Saturday, June 17, 2006

Wicked Jap Reactionaries Ready To Invade Korea

The criminal wicked Jap puppets of the criminal US imperialists, proud of styling themselves the "strongman" of Asia are setting upon a path of imminent re-invasion of the Korean peninsula as a stepping-stone to the conquest of the whole of Asia at the behest of the criminal Bush clique of crazy capitalist cowboyish colonial consumerists as revealed by this video obtained by the Songun Blog team of lucid reasonable progressive socialist scientists :

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This criminal pipedream of the criminal wicked Jap ultra far-right fascist reactionaries of the Koizumi clique is self-evident reports the Korean Central News Agency :

Japanese Reactionaries' Visits to "Yasukuni Shrine" under Fire

Pyongyang, June 15 (KCNA) -- The Japanese right-wing reactionaries' visits to "Yasukuni Shrine" are a challenge to the trend of history in which many countries of the world are get reconciled and cooperate with each other and making a new history of prosperity after settling their past wrongs, says Minju Joson Thursday in a signed commentary. The right-wing reactionaries in Japan are painting war criminals as "patriots" in a bid to make all members of society militarist fanatics on their pattern. It is to this criminal end that they are visiting the shrine before any others, the commentary notes, and goes on: It is the political creed of the Japanese right-wing reactionaries to realize their militarist ambition for overseas expansion. That is why they are sticking to this wrong political attitude even jeopardizing Japan's relations with other countries.

They consider it a way out for Japan to conquer other nations and become a leader of the Asian continent just as it did in the past.

But people with reason dismiss this as a pipedream and foresee that this would only lead the country to a total collapse.


def said...

In some ways it is a shame that criminal Japanese war-mongering fascist capitalists hesitate to re-invade Korea fearing the invincible KPA lead by the most brilliant tactician and strategist of human history, general Kim Jong Il, for it would be an occasion where untold vengeance will be held for the crimes against humanity caused by Japanese-rat like cowardly solders, weak and feable in morality and intelligence. Although the master general Kim Jong Il, inventor of genius tactics and victor of all battles is completely capable of wiping out all Japanese militarist scums from the face of this planet at this very moment, he spares them for the Dear leader, although infinitely capable and willing, is a man of peace and humanity, unlike the grand criminal of the white fascist house George W Bush, who launch preemptive strikes and commit genocide at will.

Banner Of Songun said...

Very well said comrade Defender of the Red Flag. You are a True Progressive.

def said...

Thank you comrade songun. I also salute your glorious efforts to enlighten all peoples worldwide!

Hold the banner high!

KnightofGoodMrIronMan said...

What movie was that?
Seems like it had better production value than the North Korean equivalant posted below...

Anonymous said...

genius tactics and victor of all battles??

I guess that is true...if you are zero for zero, than that is still 100% (in some twisted way).

comrade_tovarich said...


But that is the zenith of Marxism/Leninism/il-Sungism, is it not? Only by reducing all to zero--zero private property, zero independent reactionary thought, zero capitalist exploitation units (i.e., dollars)--will we achieve 100% equality! No nadir here, Dear Leader!

To the Revulsion,


Anonymous said...

I like sushi. But I also love bibimbap. What should I do?

Anonymous said...

You do relize that Japan's constitution makes it so that they can only defend themselves and makes it so the Japanese can't start a war. Also, they couldn't get their troops to another country much less invad it.Finally, are you guys actually commies, I want to hear from themselves.

Anonymous said...


Don't talk about food here....the North Koreans get confused. They only know of rice and corn...nothing else.

Anonymous said...


Sure, 0-for-0 makes everything equal. It makes everyone equally unmotivated to do shit, unhappy, uninterested, and unimportant. 0-for-0 is stupid. Plus I am was making a comment on how he did is not a true general because he did not fight or lead in any wars. If he learned it all from his father, well...there you go....that fool was a shitty general too...the war he started ended w/ the South Koreans and the UN throwing his fat ass back across the 38th parallel.