Friday, May 13, 2005

US Imperialists Should Look In The Mirror

The inhumanly arrogant war-mongering war-crazed Bush clique of capitalist cowboys, in their unbelievably unlimited arrogance keep referring unjustly to such progressive countries like the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, single-mindedly unified under the banner of Songun by the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il, as a so called "sponsor of terror" while it is they, the criminal gang of capitalist reactionary paper tigers of the so called "White" House, who are the biggest criminals and terrorists and true sponsors of terror.

Of course, the true progressive peoples of the world know what the real truth is, and castigate justly the US imperialists as the greatest sponsors of terror, pointing the sword of might of anti-US anti-imperialist revolutionary struggle right at the bloodied face of the Yankee consumerists of the criminal Bush clique of international gangsters, just like Cuba's Lider Maximo Comrade President Fidel Castro did today in a grandiose display of socialist lucidity to demand the war-monger war-crazed Bush, his hirelings and lap dogs cease and desist his murderous terror campaign against the peace-loving people of Cuba :

Castro calls for anti-US demonstration

Cuban leader Fidel Castro has called for a demonstration next Tuesday to protest against what he described as the support of the United States to an individual involved in terrorist acts against the island.

Castro condemned on Tuesday evening the refusal of the United States to capture and indict Cuban Luis Posada Carriles, who currently is in US territory, local media reported Wednesday.

"We won't just stay like this," Castro said. "We are going to demand justice and the end of support to assassins."

The demonstration will take place outside the United States Office for Cuban Interests, said the Cuban leader.

Posada Carriles, 77, was involved in the destruction of a Cuban airliner, killing 73 people in 1976 off the coast of Barbados, and a wave of bomb attacks on tourist centers resulting in the death of an Italian in 1997, in Havana.


Declassified US documents show that Posada Carriles, who is seeking asylum in the United States, spent years on the CIA payroll, reports said.

So this is the way of the US imperialist reactionaries : declare a so called "Global War on Terror" and then slander the Korean people by branding the Dear Leader Comrade Generalissimo Kim Jong Il the brilliant statesman, unparalleled humanist and invincible military commander who enjoys the undying loyalty of the Korean people single-mindedly rallied around his Songun politics in the defense of Korean-style socialism, by calling him a so called "sponsor of terror" in order to stifle the DPRK and its system, but on the other hand launch a genocidal terror campaign to assassinate the Great Leader of a country who's only crime is to have rejected the US reactionary consumerist capitalist system of humiliation and enslavement in favor of the utopian socialist worker's paradise.

If he is so keen on exterminating so called "sponsors of terror", then the criminal imperialist werewolf cowboy Bush should look into a mirror.

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