKEN.

Boo Hoo.

Tyler, the analogy don't fit. Show me a Dead DRAFTEE and I'll show you someone who was "accidentally" run down by an 18 wheeler. Show me anyone else and I say GOOD, THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE JOINED UP TO START WITH, THEY'RE DEAD NOW, GOD I PRAY FOR THE SOULS THAT THIS ANIMAL CRUELLY SUNDERED FROM THE MORTAL PLANE.

And I'll admit that I'm no theologian. But I do understand that Gods [or whatever else you call it] ways are mysterious. I also know that what goes around comes around, and not in the wishy washy buddhist sense of the meaning. Just the cold hard reality. Invaders kill and invaders die. Let us not mourn them. Give them no respect, they have earned none.

And their families? Well where the fuck were they on enlistment day???

Anonymous said...

advocate of sin

So there are 2 things that US Soldiers are capable of doing: Die or Kill. Thats it?!! NOTHING ELSE! They don't deploy troops when they have instances of "natural destructions" (earthquake, volcano eruptions, mud slides, floods, drought, famine, etc)? They don't provide food, shelter, medical supplies and attention, etc? Where are you at? To say that they only do the 2 is ignorant. Not everyone in the military is with the infranty. There are nurses, doctors, cooks, mechanics, engineers, signal people, (notice that these folks use tools to work and not on patrol). True, there are tons and tons of infantry guys but there are also tons of other "soldiers".

The people who join up are stupid? Can they be hungry too? Can they be looking to get a college degree? Can they want to travel and see the world? Obviously you don't have a need for the military in the way of protection, money, etc.

Like you equation goes: no soilders = no war. Well...lets see. All those "refugees" who are getting shot and killed in Africa (The country slips my mind) by soldiers. One side is getting killed and the other side is doing the killing. Then you put in the UN "peacekeepers" and then the shooting and killing stops (not all the time but most). So how can your argument be feasible? Didn't the existence of soldiers just prevent more killings?

Don't judge a people by their leaders and the crap the news shows you. Go out and meet some. I am willing to say that more than 85% of them are good decent people who want to server their country and feed their family. Why do I say that? I went out and met some, have some in my family and all that jazz~

Anonymous said...

Wow... You are completely out to lunch.

This is crazy: " speech rights of Koreans are protected under the Constitution of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. US progressives such as Comrade Dr Peter K. Fallon Ph.D. or Comrade Noam Chomsky should seek asylum there and so enjoy true freedom under the warm fatherly care of Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il."

You're telling me that I can start a newspaper in North Korea and print only articles that are critical of the government if that's what I want to do? ...Or stand up in the town square and give a speech about how the the 'Dear Leader' is an idiot?

If that's what you're saying, I simply don't believe you, and niether do Noam Chompsky or Dr. Fallon ...or they would probably be over there. I suspect they prefer to stay here where they are free to publish what they want.

I thought this site was a joke but it is too slick to be some kids hobby.. You are either working for the N.Korea government or are the most deluded person on the whole Korean peninsula.

Who is the intended audience here? No one who has lived or visited the West would begin to take you seriously.

Someone with their head screwed on right.

Someone with

Banner Of Songun said...

Comrade Anonymous User sorely needs to take black pine needle extract in large doses lest he falls into the bottomless pit of irreversible insanity at one stroke.

Why would anyone be interested in criticising Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, political genius, prolific author, prodigious humanist, superior scientist, wisest teacher, invincible military commander and Immortal Sun of the 21st Century?

No Korean would ever want to. Not because of some farcical far-fetched political oppression, but because the Leader is flawless. How can one sane person criticise perfection? To criticise there must be flaws to expose and the Leader who is the peerlessly Great Man of Mt Paektu born on the Sacred Mountain being perfect has not a flaw.

Bush on the other hand is the most vilesome lowest form of war criminal mental retard enemy of humankind castigated by all world progressives as the worst human rights abuser in humankind history and his latest moves to round up and execute political dissidents in the US is cause for concern and political asylum is always open for even US progressives in the DPRK so that they may continue to bring down the criminal capitalist US imperialist system unimpeded.

Only an insane asylum escapee would not realize that.

Anonymous said...

Comrade songun once again enlightens us with eternal wisdom. That said, yes Comrade Anonymous User, if you wanted to, you could start a newspaper denoucing the great glory of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il along with reality and sanity in general. Korean people however, led by the flawless perfection of Dear Leader is immune to such stupidity and crimes against logical thinking.

Great praises to the Dear Leader, pinnacle of humananity and civilizer of all peoples!

