Monday, May 29, 2006

Such Memorial For Criminals

Today is the criminal US imperialist holiday of the so called "Memorial" Day. On such a day the criminal US imperialist make much bluster about their so called remembrance of the "sacrifices" of their so called "servicepersons" in times of war pushing the lie into the dark realm of inverted reality mental derangement where up is down and top is bottom.

They make full claim of figthing in defence of "freedom", "human rights", and "democracy", the false signboard under which guise the criminal US imperialist mental retards cleverly hide their true colors of going about the world conquest to husher in an era of capitalist darkness devoid of morals and humanity.

The Korean War is one such exemple of US imperialist aggression against a peaceful nation but the criminal US imperialists were then foiled by the resolve and courage of the Korean people rallied in single-minded unity behind the Great Leader Marshal Kim Il Sung the peerlessly Great Man who defeated the criminal US imperialists aggressors at one masterfull blow who tried to stifle the then young socialist republic in its craddle.

However not all world people have been so fortunate. The country of France during the World War for exemple. During the World War that the criminal US imperialists launched in a bid of achieving world conquest, the criminal US imperialists made an unprovoked aggression by invading France in 1944.

The criminal US imperialists indeed invaded this country that had not a single ill will towards them, destroying the French cities, devastating the natural beauty, killing the French people and foreign tourists enjoying the beaches, toppling the legitimate government and replacing it with their own unelected little puppet general. They, the criminal US imperialists, called this event the Operation Overlord, thus displaying their flouting of human decency and international law by bragging of their colonial power status lording it over.

This is proven by the video which follows. It is but a part of a progressive documentary chronicaling and and exposing the criminal US imperialist warmongering aggression throughout history, revealing the true inhuman nature of dollar capitalism. This movie is a Songun Blog team project of full-length progressive history documentary using the socialist scientific dialectical materialism that cannot undone by reality.

Just watch "Operation Overlord".

Click picture to view video

Never forget.


Anonymous said...

I hope you decide to grow a pair...

Anonymous said...

Theatre of the absurd.

cocksmokers said...

If not the guy who writes this blog then who? WHO CAN BE THE WORLDS BIGGEST COCKSUCKER? Oh wait...Its gotta be a tie between KimIlSung and KimJongIl!

Those two can tag-team and cattle drive!! Brokeback Pyongyang!

Jonathan Murray said...

You forgot to mention the way the Frenchmen SMELL so BAD!

I'm sure there's an American at fault there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

They call it "the Killing Compound" – the area of Camp 22 in North Korea's largest concentration camp.

Hidden away in the mountains in a remote northeastern corner of North Korea, close to its borders with Russia and China, Camp 22 has been purpose-built for the regime's scientists to have an unlimited number of prisoners on which to experiment.

Thousands of men, women and children are trucked to the nearby town of Haengyong. There they wait and, just as Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele did at Auschwitz, the North Korean physicians single out those who will die in gas chambers, or in biological tests, or face death in the human dissection rooms.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! This site just gets weirder and weirder.

Anonymous said...

i can't wait until we nuke you to hell...then again, you're already there, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

This is one of the funniest websites I've ever encountered. Contradicting propaganda mixed with simple graphics and bizarre nationalist pride and misinformation.

I love it how the US was getting critisised for 'invading' France with footage of Flame thrower tanks and in a pro-North Korea propaganda film there is footage of their tanks doing the same thing with footage of military might.

If this is some kind of dry dry comedy website I commend you.

If it's not, it's the work of someone with some serious mental illness or Some North Korean Civil Servant. I really feel sorry for the people, they are really suffering at the moment over there and don't know any better. I can't say much of the rest of the world is better off but North Korean people are in a bad way.

No hard feelings to whoever you are. If you ever need to escape from DPRK, give me a call and we'll go out for a drink.


Anonymous said...

I salute you fellow Red Brother,

I was there when the KR marched into Phnom Penh and liberated the American Lon Nol Puppet Government.

We showed them, after 4 years the country unfortunately descended into chaos with 2 million of the 7 million population perishing and our Vietnamese 'Comrades' across the border came to 'Save Us' from Khmer Rouge infighting. Brilliant for the Cambodian population to be ruled by a Communist Big Brother. Luckily we are now ruled by the infamous 'Hun Sen' ex- Khmer Rouge officer and DPRK supporter. Fortunately he uses his iron fist to oppress any opposition.

We salute you NOrth Korea. We Love you baby!

Anonymous said...

me sucky sucky you long time, you like dat? GO KIm!

Anonymous said...

Hello...........the US invaded Normandy to liberate France from Nazi Germany.....stop being a chibai pukimak pantat diuniasing pillock.