Anonymous said...

Ad hominem is not logic. Do not mistake it as such, Banner of Songun.

Anonymous said...

banner of songun:

DAMN YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED! Did you even read what anonymous wrote? Did you even take time think before you stuck KimJongIls lil wee-wee in your mouth again? He asked if he was able to write comments denouncing the government and the fat fuck......the "Defender of the red flag" sure as hell thinks that denouncing the government and the fat fuck would be fine and that it would be useless since the N.Korean (oh sorry, all Korean) people are "immune" to such stupidity. Where do you guys live? Do you live in Japan? Do you live anywhere close to N.Korea?

Anyone who thinks that they are "free" in the north is out of their damn minds. Sure, I want the government to regulate the amount of food that I get. Sure I want to go to jail if I forget my gay KimIlSung/KimJongIl pin. Sure I want everyone around me to get shorter, skinnier and sick while the guy that runs the country is fat due to all the food and beer he consumes. Sure I want my army to train and use equipment from the 60's and 70's.

You guys started the Korean War (and lost because KimIlSung's objective was not met), lost the cold war (and your biggest economic partner) and will lose this everything when the chinese take everything away from you. Mark my words....someday the Chinese or the S. KOreans will be your masters...NOT THE FAT FUCK!!

Anonymous said...

Greetings to Comrade of hostility!

You are right! The one who you refer as the "fat fuck" will never be our masters for the great Korean people, led by the brilliant general of invincibility Kim Jong Il, will never sumbit to the war criminal George W Bush.

Infact, the day will come when the great Korean Peoples Army will liberate the American people from the "fat fuck" Bush, also known as war crminal of unspeakable crimes and antagonist of all cultures. Our currently oppressed and misguided southern brothers as well as the chinese allies will join us in this quest of justice and unifiy the world under the great banner of Songun.

If you have any doubts about starting a newspaper or vocing concerns of dillusion and misguidance in DPRK I urge you to express your selves freely. I am sure the great people of Korea will strive to find a cure for your mental illness, for Korean people led by the eternal humanist Kim Jong Il is most generous and understnding.

Anonymous said...

"Infact, the day will come when the great Korean Peoples Army will liberate the American people from the "fat fuck" Bush, also known as war crminal of unspeakable crimes and antagonist of all cultures."

What was that about the US being imperialist before? Hypocrisy much?

Anonymous said...

I am going to ask you a serious question and I hope you do answer w/ honesty:

Do you truly believe in your heart that entire world will unifiy under the banner of Songun?

China is going to take the Juche system and let the KimJongIl rule them? I truly doubt that.

Anonymous said...

It is fitting that Comrades of hostility and ignorance have names of untrue vulgar.

As for the answer to the question, yes, the triumph of Juche based ideology over all it's enemies is inevitable for one cannot fight the wheels of history as set to motion by the savior and father of all Korean people, eternal president Kim Il Sung. His great wisdom understood with utmost clarity by Dear leader Kim Jong Il will no doubt result in complete defeat of all imperialist warmongers. Many tribute to Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, gracing the Korean people with his flawless leadership and perfection!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you remember this conversation if a few years when the prision KimIlSung and KimJongIl built falls apart. REMEMBER THIS! DON'T EVER FORGET THIS! It will happen and everything you believed in will fall apart.

Hey did you hear that KimJongIl won yet another lottery? How cool is this guy? Not only does he take everything away from his people he also takes away the bullshit lottery that have? More food for the fat one. More N.Korean girly-men for the fat one. Do I see yet another house for him?

Everyone knows that if KimIlSung died by the hands and actions of KimJongIl.

Anonymous said...

Psst, to the above poster--your arguements are being overshadowed by the name you're using. "Kim Jong Il sucks donkey dick" does not a respectful alias make. Just a word from a friend.

Anonymous said...


I understand and respect your comment.

Anonymous said...


But Kim Jong Il does suck donkey dick. It's a poorly kept secret in Pyongyang that the Dear Leader is, in fact, a burro fellator.

Anonymous said...

haha and Kim Jong Il gets a woodie on his 1 inck dick and allows the donkey to cornhole so he gets a huge butt hole on drugs

Anonymous said...

We are so sorry that our imperialist asses actually got involved in WWII. We should just let well enough alone and none of this bullshit would be happening. You all would speak japanese and say 'domo arigato' when the emperor of japan wants your 2 year old daughter to intercourse with. We should never nuke japan either that was bad. We should just let Russia take over and it would still be today russia against usa!

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